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    DXM false positives... 
    I've heard that DXM (since it is technically an opiate) can cause false positives for opiates. I just took a drug test and I had done DXM about 2 days before and I'm fairly sure I passed (that is to say, its been a week and they haven't said anything). So, my question is, how often does a false opiate positive caused by DXM happen?

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    Dextromethorphan is structurally similar to opiates, but it is not one.

    It is also unlikely the DXM will cause a false positive for opiates in a drug test. What size dose did you take?

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    4 oz bottle last time, but usually 8 or 12 oz
    oh, and i mean structurally similar, sorry...

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    Here is some info on DXM and false opiate positives:

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    I have heard that DXM can cause that with PCP, i think it is. It is either that or meth I can not remember but I am pretty sure it is PCP. Good Luck.

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