Thread: A place to hide someone else's pee -- any reason this wouldn't work?

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    A place to hide someone else's pee -- any reason this wouldn't work? 
    I've got a drug test coming up Monday, and I've used pot and e this past week. I found a dude who's willing to give me some clean pee that I can substitute.

    Would it be possible to hide the pee in a smooth little plastic bottle up my ass? I'd attach a string to it just like a tampon, so I could get it out easily, and lube it up well. If I kept it in there for 15 minutes or so, that would solve the problem of keeping the pee at the right temperature, probably much more effectively than keeping it against my crotch.

    Many people transport clandestine substances this way across borders, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. If anyone can give me a reason not to try something like this, I'll surely reconsider.

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    Make sure you walk normally with it up your ass. I guess it would work if they don't actually watch you piss.

    Dispose of the bottle carefully; make sure they don't find it lying beside the toilet or something.

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    I know someone who did something similar to what you are asking. The person i know used a friends clean piss as his own to pass the test.

    What he did was went with his friend to the Drug Testing location. First he walked by without going inside to check how many people were already in there waiting to get tested (seeing how busy the place was, figuring out how long the wait would be). There was no one inside waiting. My friend then went back to his car, had his friend with the clean urine piss into a small glass bottle, and closed the bottle with the screw top lid (it was a old pill bottle for ginseng). My friend then put the bottle between his legs right under his testicals. He said that way since the bottle was made of glass and it was between his legs and under his balls, it would stay warm and he could still walk with it between his legs.

    He then went inside and quickly filled out the paperwork to take the piss test. He told me he waited about 5 minutes at the most and then they took him into the testing room. When in the bathroom where the urine sample was to be given he simply took out the bottle and poured in his friends urine into the cup. He put the bottle back inbetween his legs, signed the last of the paperwork, and that was it, done.

    He made sure to dispose of the bottle AFTER he had left the testing facility. He said he could walk fine with it, just had to walk slowly and with a sort of waddle. He told me that you could not see it at all simply by looking at him.

    Pretty genius if you ask me.

    Anyways, thats what my friend had told me how he passed. Good luck.

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    wow... you know you can use these little things called 'hand heaters' or some shit to keep your piss the right tempeture, ok ? No shoving stuff up your ass or in your chode, just use the handwarmers. You know the kind they sell you up on the mountain.

    Get your clean piss in a bottle, use the handwarmers, and pass with flying colors.

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