Thread: Hydrocodone (Lortab 5/500) - First time - Slow peak, fast decay, slight sedation

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    Hydrocodone (Lortab 5/500) - First time - Slow peak, fast decay, slight sedation 
    Oral administration of 10 mg hydrocodone at 10:50 PM.

    My arms began to feel slightly heavy around 11:15 PM, and my foot was tapping to the music (but I think that was just the music).

    At 11:20 PM I took another 5 mg.

    At about 11:40 PM my body began to feel relatively heavy. I had problems typing correctly. And it was slightly difficult to concentrate on one object. Also focusing was a bit hard (but that could have been because I was wearing contact lenses).

    Around 12:00 AM I felt very relaxed. I closed my eyes, listened to the music (Piero Umiliani - Panoramica [Cinematic Orchestra Remix], to be exact) and felt my fingers sink into the keyboard.

    This continued for about 10 or 15 minutes.

    But then I began a short rant to my friend about religion. This may have disrupted my high.

    By 12:45 AM I was feeling relaxed but not heavy or sedated in the least.

    It is now 1:45 AM and I feel mostly normal. Except I am feeling rather awake.

    Overall it was a decent feeling, consisting primarily of sedation. I did not feel any euphoric effects.

    I think next time I will start with 15 mg and then take another 5 mg if needed.

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    i enjoyed the report as i also have those pills (vicodins, but same ratio) im going to chew 3 i think, but now i kinda know what to expect

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    quick experience in feedback 
    well last night i chewed 15 mgs (first time any opiate)... im 150 pounds and it came on surpisingly fast (15 minutes tops).. i agree with your report but mine seemed to last longer... i would suggest going for 15 next time- an hour and a half after ingestion i smoked some weed and have never been so high in my life... i was extremely spacing out, i dont think it was the nod though.

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    try closer to like 20-25mg with hydrocodone, and then hit a bowl of weed once you start to feel real good, its such a nice feeling.

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    ^^ I'm 230 lbs. so thats probably one reason and the fact I did 10 and then 5.

    Yeah, some weed would make that a nice ride. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

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    Weed + opiates is niice
    Thanks for sharing.

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    I was recently dealing with a dental abcess. I had a prescription for Vicodin. When I filled it it came back as a generic 7.5/750 mg. hydrocodoneAPAP 12 tablets. The pain from the abcess was extreme and mind absorbing. I took a loading dose of 1500 mg. (2 tabs) plus 800mg. ibuprofen orally.

    Within 35 minutes I had a real sense of distance from the pain. I could still feel it but it was less intolerable. I guess I am kind of a hardhead due to a long time affinity for smoked opium and alcohol in my youth. However, I really wanted to stop the pain altogether and due to the fact I was sitting on a good supply of 5/500 mg. hydrocodone/APAP tabs from an earlier surgery I felt I could experiment.

    45 minutes after 1500 mg. loading dose I took another 5/500 mg. hydrocodone/APAP tablet and propped myself up on the couch to try and watch a favorite movie on DVD with surround sound. 30 minutes later I had feelings of body detachment and the classic "set of eyeball on the pillow" feeling. I was aware of the movie and the sound but I can remember the sensation of body sensation leaving. My wife is a healthcare professional and a good sitter and I remember telling her about the dosage and telling to watch me for problems and switch the movie when it was over. The entire time I was conscious and warm/fuzzy.
    2 hours later I felt a stabbing pain in my upper jaw and the familar pounding was coming back. I could hardly believe it was poking thru 20 mg.'s of hydrocodone even after 2 hours. I quickly tried to calculate the time remaining until Monday morning and the dentist office and tabs remaining but the synthetic poppy was clouding that endevor.
    I decided to start alternating 800 mg doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen every two hours. I got up and went to the kitchen. It was quite an experience, like walking thru fog that pulled at my feet and legs. I got a drink and took another 7.5/750 mg hydrocodone/APAP tab.
    I later realized that even though the pain had come back there was still quite a bit of hydrocodone in my system. The 7.5/750mg tab put me back on the couch with extreme feelings of floating, well being, zero pain and warm fuzzies.
    It is easy to see why opiates have such a high potential for addiction and abuse.

    Nice time except for the root canal and the dental bill.
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    yeah when i first started opiates besides the 20mg of percocet or 25mg every other day roxicodone 15mg of hydrocodone would make me feel fuzzy after 30minutes then last a lil bit it wasnt untill i took 4 5/500 mg pills did I enjoy the nice euphoric warmthnes for a couple of hours...a couple of times on rare ocations have i took 3 vicodin es' only to not feel effects for 2 hours then to have a lil euphoric buzz for almost the whole night (odd) but good report and enjoy just watch out for addiction opiates will do the trick even if you are a high willed person I know (been there done that)...

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    Ive taken 8 lortab 7.5 in one dose. Great feeling.

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    just to update my earlier statements, go for 20 instead from now on. for a beginner, these 5 mgs make all the difference in the world.

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    can anyone explain why some people don't experience euphoric effects when they begin using opiates while other people get high their first time? when i first started experimenting with hydrocodone i didn't get any euphoria or warm fuzzyness. after about 10 uses i started to get warm and relaxed but it wasn't til like 20 uses before i felt the opiate euphoria. warm, fuzzy on the inside, glowing, relaxed, comfortable, happy, dreamy.

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    ^perhaps this thread is too long dead, but if it helps, i think its probably psychological more than anything- you really began to become comfortable with it and look forward to taking it, so there was an added relief and happiness just because you were returning to [hydrocodone].

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    as a second thought, it may very well be chemical, in which case i wouldnt know about that.

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    yeah 10 mg is nothing

    fuck hydrocodone tho!

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    I took 20 mg hydrocodone after smoking a bowl and it left me in completely immobile state of euphoria for nearly 1 hour. I took 26 mg of oxycodone once after drinking 9 beers and smoking two bowls, that was my first time with opiates and I absolutely felt like god for the next 3 hours. Undescribable feeling. I think only if I tried heroin or Ecstasy could I replicate that feeling, it was intense.

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    Re: Hydrocodone (Lortab 5/500) - First time - Slow peak, fast decay, slight sedation 
    Originally posted by asmodeus256
    But then I began a short rant to my friend about religion. This may have disrupted my high.
    MAY have?? Am I the only one around here that is positive that religion and drugs just don't mix?!

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    Re: Re: Hydrocodone (Lortab 5/500) - First time - Slow peak, fast decay, slight sedation 
    Originally posted by Mean Girl
    MAY have?? Am I the only one around here that is positive that religion and drugs just don't mix?!
    Well, unless you are a hardcore atheist who laughs at religious sentiments..... then it just makes the high funnier

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