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Thread: Smoked Methamphetamine and drug tests

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    Smoked Methamphetamine and drug tests 
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    I have read on erowid that methamphetamine is testable in urine for 3-6 days after ingestion. Is this the same if the meth was only smoked?

    Are there any ways to speed up the removal process? Since methamphetamine is water soluable, I think that lots of distilled water will help. Also, I have heard that vinager will create a higher Ph level on the body and make metabolites be removed quicker.


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    There is a drug testing mega-thread with lots of info.

    Also, remember that drug tests do not actually test for the drug (usually). They are checking for the metabolite(s).

    But yes, it should be the same whether you ate or smoked it. If you don't reguarly do it, and this was an isolated dose, then I'd put it closer to 2-3 days, especially if you get plenty of water.

    No, the vinegar will just taste bad.

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    unpasteurised natural apple cider vinegar will actually make your body more alkaline

    if you want your body more acid, eat refined sugars, refined flour, and meat. Oh, and the drugs themselves probably make the body acid, too.

    But to be healthy you want it alkaline: plenty of fruit / veg / juices / anti-oxydants... these also help detox your system, so perhaps any toxic residue will be expelled from your system more quickly and efficiently, too...

    (sorry, sort of off-topic, but I just wanted to share that)

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    Under your bed, masturbating...
    i dont have much time but...quick answer.

    Meth doesnt metablise in your goes straight the receptors and comes out as it is from your body.

    second....5 days will be enough to get ALL the shit out of your body no matter how u took the meth.

    Ull be fine

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    the longest ive ever had smoked methamphetamine show up in my system was three days, and that was after a long ass party

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    Methamphetamine generally stays in your system 2-5 days. The administration of methamphetamine makes no difference how long methamphetamine stays in your urine.

    Those who are daily users of methamphetamine are those who may have it in their system longer, i.e. 4-5 days

    If you just happened to use it before you heard about a drug test then 2-3 days would me the maximum.

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    Drink quite a bit of milk.

    If in doubt, pop quite a few sudafed's for the last 2 days.


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    Utah, Sandy
    ^ Just wondering how would the sudafed's effect you?

    I'm not like starting something I'm actually interested. Thnz.

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    From what I understand, methamphetamine shows up as an amphetamine on the tests. Sudafeds active ingredient is pseudoephedrine, an analogue? structure of amphetamine? The structure difference between pseudoephedrine & methamphetamine is a hydrogen molecule? ... In short, sudafed will come up in a drug test as positive for amphetamines.

    That is my understanding of it, I may be wrong, this is going back a year or 2 now..

    Evading the test will not do as now the technology is available to be able to test hair strands. Good luck with this one :: If all is the same, my theory will definately work, first enquire on what is involved in the test and what specifically they are screening.

    - SWIM

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    O I see so he could just say he took sudafed and that is why it came up positive. I guess that could work. Good Luck.

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