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    Is it possible to shoot THC????? 
    Is it possible to breakdown THC(hash or MJ) into a solution that can be injected?If so does anyone know or have personally done this themselves?I'm quite positive it can be broken down to a liquid but thinking perhaps it being so sticky and thick that it would need to be watered down so much you'd need a baseball bat sized syringe to feel anything.
    This is just a question out of strictly curiosity because I don't use MJ much anymore and it's something I remember wondering 15 years ago.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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    please don't try doing that

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    Yes, in theory it is possible, hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin and hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose could help you out here, they increase thc's water solubility roughly a thousand-fold. Plant matter has got to be filtered out first, doing a butane extraction leaves you with the purest product.. There is a way to turn hash oil into thc only, but this requires some lab materials.

    This shouldn't be carried out if you're asking yourself if it's possible, only with the proper equipment you could go ahead and try.. Still not advisable though.

    There's also pharmaceutically made THC that's water soluble, so also injectable. And no, that's not marinol..

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    if you could manage to filter out EVERYTHING and be left with JUST THC, but that would be virtually impossibly to ensure without some very expensive equipment.

    Also keep in mind that it's not JUST THC that makes MJ what it is, there are other cannabinoids in there too.

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    Thanks guys for the answers.I never planned on doing it I just wanted to know!

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    Yeah, what blow money said. There are various detergents/surfactants that could be used to make a THC solution, but theres no way I'd fuck around with THC from a plant source to do it.

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    No, it is not possible. THC is an oil, and I've never heard of injecting anything but water soluble compounds into the bloodstream. THC and blood don't dissolve in each other. Injecting THC sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but if anyone has first-hand information to the contrary, please let us know.

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    You could try to shoot pen ink too, but ya might not wanna do that. Try packing a bowl/pipe/bong/bubbler/onehitter or rolling a joint/blunt/spliff OR make some yummy brownies. Sorry for being sarcastic but you really gave me a laugh!!

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    Originally posted by joystick
    No, it is not possible. THC is an oil, and I've never heard of injecting anything but water soluble compounds into the bloodstream. THC and blood don't dissolve in each other.
    true, but binding it to a cyclodextrin molecule would increase it's solubility MANY times over.

    Also, it would be very possible to esterify THC and inject in intramuscularly. Imagine having THC propionate and THC enthanate. What a wonderful world it would be...

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    It IS possible. As both I and blowMonkey have said. Here is an abstract from a rather interesting article where they IVed THC in humans. Here is how the produced the injectable solution.

    The injection solution consisted of 0.1% (w/v) of THC, 1.5% (w/v) Tween® 80, 5.0% (v/v) ethanol absolute, 0.1% (w/v) sodium ascorbate, and sodium chloride solution (0.9%).[16] Sodium ascorbate was added to prevent the oxidation of THC to cannabinol. THC was dissolved in ethanol and Tween® 80, then added to the sodium ascorbate dissolved in 1 mL of the sodium chloride solution. The remaining sodium chloride solution was finally added to the mixture. The clear, yellowish solution was then sonicated for 30 s and filtrated through a 0.22-m filter under aseptic conditions

    Tween 80 is a detergent/surfactant.

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    I just asked if it was possible and it appears that it is. I also will state that i never intended on shooting it up as I stated twice above it was strictly out of curiosity.I don't even use pot anymore but once every blue moon.

    [take it easy there]
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    Yeah, what blow money said.
    biggest misspelling of Blowmonkey's nick ever

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    lol.... Not only is it a big misspelling, its an AWSOME misspelling. I think I'm going to call BlowMonkey Blow Money from now one.

    I knew I put the space in there by mistake, but I didn't notice the mssing K.... what can I say. It was my birthday last night, so I'm feeling a bit fucked today.
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    Hey now, no need to be sore, I apologize for being a asshole.
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    THC, as far as I know... is fat and/or Alcohol soluble. Sure, it would be possible for an experienced Pharimicist/Chemist to produce a synthetic THC compound, or even t wouldn't even have to be "sytnhetic". But remember THC is fat soluble in the body and injecting it intravenously would not make it's administration to penetrate the brain more efficient.

    I think that the most efficient way of administering marijuana would most probably have to be by smoking, or just simply yaken it orally. Just just through assumption though.

    I wouldn't reccomend making a concentration-injectable liquid from marijuana into THC, to inject, unless you were REALLY experienced at working in the lab.
    Intrama-muscular injection would be the better option to administer THC via"- Syringe.

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    No way man. The bioavailability of smoked THC is like 10-30%... and thats of the THC that gets to your mouth. When you eat it, bioavailability drops to below 10%.

