Thread: Plugging: The Ancient 'Toilet Paper' Method Revealed!

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    It will last the same amount of time (maybe a little longer), will feel even cleaner because you are bypassing the early stages of the digestive system, and will hit you HARD and NICE!!!

    If an average pill weighs 0.5g, and you compare its effects to exactly 0.5g of Molly, the Molly will hit you at least twice as hard because most pills are only 50% MDMA (if that). But if you plug something, about twice as much is absorbed. That's where I got the 4x from. And keep in mind that's a minimum. I don't know what pills you're used to taking or how many at once, so I won't give you any specific comparisons re: how much to take. But if you've taken crystal before, and usually take X amount orally, take 'half of X' amount rectally the first time you plug.
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    I would not suggest using vaseline in the colon at all. Get som water based lube or just use hand cream or lotion.

    I tried plugging twice. Once a whole pill. They were very crumbly and probably dissolved fine. I had a very nice roll. Once I used a gelcap with a crushed up pill in. I had no roll at all.

    I'm definately going to try the paper method the next time I roll.

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    Funny story while attempting plugging...
    Tried it once (just putting the whole solid pill whole up there) and had the burning sensation that most people talk about, but then it stopped 5mins later and dispite waiting 1hr, there wasn't even the slightest inkling of a come up... So i though, lets just drop another one and roll as per normal, which is what happened.

    After the come down, slept for maybe 3hrs then i woke up with a slight burning senstation in my ass... decided to go out and do some grocery shopping (still with slight burning sensation). Suddenly, I had the hugest urge to take a crap and a few mins later I was rolling hard while trying to shop for my weekly supplies.

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    sounds like that was one of thsoe plugging "failures". except in the case of others i bet they shit out their pills before they were dissolved, which is why the OP's toilet paper method is safer and more effective

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    argh i just tried it, first off the thing fell apart when i got it wet, so i just tried to shove a bunch of gunk up there, the condom gave me no grip and i couldn't feel it so i said screw the condom. i got most of it up there except for maybe like fourth a pill and it burns like crap. so i hope this works haha or i'm gonna be mad that i had to finger my butt for nothing :P

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    I have used this method the last few times with great results. The last time I used cigarette paper instead of the tolilet paper and that worked just as well but was way easier to manage. This is the method I've used for parachuting for quite a while, as I just hate the structure and taste of TP in my mouth, not to mention the awful taste of "bombs" breaking in your mouth or sticking in your throat. I figured it would work for plugging too. You may want to add it as an alternative? This is the "tech":

    I lick the glue and fold the paper in half so that glue meets glue, making a cone shaped envelope of sorts, and put the powder in it. Then I just pinch the opening of the "envelope", twist it and rip excess paper off. From this point it's the same as the TP-method. I lube up, wet the "bomb" with some water, squeeze it slightly between my fingers to soften up the paper and shove it up there.

    As I said, as effective as the TP-method but much easier to manage. No breaking TP and a much smaller "bomb" with less friction.

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    ^ That's a fucking good idea... the TP is very sticky.

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    Toilet paper worked fine.
    Used this method a week ago. First time i've taken MDMA.
    Half a green arrow (pure MDMA + binders pill) crushed up and put in TP, rolled intoa ball, wet with spit then pushed up to past the second knuckle while wearing glove. Went in easssyyy.
    10 minutes later I had even forgotten i'd dropped it. Arrived at the club (T +30 minutes), and felt a warmth start to slowly spread throughout my entire body, my soul... then... WHAM! Full on rushes, eye wobbles, sighs of pleasure. Fucking awesome. Peak lasted for 4 hours with a very smooth comedown. I highly advocate this method. Was not uncomfortable at any point whatsoever.

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    first time plugging tonight... trying the tp method... i was stupid/lazy and didnt read this post again because all i remembered was the basics of a small amt of tp, roll it up (i just folded it) and stick it up there... instead of 1x.5in tp square, i did 1.5x2.5in and folded it a few times... i just hope it works the same although i know it's going to take a little longer to kick in.. or atleast i hope it will kick in soon and not keep the tp whole.

    edit: oh man, i think i'm already over an hour of having it up my bum and boy do i have to shit badly... should i stop holding it in or go? probably gonna be too late before someone responds
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    I think I've used every method for plugging E pills. Plugged whole pills, used gel caps, the TP method, and a syringe w/o the needle. Can;t think of any other ways, but I know that personally, I don't really like the gel cap method. I'm not sure they dissolve as well, but I could be wrong [and probably am]

    I like the syringe method the best. I think it's just less of a hastle to just crush the pill and then put it in a few mls of warm water and suck it up with the syringe and squirt it up your bum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodoochild870
    I don't really like the gel cap method. I'm not sure they dissolve as well, but I could be wrong [and probably am]
    Nope. You are in fact right. At least according to my experiences. Whole pills and gelcaps never gave me more than a light buzz with a very slow onset. These experiments where of course done with pills of known potency. The TP method has worked like a charm every time. Fast, strong and wonderful. I do recommend cigarette paper instead though. See my post above.
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    Ok so I took that shit and to my suprise it looked like that wad of TP was still intact as if I just put it up there! dont think I'm gonna plug anything in the near future again.. just not my type of thing. oh yeah, felt a little bit off of it but am too phased by the other pill i took.

