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    Valium Brand VS US Generic 
    Does anyone know if Brand name Valium by Roche is better/stronger then a United States pharmacy generic brand? Someone told me that the generics are usually weaker then the brand name for most drugs. Is this true?

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    No difference in strength.

    Do the Roches have a V cut out in the center of them, I thought they stopped manufacturing them but I could be wrong.

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    I agree with blahblahblah. No difference in strength, it's just as good except without the brand name.

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    Diazepam is diazepam is diazepam....whether it comes out of a Roche Valium bottle with cute little V cutouts in the middle or it comes out of the generic house manufacturer bottle....

    But then again, I'm pretty sure the most of you all know that

    And for the most part....generic drugs are NO weaker then their brand name counterparts. Despite what you think. The FDA wouldn't rate the generic "AB" if it wasn't the same OR BETTER (and yes, the generic can be better) than the brand name.

    But then again, I'm pretty sure the most you all know that too....

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    Yes the "V" is stil cut out.

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    I think by law the only difference between a generic and a brand name might be fillers/binders and appearance. I wouldn't bother losing any sleep wondering whether you are getting short changed on your generic diazepam.

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    LOL @ HomeWrecker!!!!!

    I say well put!!!!


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    old thread but...

    $90 for #45, 5mg brand name roche Valium


    $5 for #90, 5mg mylan generic Diazepam.

    i know there isn't a huge difference (if any) but how can the generic's sell for SO MUCH LESS than brand name if they really are the same quality?

    (and this thread is 3 years old, yes. if its too old to respond to , it should be lockced or put in an archive or deleted so dont bitch at me for responding to it)

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    because insurance covers one and not the other

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    Valum is valum. Xanax is xanax.( u.s. of course) I dont see why people make a fuss over having the ones with the "v" cut or whatever. They are the same...If you dont believe me than back it up. I can only guess that each pill has its own set of binders, which shouldn't effect the medicinal properties of the substance.

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    Because when the brand first comes out, they charge more (a lot more) than it costs to produce because they have to make up the R & D costs. When a generic company releases its version, they don't have all the years of testing and trials to do, so they can charge an amount closer to the mfg cost. That's why a drug gets some years on patent- it lets the company that discovered it make some of the $ back.

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    Thank you for the reply. Good info. I just figured that most different types of benzos work prett damn identicle to to there alternatives. some hit quicker and some last longer. Now of course if there is drinking or smoking(weed) involved then a strong synergy is created. which is unbelievable or a possibly bad situation. Know your body...

    Drinking too much is very dangerous when benzos are involved, so know your benzo tolorance. No your tolorance for a light buzz. if ya overdo it w/ val or xany your friends might worry eventually cause you are drunk but the benzos will convince you to suck another.. most responsible users can have fun. but some maybe passing out at the bar which could be a easy prey for a piece of shit rapist.


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    valium is valium no matter what.

    and La Grande Dame double mag is in no way superior to a bottle of fizzy, bubbly wine.

    They both have the same amount of alcohol, mL for mL. You'll never notice the difference! and an easy life you'll have if indeed you won't.

    generic diazepam is lower in quality because it just barely meets guidelines for production, whereas Roche outdoes the requirements a dozen times and gives you a product that is consistently efficient. but as someone mentioned, the placebo effect is indeed mighty. Those who like the Teva valium, I am jealous of them.
    ps. rule of thumb. the best generic is the one that comes out RIGHT after the patent on the brandname dies....usually thats the one that keeps up to almost the same standards. However, for that there is a price, and new, barely passing generics flood the market instead.

    How can anyone in their right mind not understand this? There's a rule in capitalism that can be applied to pretty much anything. If it costs more, most likely, its better somehow.

    Go buy a pair of shoes for 20 dollars, and then buy a similar one for 300 dollars...wear both pairs consistently, alternating day to day....see which fall apart first. see which start looking like shit after a month.

    valium is roche. roche is roche. steinway has no rival, nor do bentley or rolls royce. you know what i mean?

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    traditionally its 80% of the original from what my psychiatrist told me.

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    ^ This is absolutely incorrect. A higher price does not imply a higher value whatsoever. Such a simplic approach disregards overhead, goodwill (value of the name), as well as advertising costs.

    Now, generics can have a 20% variation of active ingredient up or down (just I am sure there can be variation between name brands on a pill to pill basis), so you can potentially get something stronger or weaker.

    The *ONLY* thing that can come to mind is how the filler and binders break down in the stomach, which may cause difference on how fast / slow a drug may begin to work.

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    Dude i said 20% down and i doubt any pharm company would put more in and sell it as 5 mg when really it has 6mg of the active ingredient.

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    It wasn't met for your post, man. You just posted before my went through. It was meant for Valium, sorry for the confusion!

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    valium is diazepam, diazepam is valium

    its all the same, generic or brand name....if you want to waste some money get the brand name roche's, but thats all its going to do for you, waste your money, generics are exactly the same

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    good thing we have figured out that generics and name brands are the same, after 5 years to the day this thread was made.

    edit: i guess upon further reading, there is still some doubt...

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    i prefer generic anyway cuz ima broke ass

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    The whole idea of generics being 20% deficient or having 20% more than the brand name is quite absurd and I don't know if this is 100% true or not. I've heard a lot of people say that generics can vary between 20% +/- the brand-name stated dose (so if a dose is 10mg, the generic can be 20% either +/- that 10mg brand-name dose.) I honestly find this quite absurd and I don't know if this is true or not; can anyone present any facts for this and show if this is accurate or not?

    A lot of debate on ADHD meds (dextroamphetamine and mixed amphetamine salts) have been going on these days especially on certain ADHD forums where people think that the generic dextroamphetamine/generic mixed amphetamine salts are 'deficient' because of this 20% +/- variation, according to them which apparently they got from the FDA.

    If anyone can clarify this issue again it'd be appreciated. Thanks.

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