Thread: Dollar Sign - Speed or MDMA?

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    Dollar Sign - Speed or MDMA? 
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    I just got a few blue Dollar Sign pills. Was told these were Speed Ecstasy. (??)
    What's that? I thought Ecstasy is MDMA...
    What's the diff between speed and mdma?
    Any after effects? Should I try them?

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    ok quick rundown, MDMA is an amphetimine, so is speed, this is the first area of confusion. But they have very different effects. Some stuff that is sold as E has MDMA and/or speed in it (or who knows what else).
    Methinks that either whoever told you about these is telling you that it is an E with very "speedy" feel to it (entirely subjective) or else its just a speed pill (contains only amphetimine with no MDXX product at all).
    Either way tthe only method of telling for sure is to test it. Get yourself an E-Z test kit and if the liquid goes orange its just speed, but if it goes black/purple well then, you've got yourself some MDXX and happy rolling. Any other questions then first read the FAQ/Intro forum...

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