Thread: NEWS: [The Age] 31/03/2004 : Was her drink spiked?

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    NEWS: [The Age] 31/03/2004 : Was her drink spiked? 
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    Was her drink spiked?
    By Kenneth Nguyen
    March 31, 2004

    Isabel Kenton knew her drink had been spiked.

    On Thursday, March 18, she told her grandfather what had happened early that morning during a night out with friends. Later that day, suffering hallucinations and short-term memory loss, she called the police.

    By 9am the next day Ms Kenton was dead - her bleeding body found on the floor of her bedroom.

    The 21-year-old aged-care nurse told her grandfather, Phillip Mabarrack, that the night had begun at a local pub where she met friends to play pool. Later they moved on to a second pub, Mornington's Bay Hotel.

    It was there that her friends made a strange revelation, she alleged. Her drink had been spiked.

    "They had put not one, but two of these pink stars in her (drink)," Mr Mabarrack told The Age yesterday.

    Mr Mabarrack, who lived with his granddaughter, urged her to get medical attention. So too did the police detective who spoke to Ms Kenton when she rang to report the alleged spiking - providing no details about those responsible.

    But Ms Kenton had a habit of avoiding doctors.

    By Thursday night, her condition had deteriorated. She was trembling, Mr Mabarrack said. "She woke my wife up, saying, 'There's tapping on the window, someone knocking on the door'."

    Next morning, when he and his wife went to check on Ms Kenton, they found her lying on the floor, bleeding.

    "She must have had a haemorrhage from the lung system," Mr Mabarrack said.

    Mornington police are investigating Ms Kenton's death, gathering information from friends and witnesses as well as video footage from the licensed venues where she was seen in an attempt to identify her company that night.

    An autopsy has been performed, and police are awaiting a toxicology report from the coroner's office. Findings are not expected for six weeks.

    Common substances used in drink spiking include ketamine, rohypnol and gamma hydroxybutyrate, which this month landed 12 people in hospital.

    Superintendent Peter Billing said police had not ascertained any motive for the alleged spiking of Ms Kenton's drinks.

    "We don't know whether there was any sexual motive behind what happened," he said.

    "There have been some reports that people are doing this thing as a prank, just to see what the impact is on the victim. We need to be more vigilant to ensure this doesn't happen."

    Mornington police are investigating up to a dozen similar drink spiking incidents.

    Mr Billing said the detective who had taken Ms Kenton's phone call had been traumatised by her death.

    "(The victim) refused to give her family name (and) there was no caller ID on the phone so we weren't able to trace her call," Mr Billing said.

    "The detective urged her to get medical attention because she wouldn't say who she was or where she was from."

    Asked why Ms Kenton had given so little detail, Mr Billing said the detective suspected she "didn't want any action taken in her case, but she wanted us to know it was happening at this venue".

    Shattered by his granddaughter's death, Mr Mabarrack said the incident was a warning to young people.

    "Isabel was a bright, active girl who had everything to live for," he said.

    "I'm very upset. The sooner the warning goes out about spiking, the better."

    Anyone wanna guess what this might have been? Two pink stars ??!!

    Also, as a note, has anyone else noticed, this particular reporter; Kenneth Nguyen does a lot of writing for the Age reporting on youth issues; music and basically anything related to drugs. I've seen his name on a GHB article, also an article on the comeback of rock music vs. DJ's at Melbourne clubs/venues.

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    Terrible news. The only thing that I could think would cause her to die from the substances they listed would be an allergic reaction. Of course nobody knows what may have been put in her drink, but we can of course trust the newspapers to list the drugs that may be used for drink spiking regardless of whether it is relevant to the article or not.

    Such a shame. More info could save more ppl from suffering a similar fate.

    Mornington police are investigating up to a dozen similar drink spiking incidents.
    That is VERY disturbing.

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    We seem to go through phases of many drink spiking reports in Perth to.

    I really think drink spikers are absolute scum. They're either want to be rapists, or people forcing their friends to take drugs they wouldnt willingly consume.

    I feel terribly for her family.

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    How did they know it was two pink stars? I'm guess usually if you spike someones drink then you would do it slyly so they wouldn't see it.

