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    How often do you obsessivly post on a drug-related internet message board?

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    1. How open are you about your drug use? Do you feel that people's opinions about you would change significantly if they knew of your drug use?

    2. Do you feel that drugs overall have had a more positive or a more negative effect on your life?

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    Which drug do you think has the least harmful side effects (other than cannabis), and/or which drug do you think has the least harmful long term problems (once again, not cannabis)

    By side effects, i mean things that would make your ability to do normal activities hard.

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    Do people believe that anti-drugs propaganda diseminated by the powers that be is (a) Wildly overstated (b) slightly so (c) about right (d) slightly understated (e) hello?? drugs can be dangerous, you know!

    Would you introduce another person to drugs? A family member? A stranger? Why/not?

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    Do you feel your use of recreational drugs has had a positive impact on your life overall?

    If so, what factors do you believe have led to your successful avoidance of the negative side-effects in the long run?

    If not, where did you go wrong?


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    I think it would also be very intersting if a lot of thse questions got turned into thread discussions on Bluelight.
    As I wouldn't mind getting Bluelighters opinion on the topic.
    Sorry if these have been mentioned before, but basically I want to know about peoples opinions on their own drugs also and BT had some questions that I was asking a while ago and are still very interesting anyway.
    About "Drugism"
    - Do you see taking drugs as something that improves peoples lives, or makes it worse.
    - Is drug use seen as a popular activity to be enjoyed or is it an act of ill will.
    - What do you think of the drug subcultures.
    - Do you use drugs
    - If you don't, Why do you choose to avoid drugs?
    - Do you think drugs have had a negative or posotive impact on society
    - Do you associate with friends who use drugs
    - Does there drug intake bother you
    - Do you try and avoid people who use drugs
    - (same as last 5 questions but visa versa for drug users..)

    - What do you think about the legality of drugs at the moment
    - What do you think about the legality of alcohol
    - Does it have a posotive or negative influence on society

    Yeah, I couldn't word it very well at the moment but those are partly the issues that concerned me off the top of my head, that I am unsure wether they have been mentioned already

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    1. Do you feel safer being in / leaving an environment where the majority of people are using:
    a) ecstasy, or
    b) alcohol

    2a. Does the tolerance effect of MDMA cause you to "plan" your usage of ecstasy?
    2b. Does the lack of tolerance effect of Alcohol make you "plan" your usage of Alcohol?

    3. Is the illegality of ecstasy a consideration in your decision to use ecstasy?

    4. Can you enjoy a night out in the same environment without taking ecstasy?

    5. Are you more likely to have time off study/work from a "big" weekend on
    a) ecstasy, or
    b) alcohol

    6. Do you feel you are more likely to be caught/arrested for
    a) buying/possessing ecstasy, or
    b) driving under the influence of alcohol

    7. Have you modified your diet or amount of exercise you undertake in the belief that it will enhance you ecstasy experience?
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    Well said!

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    Have you ever "attained" psychoactive cough medicines from the store such as Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough, or Dramamines because of lack of availability of illicit psychedelics? (A very serious question to directed toward the american drug culture)

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    Do you experiment with different psychedelics? If yes, have you ever dranking ayahuaska? If no, why not?

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    Q: How much money do u think you have spent in all ur experiences with marijuana?

    I dunno if its been used yet but if not pretty decent question

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    Originally posted by proto
    Putting that smilie at the end was just totally out of line man

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    Hmmm - not getting a lot of traffic - is this up in Aust Drug discussion?

    I like Vegan's Q about benefits of drug use - that never gets asked!

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    I met a girlfriend at an NA meeting. I guess that how my drug use was beneficial to me. Then she got really annoying and bitchy. One day she relapsed and did a bunch of meth, freaked completely out and got locked up and I was rid of her. I guess this would be how her drug use benefited me.

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    Un-stickied it.

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    Is Reality a Place?
    OR is it a state of Mind ?


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    Do you believe many people could find the satisfaction in life that their 'spirit' (subconscious, soul, superego, insert appropriate term here) so greatly desires, simply from using psychedellic drugs, and applying their experience to life, rather than engaging in the socialized roles of modernized society? In other words - do you think the average person could find peace and understanding from a psychedellic drug, rather than working the 9-5 grind for 50 years and accomplishing nothing but the gain of material posessions?

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    What kind of drug services would you like to see more of/less of? (could have a check list, running from pill testing, safer using info and needle exchanges to detox & rehabs)

    Do you trust drug information produced by government agencies? How do you decide if information about drugs is reliable?


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    1. Do you rely on your first impression of a drug or do you research it through various sources (such as other people's experiences, studies done by accredited foundations like major universities, etc) before decided whether or not to take the drug in question?

    2. If it came down to it, would you rather your kids smoked pot habitually or drank alcohol everyday? (If you dont have kids, pretend you do)

    3. Do you think marijuana really is a gateway drug? Explain.

    4. If it came to a national vote, would you vote for or against legalization of marijuana for personal consumption? Explain.

    4b. If you voted yes, at what age would you allow people to legally be able to smoke it?

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    ^^ and they'll feed on it, don't worry
    but it would also be interesting to have the opinion of the numerous people who really benefited from drug use

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    Merged from half a dozen different threads. Sorry if the replies seem disjointed and out of order.

    Click here to go to Dr Cameron Duff's announcement.

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