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    Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Methamphetamine 
    I have been using meth for a few years now, and have experience most routes of administration, including intranasally, sublingually, intraanally, orally and smoking it.

    Everyone knows that amphetamines will reduce the ability to get an erection, everyone knows what I'm talking about here. It's more difficult, but for me its never been a problem. A problem did come about when I started smoking meth frequently, it didn't feel much different from other methods, but small side effects began to manifest, including loss of erectile strength

    Since I stopped smoking meth, the problem has got better, it's still worth noting though. Has anyone found any way of restoring any lost strength?

    I read an article ( about how someone had damaged his penis through meth use, however by comparison that case is extreme, on this site a special cream and taking their pills is suggested to improve the problem. I'm a little hesitant on buying a product like that though.

    The blocking of the re-uptake of norepinephrine (adrenaline) is the reason for meth to reduce the blood flow down there. I noticed something when smoking ice (4-Methylaminorex), which does not effect norepinephrine I believe, nearing the end of the duration (~16hrs), a rush or seratonin or something is felt and quite an increase in blood flow, has anyone else found this?

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    sorry i don't know how to solve your problem but all those people selling creams, pills, etc. are just trying to scam your ass like there was no tomorrow.

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    viagra works (the real stuff, not the "generic herbal viagra" that the 592,245 spams in your email inbox are advertising).

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    I agree with infinity, most of those herb products arent gonna do anything.

    I think the best thing you can do on the long term basis, is working out. Makes you feel good, is good for the blood flow in your body. And for most people it works like a natural viagra.
    That and eating en sleeping healthy. Maybe necessary to mention, but cut the drugs!

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    Jesus christ... one more reason to NEVER touch crystal...

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    ^^Every drug has side effects after prolonged use..

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    ALL stimulants completely negate my sexual ability. Fuck me.. snorting 20mg of ritalin made me impotent yesterday. Wow.. now that I think about it.. practically every drug I've ever used (cept Psychedelics) have impaired my sexual performance in some way or another. If only every drug effected my libido like GHB.

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    GHB...ahh..i remember the days...

    GHB with just about anything seems to work like viagra, not only increasing blood flow down there, but also making you mentally horny. At least in my experience.

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    They cause vasoconstriction. In short that is the opposite of what happens when you get an erection. prevents your penis from filling with blood. Aslo seems to decrease libido in many males-me icluded.

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    Amphetamine + GHB. When I take 2 - 2.5g GHB during the tweak there is no problem with erection in my case. YMMV

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    The last pill (MDxA) I had contained a small amount of meth and although I didn't attempt to gain an erection, my member was similar to a swim on a cold day. I doubt I could have fucked. Soundz like a case of vasoconstriction like stated above. Can it happen with amphetamine aswell? Coz that would be a more realistic ingredient in these pills. It also kinda hurt to piss (and no, I dont have an STD or some other problem).

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    Thanks to everyone for replying to my post, I agree with what's been said. I basically was wondering if anyone knew of anything for minor nerve damage down there, to get the erections as hard as they used to be. I agree that exercise is very important, when using meth it is paramount. When I've used meth and not worked out, cardio or resistance training, the body slightly deteriorates. Without meth you become really lazy and blood circulation in general is poorer. No erectile problems were encountered when I was very active physically.

    Again, I would still be interested if anyone has any supplements (ginseng perhaps) or specific exercises that have been beneficial. Many of you may be aware of 'Jelq' exercises, flexing your PC muscle, naturally these exercises have always produced a stronger reaction when at attention.

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    I get ED while on 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

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    GTN, Cialis, Viagra, GHB - all should do the job.

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    For a while I was taking viagra to get hard while high on meth. Found out sometime later that this combo is very dangerous. I would get a huge rash across my shoulders and neck and feel like I was going to pass out... and this was before sex.....

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    I've heard the horror stories about meth, viagra and poppers too, but it seems that it is only lethal when used in high doses and including the use of poppers...But what NTM said made me think twice about taking meth and viagra together; does anyone have any experience?

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    all stimulants are a bitch while on stim. for me, you just gotta deal or take a 2-3 viagra's before you wanna fuck.

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    Yeah it's frustrating when speed gets you in that aggressive animalistic horny state of mind and you can't do anything about it even though you try for 10 hours

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    I can't believe that no-one is recommending GHB. At 2-3g it not only gets you even more horny while on meth, but you are also able to perform. It's the shitzz.

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