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    The whole story sounds false to me, given the hallucinations, short-term memory loss and then later trembling and delusions this sounds like MDA and if u look at pill reports theres a report from melbourne last weekend about pink starfishes ( If u then look at the comment by MrMD:

    I thought it was red, rather than pink and had mistaken it for a red star. I've been popping for a yr now, and i must say its one of the best i've had. Seriously had a 5hr peak of these. Very strong pill, stronger than A's. Definitely 9/10.
    Not only does he think the logo looks like a star but his description makes it sound alot like a very very strong MDA pill.

    As for the drink spiking theres Sllip's observation that they wouldn't have a clue what the drink was spiked with, and besides that 2 pills in a drink couldn't go un-noticed, the drink would taste awful you would spit it out if u tasted it. Thirdly if she really was an angel who would only take pills involuntarily then if she took 2 strong MDA pills the most noticable side-effect would be that she was shaking on the floor for 3 hours, eyes wobbling out of control not the hallucinations or scatness hours later. The drink spiking sounds like a story made-up so she wouldn't have to own up to what she'd done to her grandparents when she reliased she wasnt alright, i know girls who have told their parents multiple times that they've had their drink spiked with alcohol so they couldn't drive home and needed to stay in the city/at a party.

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    Read carefully. It says she was at one place with her friends, then went to another place, but when they got there they told her they'd put a couple of pills in her drink. She got home and told her grandfather about the incident. That's where the information came from.


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    All due respect & sympathy to the deceased, but "avoiding doctors" is pretty goddamn stupid... I guess there might be some reason for it we don't know, but as a nurse you'd think she'd be well aware of the patient/doctor confidentiality agreement...


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    apollo: I wondered about that myself, and it made me suspect she may not have been a Registered Nurse. She may have been a nursing assistant and would therefore have had very little training. Her name does not appear on the public register of nurses, though I guess it may have already been removed.

    Although I know it is of no benefit to speculate about the circumstances of her death, I wonder if she may have died from suicide, caused by the psychotic symptoms she had developed. She was obviously highly distressed and agitated.

    Anyhow, whatever the circumstances, this is a tragic story. If someone did in fact spike her drink, I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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    some bunch of friends...... who could possibly gain entertainment from forcing/tricking a friend into getting fucked up when they normally wouldnt........ big time losers, hope they get their comeuppance

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    I'm not sure about the idea of slipping someone MDA/MDMA in their drink. I'm yet to find a drink powerful enough to disguise the taste of pills. You would think you'd notice the sudden "OH GOD THIS DRINK HAS TURNED TO PURE EVIL!" sensation in your mouth...?

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    If it was MDA and for some reason or another (pfft) MDA was lethal to her and she somehow consumed a drink containing "not one, but two!!" MDA pills - It wouldnt take a few days to kill her

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    My sympathy goes out to the family of this girl. What a "great" bunch of friends, karma will bite them eventually...

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    I will defend the not being able to taste the drink claim, since I remember back in the day when we used to go so drunk that all drinks just taste like water. So you could easily get away with not being able to taste it. Especially if a half was placed into 4 seperate drinks.

    But something jstu doesn't add up here, and I don't believe it was the pills that killed her, unless she was on MOAI at the time?

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    I think the most fucked up thing is that her *friends* spiked her drink with drugs! What makes me more angry is that I have heard people *I* personally know say "heh.. wouldn't it be funny to stick some acid/pills/etc into their drink and see what happens."

    We all think drugs are fun coz we *expect* what we get to some extent. Could you imagine going out one night and suddenly for no apparent reason you lose control and start seeing things moving etc? Most people *would* freak out if that happened to them, coz your first instinct would be "I've been poisoned.. I'm going to die!".

    I have a huge problem with people who think they have to inflict their drug use on society. Its generally those people who do stupid things and paint a really bad picture of drug users as a whole. People seem to forget that not everyone can have drugs, and this is why people die. I remember reading an article in some random trashy womans mag about a girl who got her drink spiked with amphetamines... unbeknownst to the person spiking her drink, she happened to have a heart condition, which caused her to collapse.

    Forcing drugs on someone is bad enough, but doing it without their knowledge is just downright wrong.


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    Jesus. This is so sad. Poor Girl.

    I hate the idea that anyone would spike someone elses drink as a joke, or a criminal offence. It's completely wrong. Look at the tragic outcome of this incident.