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    But the delta-9 THC is metabolized into 11-hydroxy THC, what is ~5 times more potent, so it is a little bit more efficient as opposed to smoking pot, not more efficient as injecting it though, that's for sure.

    And congrats bilz0r, got any fundings as birthday presents..?

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    Is it 5 times more? I thought it was more like, equal, or a little bit more. Oh I see

    11-OH-THC was equipotent to THC in causing psychic effects and reduction in intraocular pressure.[230] In some pharmacological
    animal tests, 11-OH-THC was three to seven times more potent than THC.[231]"
    - 230. Perez-Reyes M, Timmons M, Lipton M, et al. Intravenous injection in man of delta-9-trahydrocannabinol and 11-OHdelta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Science 1972; 177 (49): 633-5
    - 231. Karler R, Turkanis SA. Different cannabinoids exhibit different pharmacological and toxicological properties. NIDA Res Monogr 1987; 79: 96-107

    No, I didn't get any funding for my birthday. Do you know what I did get though? An etch-a-sketch. Check out my self-portraite.

    But, the day before my birthday, the HOD of my department said, about my research on hallucinogens and I quote "It looks great, very well thought out and clearly hypothesis driven. These are strong attributes for any research project (and indicate unequivocally that you are the "right-stuff" for evidence based research in slice physiology) BUT I have no pedigree or funding streams in this area and absolutely no prospect of supporting your science in the area of affective disorders"

    What a cock in the mouth... I tried to play up the schizophrenia angle, instead of the hallucinogen angle to him.

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    lol shootin up marijuana.. if its at all possible.. it would be A MUST SEE thing lol id love to see taht shit happen.. if u do it.. let me know

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    Originally posted by BilZ0r
    No, I didn't get any funding for my birthday. Do you know what I did get though? An etch-a-sketch. Check out my self-portraite.
    Hehe, nice!

    Though that absolutely sucks about getting no money.. I don't know what the big deal is when it comes to studying hallucinogens, you don't even live in the US, right? Indeed a "cock in the mouth", but not much you can do about..

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    Not a solution 
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    The bit that BilZ0r posted about making up an injection of THC for IV use mentions Tween-80, which as he said, is a surfactant. These are used to produce emulsions for injection, they do not increase THC's solubility in water. Another drug that comes as an emulsion for IV use is diazemuls, which, as you might guess by the name, an injectible form of diazepam (that prep uses fractionated soya oil). That said, if you don't have a background in pharmaceutical preparations, trying to make your own is just a disaster waiting to happen. There is a synthetic analogue of THC, in which the carbon at the top of the ring containing the double bond has been replaced by a nitrogen (also ring is totally saturated), to allow the formation of water soluble salts for injection. Apparently it's quite potent, but you're more likely to see pigs fly and dogs talk than come across any of that (think it was from McNeil Labs).

    Dr. McBudstoke
    The esters you propose wouldn't make it water soluble as they are effectivly just long hydrocarbon chains (and not water soluble), but an ester from something like 2-dimethylaminoacetic acid might have a fighting chance of being water soluble.

    You could always make up an oily injection and use a deep IM route (as they do for depot injections of antipsychotics).

    A depot injection of THC??? Don't know if I want to be stoned for 3 weeks straight though!

    PS. BilZ0r, you should apply to GW Pharmaceuticals for a research funding/post (the ones doing the cannabis trials for the UK government). You'd get to do research with an interesting group of compounds (cannabinoids) AND get paid a proper working wage, unlike the pittances they hand out to live on along with the research funding (that's what eventually ended my career - a desire for a decent wage), esp if there isn't any pharmaceutical firm interested in your area of research

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    Yum a depot dose of THC, I'd gladly be a test-dummy. One of the few things I havent inject has been THC, I have alsways thought about using the THC suspended in Sesamse (sp? stoned, ha) Oil and diluting it with water to improve viscosity or better yet. Vinagear, it would be like injecting salad dressing minus the Italian seasonings.

    I used to make big batches of Oil (veg) and used it to make stoner salad dressing if condensed enough it works like majiK.

    I know there is an old, old post floating around concerning injection of THC, it might be deleted or in OD archieve. God my speeling sucks, must be teh drugs, vodka, and my ability to not care.

    anyways. shoot me up...

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    if thc is soluble in alcohol, could one use create a small potent amount of that alcohol say 2 ml and mix with saline for iv injection for any effect? I understand this is the method used when injecting some benzos like alprazolam. Would an IV emulsion be more suitable?

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    i have eaten cannabis and drank(in green dragon and the thing made with milk)...but smoking is what marihuana is all about...easier than preparing in food or drinks and the high is awesome....when consumed in other ways my experiences tell me that it is a different high, without the enrgy or euphoria felt during smoking

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