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    Codeine (~150mg) - First time - Wobbly gravity 
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    About me:

    Male, 58kg, first experience with any kind of opiate. Previous drug experience: weed, alcohol, nitrous, kava, ecstasy. I am in quite good general health, and take a multivitamin, vitamin C and folic acid every day.

    I had decided to try codeine after reading a few posts on BL (looks squarely at nickthecheese ) I had almost tried it a year or so ago after doing a heap of reading on Erowid, but got caught doing the CWE by my parents, eeeek. This time I went for Nurofen Plus (12.8mg codeine and 200mg ibuprofen per pill), so I could skip the CWE and just split the tabs apart. I'm also living out of home so there would be no chance of parental disturbance. During the day I did a little more research on Bluelight and Erowid and decided to dose around 150mg. Went to the chemist and grabbed a 12 pack of Nurofen Plus, which after splitting the pills would give me exactly 153.6mg of codeine - perfect! Went home and split the pills, which was easier than I thought. A walkthrough to this process can be found here: How-To Split Nurofen Plus

    I ate quite a large dinner at 5.30pm so I decided to wait until I thought my stomach would be close to empty to maximise absorption of the pills. I've since read that maybe it's good to have some food in your stomach so I'm not sure if what I did was right or not...? I set about preparing my room - making my bed nice and comfy, choosing a chill playlist on Winamp, grabbing a few bottles of water and some chips in case I got hungry halfway through. Satisfied that everything was ready, I went about swallowing my 12 split tabs of codeine.

    There was quite a bit of mass to get through, it took a few minutes to get them all down. I noticed a strange taste on my tongue, not dissimilar to the numbing you get on your tongue from Kava, but nowhere near as intense.

    (10.15pm) t+0: All the pills are down the hatch. Surf Bluelight while I wait for something to happen.

    t+3: I feel a small wave of warmth move over my body. I put it down to placebo or anticipation.

    t+10: A strange wave of energy momentarily moves through my body. It feels like wobbly gravity moving through my system. The wave returns and begins to build in intensity over the next few minutes. The feeling changes from waves to a constant feeling of wobbly gravity. I noticed my feet feel quite warm, like they are wrapped in a blanket. Even though it is quite a hot night, the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket isn't uncomfortable. It is as if the temperature is regulated perfectly for comfort. It is at this point I decide to clamber into bed and put my headphones on.

    t+13: My body feels quite heavy in bed, I notice that I am a little fidgety, and my muscles feel sensitive, almost ticklish. My mouth feels dry so I sip on my water. I keep glancing at the clock on the computer and notice that my perception of time has changed. Not to a huge degree but what I think is five minutes is only around 2 or 3 minutes. I settle back and concentrate on what my body is feeling. I feel as though warm, soft electricity is gently humming through my body. Music sounds a little more dynamic and rich.

    t+40: I am definitely up (or is it down??) by now, very relaxed. I noticed that my face is particularly relaxed, I can do nothing but lie in bed with my mouth open and eyes drooping. I feel tired, but not in a sleepy way. I would liken the feeling to when you just wake up and roll over in bed on a cold winter's morning - the warm covers surrounding you and you know you've got nowhere to be for the next few hours.... bliss!! I go over a few thoughts in my head, my thought processes are a little altered, I am thinking about things a little more deeply than I normally would. I imagine myself being one of those Chinese opium smokers, and I reflect on how drug culture has changed compared to the chinese guys - here I am, an 18 year old college student, getting high in my dorm room off over the counter opiates

    At this point I notice the opiate itch present itself. The itch isn't unbearable, but I decide I will take some antihistamines next time to minimise the effect. The itch is localised to specific points on my body - the back left of my neck, my right palm and my inner left groin (no, not there ). I get out of bed, check Bluelight out for a while.

    t+80: I get the feeling that the codeine is starting to wear off. This strikes me as peculiar, I didn't expect it to wear off this early, and I didn't want the feeling to go! I decide to get back into bed to see if I can get the feeling back. I do so, and within minutes I realise that codeine rewards you nicely for staying still! When I was sitting at the computer, I was moving around a little, but in bed I lay motionless and the buzz returned strongly. From this point on the experience gets a little fuzzy, as I close my eyes and I think I may have been getting close to sleep.

    With each different song coming through the headphones I would get a different mini-dream. As the song ended, I would snap out of the dream, and think about what had just happened, analyse the dream. Before long, the next song would start and I would get dragged into another daydream. This continued for quite a while, maybe 10-15 songs, it was comparable to nitrous, the feeling of drifting away from reality into a dream world.

    t+180: The daydreams are still continuing, though the body buzz has dimmed considerably. The experience feels a lot more psychological now, compared to the start where it was mainly physical sensations. I decide to turn the music off and try to get some sleep.

    I toss and turn for a few hours, not getting any real decent sleep until 5am (nearly 7 hours after dropping). From here I sleep quite well until 10.30am. I had very strange dreams in this period, some which seemed extremely realistic. I wake up feeling a little worse for wear, a few body aches and a mild headache. I notice these symptoms stick with me throughout the day, even now the next night after the experience I am getting warm flushes, have a headache and sore eyes.

    I am quite impressed with codeine, it is cheap and readily available and provides what I regard as a decent high. It's not mindblowing, but nice for a quiet night in. I remember thinking that codeine would go quite nicely with nitrous or weed. Sadly I had both of these in my room, but didn't have any way to administer them. Sure I could have rolled a joint, but I just couldn't be bothered Next time definitely though! I think codeine would be perfect for an ecstasy comedown, just to slow the mind down and relax. The after effects of codeine are a bit of an annoyance, but I think it is worth it. Overall something I would recommend to everyone to try - just remember that all opiates are addictive.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Nice report

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    haha! god love my nickthecheese for corrupting innocent souls And I agree, for the cheapness of it, you can't really complain about the high.

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    Re: Codeine (~150mg) - First time - Wobbly gravity 
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    Originally posted by Doooofus

    I realise that codeine rewards you nicely for staying still!
    I'm so with you on that

    Nice report, you've described it all so well. I love codeine... for the cheapness, it's a nice little treat everynow and then!

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