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    Originally posted by evandar
    If it was MDA and for some reason or another (pfft) MDA was lethal to her and she somehow consumed a drink containing "not one, but two!!" MDA pills - It wouldnt take a few days to kill her
    I recently did too much MDA and meth over the course of a night and i was relatively fine for about 24 hours after coming down off the last of the meth but then out of no-where began hearing voices and feeling terrible absolutely racked with anxiety even though i knew the voices were just in my head. Eventually i threw up, just from the anxiety but after this seemed to return back to normal.

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    Follow-up article today at
    Woman not a victim of drink spiking: police

    Woman not a victim of drink spiking: police
    By Jason Dowling
    June 20, 2004

    Victoria Police believe a Mornington nurse who died in March after telling police her drink had been spiked during a night out - was not a victim of drink spiking.

    A senior police source said investigators looking into Isabel Kenton's death had discounted the involvement of a second person.

    The exact cause of death would not be known until the inquiry had been completed, the source said, but the case was not being treated as drink spiking.

    Ms Kenton's death on March 18 sparked a community outcry concerning drink spiking.

    The 21-year-old nurse had been out drinking with friends in Mornington before returning home and telling her grandfather that her friends had spiked her drink with two "pink stars".

    Ms Kenton's grandfather urged her to seek medical attention.

    Ms Kenton also reported the incident to police, who again encouraged her to see a doctor, but she chose to sleep it off.

    The next morning, Ms Kenton's grandparents found her body on the floor of her bedroom.

    Dr Marcus Kennedy, director of the emergency department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said the number of people who turned up at the hospital and claimed they had been the victim of drink spiking had doubled in the past two years.

    "We would get a complaint about every week to fortnight, at least now, when previously it was relatively uncommon," Dr Kennedy said.

    He said that because the hospital did not automatically do blood tests following drink spiking claims the hospital was unsure if the increased numbers were caused by actual drink spiking or an increased public awareness.

    Inspector Steve James, of the Victoria Police drug and alcohol strategy unit, said many victims of drink spiking never came forward, and that the crime was "horribly under-reported".

    But he added Victoria Police information was at odds with reports of a dramatic increase in drink spiking.

    "On the evidence I have seen I would have to support the view that it is largely a myth," he said.

    Paul Dillon, of the National Drug and Alcohol Centre, is convinced that evidence of a surge in cases of drug-related drink spiking simply does not exist.

    He said drink spiking definitely occurred, but usually for things like drug-assisted sexual assault or drug-assisted robbery.

    "But some of the young women I have spoken to who believe that their drinks have been spiked, once they describe the effect we cannot find a drug that would do that, apart from possibly alcohol," he said.

    Melanie Heenan, co-ordinator of the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault, shares Mr Dillon's concern about talk of a dramatic increase in drink spiking.

    "The only thing that is perhaps increasing is public concern and our knowledge of it, our recognition of this as a crime and as an issue," she said.

    "But we are not able to tell with any reliability what numbers we are dealing with."
    What a shame that, for whatever reason, she didn't get help

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    Dr Marcus Kennedy, director of the emergency department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said the number of people who turned up at the hospital and claimed they had been the victim of drink spiking had doubled in the past two years.
    something fairly obvious is happening here.

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    Originally posted by Sllip
    But something jstu doesn't add up here, and I don't believe it was the pills that killed her, unless she was on MOAI at the time?
    If she was on a MAOI she wouldn't have been drinking. Most alcoholic drinks contain tyramine to some extent, and so people following the MAOI diet would avoid them.

    If it was a MAOI interactin she would have died then, not days later.

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    I remember some biatch in perth, going on tv saying she AND her friend were spiked, turns out they drank too much wine. Foolish fillies

    It furiated me that so easily, they blamed these "bad guys" and created a panic.

    Too responsible they were to ever get, what for it - pissed

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    ^^ I agree, its a refusal to take responsibility for their actions.... they get a little too drunk, lose control, throw up, and act like general cretins and then say "my drink must have been spiked!"

    something like 90% of people who have blood tests in hospital show only alcohol in their blood

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    Re: NEWS: [The Age] 31/03/2004 : Was her drink spiked? 
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    ... and short-term memory loss,
    I would be interested to know how she began to realise this. Did she keep forgetting where she left her keys?

    But the delayed death is bloody weird.... Can anyone find an update with the toxicology report?
    Is there a website where they publish such things? I guess that would be confidential to a point though.... hmmm

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    ^^ If there was a coronial investigation it should be on the public record.

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