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    What would be an ideal preperation and dose?

    Would smoking the resin extracts be a waste?

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    look for Preparation / Recipes on this page

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    mitragynine (main component in kratom) is easily soluble in alcohol...i suggest soaking it and evaporating the small amount of alcohol. if you don't achieve desired results from that, no, then smoking is a waste.

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    I read some where, I think maybe erowid, that smoking it is a waste of time and the best way to take it is by making tea, but I'm not sure if that was the extract or the reaw plant material or what ever it is!

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    Gel capping powdered leaf material DOESN'T work and is NOT recommended. You feel hardly anything at all, you feel sick, and it just sucks.

    Make the tea. It works and it's very effective.

    The way I do it is boil desired amount of powdered leaf in a pot of water unitl almost all of it is gone. Strain off the leaf material with a "mesh" kind of strainer thing. Boil the leaf material as many more times as you want to get the most out of it. Before you drink it, put the tea through a coffee filter to get all the small leaf bits out. Lime juice makes it taste a lot better. I think trying to make it sweet just makes it taste worse.

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    Lime juice, honey and kratom tea, mmmm....

    Havent got any effects from smoking the resin extract I had, but the tea is very nice....

    Interesting to know that gel capping doesn't work. Wasn't intending to try it but good to know for future ref.

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    I wasn't wanting to put the powder in gel caps, as yesterday the resin tea was actually enjoyable tasting. It is somewhat bitter, but with a little lemon juice and sugar, there was something about it that I liked alot.

    hydrobromide, how long do you usually boil the Kratom? So that amount of heat doesn't destroy any of the alkaloids? When I made the resin tea, I didn't boil it. I heated the water just below boiling, and I let the resin melt into the water. It worked wonders. I have 6g of powder that I am planning on making a tea with. I was going to just dump the powder in milk, stir it around, and drink the mixture.. Although, if gel caps don't work, this is likely to not work as well. What do you think?
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    Erm... I have only tried Kratom once, and I was personally blown away with the results. I didn't expect this herb to have any recreational value and thought it was a "hype" like alot of other things, but... although it is a very subtle high, I think it's the closest thing you're going to come across, that even closely resembles the effects of Opiates (that's actually legal and easily obtainable).

    My mate and I just chewed the raw material (was a powdery-leaf mixture), sure didn't taste too nice, but... was definately bareable.
    Chewing Kratom raw and trying to extract the "juices" of the plants leaves, with combined saliva, teeth and tongue should ensure you get a good percentage of those alkaloids.

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    if you're going to chew it, pop some in your mouth, add a small amount of alcohol (mixed drink, whiskey shot, eveclear), and chew it with that...dont swallow the alcohol until its fully mixed with the kratom alkaloids (hard to tell, but you're bound to know when you cant stand to keep the tincture in your mouth any longer.

    have fun being sedated and wired at the same time. my guess is this would feel like a low dose on benzo+some small amount of dexamp...

    could be wrong, as ive nevr tried it, but please do post a trip report!

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    If you look around, there are some strains of kratom that apparently are more potent than others. I have seen kratom of this potency sold as powdered leaf material. Alls I do is put some of the powder, say about 3 grams in a cup of water, stir and gulp. I have found kratom to be more than useful in helping to control my chronic pain when it flares up past the point of being tolerable. It has also helped me out a few times with some rough insomnia. I could see the stuff becoming addictive though, so prolly best to keep it for medicinal use, and maybe the occasional night out.

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    first, I thought kratom produced more of a opiate high? dexamp and benzo?

    also, can anyone say (and I have searched, but to no avail) that they have tried this with any sort of considerable tolerance (opiate/opioid tolerance of above 140mg oxy)? Has anyone does this, and more importantly, if it does work, can someone say what the most powerful strain is?

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    I have the powdered Rifat strain. It's supposed to be considerably more potent than other strains. Also, I found Kratom to be somewhat strange in that at 3g of the resin extract, I felt as though I was experiencing the very onset of a mushroom high but with no psychedelic/hallucinogenic properties. However, with time, it turned into a full Opioid type feeling, most similar to that experienced with Hydrocodone. If indeed there is some type of cross tolerance between Kratom and Opiates/Opioids, it would probably take alot of Kratom to reach desired effects for someone with a strong OxyContin tolerance. It probably wouldn't be the best idea either, as this could increase the side effects dramatically, and it could possibly be dangerous. There probably haven't been many studies if any about the effects of Kratom and its alkaloids on the body.

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    i've been drinking kratom tea for about 3 weeks almost every day. it definitely takes more to get me off now than when i first started. i started with 7 grams of crushed kratom leaf made into tea, that got me off good (its about 2 heaping tablespoons). now it takes about 3 tablespoons to get me off like 2 used to. be careful using it also... my brother went through some serious withdrawals after just a couple of weeks of using it

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    Originally posted by malfunkshun
    i've been drinking kratom tea for about 3 weeks almost every day.

    be careful using it also... my brother went through some serious withdrawals after just a couple of weeks of using it
    Maybe you should be telling that to yourself.

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    Yeah, it can be quite addictive.

    Piper, you mentioned the Rifat strain. Careful with that, it's quite potent. If you got it from where I think you got it, it came with a pamphlet saying 6 grams is a strong dose..I think...