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    Just out of curiousity has anyone got any bad burning etc? From what a pill does to the inside of my mouth if I try to dissolve it (bad ulcer for a week) I'm scared of what it'd do to my colon.

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    I never experienced any burning.

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    i am too drunk at this point of time to read the whole forum but i was woundering if u push it up too far would it make any difference.

    I havnt done any pills for a while now but for my bday i will be doin them again and i would like to try plugging cause i have heard so many good reports from doin this. Before i go clubbing i will probaly be at home wen i start doin pills so it isnt a problem about doin it as such but is there anything else that i should worry about.
    the method that u suggested sounds great and that is how i will probaly do it but im just a little confused. wen u pinch it at the top and its like sticking a sticking a cig straight up ur a**hole. or is it something else, just a bit confused but other wise great info. cant wait till i try it. And i dont think its gay by doin this but i have heard so many good results from doin this method.


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    How's this TP method stand up 2 the casual pluggin syringe method?.. I've tried all methods but this TP method -n- am bout ta test it on sum amp pills in a few mins jus ta see wut the hype is all about.... If n e yall got experience wit both methods, fill me in on where u stand, aiight?

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    Has anyone ever seen those small, thin pieces of rice paper around some asian candies? They dissolve very quickly in your mouth. Anyone ever tried using those? Can anyone think of why this wouldn't be better than toilet paper?

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    dissolve your pill in a little bit of water, put mix into a syringe, stick syringe up your bum, shoot, Wash syringe and hands, get settled, wait for ride to begin, enjoy.

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    I haven't done any E in a while, about a year or so. Even though it was the first time in a while, the magic was still kind of missing.

    I got word that some is coming around this week, and now after reading this thread, I do believe I will stick it up my arse.

    Maybe that'll make me roll like the old days.

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    tried this method tonight using a rolling paper....not much to report...I felt mild effects, but there were too many underlying factors that could have contributed to not having a strong roll (rolled a couple days ago on 2 pills, technique could have been flawed--though thanks to this thread I suspect not , some anxiety leading up to the roll tonight, etc.)

    however I will say that I plan on trying again when I can control the situation a bit more so I can be sure that this method is worth it

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    GEL CAP PLUGGING is the way to go; quick, discreet and tidy.
    especially if your e comes in gel caps

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    ^^^ Capsule pluggin is quite efficient, however I've found no technique works better [overall, all factors considered...] than good ol' needleless syringe method....

    Gelcaps always seem to take @ least 5 mins to comeup with while my plugger [syringe4pluggin] almost always yields effects near-instantaniously -n- full absorbtion in sumtimes less or a few secs max [almost always 4 me] over a minute flat!...
    ~[average full-comeup with my plugger: 2-3 mins.]

    TP Method - Found this one to work mostly silghtly quicker than capsule [like 2-4 min average start to comeup with max effect in about 7 mins for the mean compared to capsule which maxes around 10-12 mins average for me...]

    Raw Tablet- I find this to be obsolite as it will work [with a clear-n-str8 rectum] BUT find that it's efficiency is pretty unpredictable [comeup: anywhere from 5 up to 15-20sum+ min to 30+ min for full absortion]. Not to mention, mainly don't see the point in this method as the other 3 are almost/jus about jus as easy to do with all things considered. [also, sumtymes izz tricky tryna get the pill to "disappear" (around corner) when u hit the "shelf" or wutnot...]

    Jus a note- I've plugged jus about every stimulant [dexmethylphenidate/dextroamphetamine/mixed amp salts aka "Adderall" [IR]/MDMA, MDA/cocaine hcl/ect......] as well as most opiates [diacetylmorphine "RAW, good scramble"/oxycodone/hydrocodone/hydromorphone/morphine sulfate (only way to do morphine unless u got a ton... lol)/methadone (pills -n- liquid, not expecting much more bang jus faster onset although it seems about 15-20% more potent, so good if u have lots...)]

    [[[Tried klonopin with sum warm butter mix like 1-3 times which worked [hit me in like 2-4 mins max -n- seemed pretty sedating, maybe 25% harder than sublingual] but wouldn't plug benzos n e more as I don't see a purpose in doing so as I jus put em under my tongue, sublingual, always works fine for me...]]]

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