    I've been using the resin extract for about a month. I just happened to do a 3 gram dose with a friend the other night and the experience was similiar to what you described in your trip report. Very nice...

    Other than that I've actually been micro-dosing in order to beat a codeine addiction, which is working...

    As for teas with the powder, mytraginine is partly water soluble and alcohol soluble at the same time.

    I suggest( and this is from another forum) simmering- not boiling- in alcohol first along with some water, and keep adding water while alcohol evaporates, then either reduce to syrup/resin or keep somewhat diluted for one- two cups tea.

    NOTE: careful with the above process- keep your eyes on it, don't let it boil as kratom is very volatile..

    I'm typing this fast as I'm in a hurry..

    Basically if you have the powder and want the most out of need to use both alcohol(everclear, bacardi 151 etc) and water in order to extract as much mytraginine as possible..

    I find the resin easier to use....I chew it/let it dissolve slowly..usually..

    Get a plant before this is scheduled because I'm pretty sure it will be, eventually..

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    hawkeye, yes, I'm pretty sure it will be scheduled as well. I did get it from the same place as you, and yes, the Rifat strain is potent. I just made a tea with 6g of that strain, and I felt like I was on some Heroin. It was awesome. I am also interested in trying the lower doses as well just to experiment with the differences in effect.

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    I don't notice so much of a different effect, but rather the same effects just become more pronounced with higher doses. The only major differences I find are that the sedation comes on much stronger with higher doses (that and nausea). As with other opiates, I feel if I am moving around doing stuff, then it lends me energy. My muscles feel loose and relaxed, my aches are subdued, and my mood is elevated. If I sit around, I get the nod, even on low doses. I am not so sure that the dose is entirely responsible for this though.

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    Has anyone tried high doses of the Rifat strain? I just tried 9g last night, and that is my limit. I will most likely stick around 4-6g for now on. Wow was 9g strong.. My vision actually became quite distorted, I felt like I was going to start tripping, and the euphoria was unexplainable. I have a strong interest in testing the synergy between Kratom and Cannabis, Kratom and Psilocybin/Psilocin, Kratom and Blue Lotus, and Kratom and Kava. I think it may be a good potentiator for these drugs. Strangely, I have no interest in mixing it with other Opiates/Opioids.

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    I did try dissolving some of the water extract resin (2g) in 20ml of water, then used it rectally. I was quite surprised, as the effects came on slightly quicker, but there was no increase in potency by this route. From this I assume that there is no 1st pass metabolism of mitragynine.

    Anybody else tried this (the other reason I did this was to avoid the hideous taste), and got the same sort of results?

    Piper methysticum

    I've tried Kava with kratom, and it results in a state that resembles the description of twilight sllep induced from morphine and scopolamine; pleasant enough, but totally immobilizing

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    Interesting.. I actually like the taste of Kratom tea. Add a little lemon and some sugar, and I really enjoy it. I'll have to try the Kava mixture. I am a fan of Kava, and I'm well accustomed to it, so I shouldn't have any surprises, but then again, you never know.

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    I have had experience combining the rifat strain with cannabis. It was cool, just felt generally stoneder...made my eyes bloodshot as all hell, a little past the point of claiming I had allergies to anyone who might comment on have such beautiful red eyes...they didn't really synergize in any way that stood out...felt good and stoned is all...although I didn;t have to smoke alot to get to that point, so it may be potentiating the cannabis. I have also combined it with blue lotus tea, and that just made me groggier. Sedatives tend to act on me strongly however, so some folk might actually be aiming for the land of nod...i myself benefit more from the muscle relaxant/pain killer qualities due to chronic pain.

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    man, kratom seems like the ideal addition to the old withdrawal medicine cabinet.

    i'm going to have to try some of this stuff. not looking for an actual source, but can it be purchased on a local level (herbal stores, etc), or is it something that is pretty much only available online?

    again, i don't want any specifics, just general answers to that one. since it's legal, it shouldn't be a problem anyway.


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    Opi's calm my anxiety, I've read that Kratom is kinda hallucigenic, is this true? Anyone think that it could set my anxiety off?

    Would 6g's of powerded extract be best for a first time user or would 6g's of hash/black tar looking extract be better?

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    I had the opportunity to try Kratom and I loved it First nonpsychedelic I have tried and I was greatly impressed with the results. It is a very clear-headed but euphorik high. I've never experienced that before and I loved the stimulation part. There is a definite drop of inhibitions and you can feel the euphoria increasing (the stimulation for me lasted for 2.5hours) then it slowly dies off and the sedation part starts kicking in around 3 hours for me. I believe I experienced would some would call a "nod" it was kind of like zoning out into a dream and I come back only to laugh at what just happened. I made a tea with 5g of the powdered kratom definitely one of my favorite chill out drugs I have tried . Now that you mention it it sort of did remind me of mushrooms.

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    Since i have no opiate tolerance anymore, im really interested in trying this plant. I found a supplier that's supposed to be reputable and am seriously considering ordering an oz of the "premium powdered leaf". I recently stopped smoking cannabis, and if this plant proves to be as pleasurable as many say it is, well, you know, hehe. I just hope it's not extremely physically addictive if i do in fact get off on it.

    Opiates are my drugs of choice, and if kratom really does resemble a good opiate high for me, it would be likely for me to get attached to it.

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