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    sleepy meth 
    does meth make any of you tired? each time i do my 'little bit' i get really tired. its weird. i feel like its not normal.

    maybe my eyes are just feeling heavy and im giving in to being sleepy... or maybe i am actually kinda sleepy. for instance today... i sniffed just a bit and then right afterward, in the 30 min car ride to dinner, i completely passed out.

    any thoughts?

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    yea, I've got a thought.

    It's not meth.

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    You might be doin a bad batch, my friend and I got some shit that fits your description perfectly. We called it sleepy meth to but all-in-all it was bougus stuff, had to hook up more free shit from out dude a few minutes later.

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    do you have ADD?

    even if so, meth wouldnt put you to sleep. you got ripped.

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    oh great. hmm, ok i just did it again to test and see how i feel. what if its not meth? does that mean its just cut with something else or just not meth at all? toss it?

    why would ADD affect anything? but no, ive never been diagnosed with it.

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    ok let me ask you a question.. How often do you smoke meth, is this your first time? The reason I ask is cause if you have smoked or snorted it before and got a good rush and this time you are not getting high. Then you probably need to look at your batch. Does the meth get anyone else high? if not and it makes everyone else sleepy then there is something wrong with the meth, either the batch, or you just got ripped off on purpose.. In the future I would suggest that you always demand a little hit first.. If they know you will buy if it's any good then they should not have a problem with this. Just say man I got some shit the other day man for "this guy/gal person" that was shit, You care if I just hit that quick before I give you this ( money). If they start bitching about the weight or something then don't buy. Cause one thing that I have learned, If they have confidence in there product they will want you to hit it. They want you to think to your self.. damn that's good.. Some dealers keep a little bag to the side just for there customers to hit out of..

    Just my past experiences.

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    Its not meth. Meth does everything but make you tired.,.,.,arg i need to get some sleep.,.,..

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    here is my other thought... the batch i have... the friend who got it for me told me it was a really good batch. she and some other friends liked it a lot.

    now im thinking the reason i WAS getting tired was from something else... alcohol. i just CANNOT drink for nothin... and well i ended up just having the tiniest bit of alcohol... and i think that is what was making me sleepy.

    tho i had that again without the meth... and im not so tired.

    shoot, maybe it is the meth. i just dont want to admit it is. but maybe it is. it probably is. only thing is, ive done this batch before and it didnt make me tired.

    for reals, does it expire? i stored it in a baggie in another baggie in a cloth bag in a drawer...

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    yeah this sometimes happens with me and alot of methheads i know, just do more.. and to all the know it alls saying it's not meth, small dosages of meth tend to make some people very relaxed, almost sleepy.. we just need abit more then you guys then we're tweaking.

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    This has also happened to me. Sometimes if I'm just cleaning out a baggie, there's not enough to get me "high" and usually not to long afterward I get uncontrollably sleepy. In my case I know it's not the drug because when I had an adequate amount it worked as it was supposed to.

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    necro and UE ~ thanks for the comments. that actually does make sense too b/c i was having REALLY small amts. so maybe it is the dosage. i really dont know what im doing. im still figuring it out. but yeah that makes sense b/c if i have just a tiny bit more... i feel different. it was just those times that i had just a wee bit less, and i was quite sleepy.

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    necro - yah sometimes it's really bad, i gota lay down fora while..

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    It's dosage. Especially if you have been using for a while and have a tolerance, smaller doses will simply cause serotonin release WITHOUT the dopamine and norepinephrine release, making you sleepy instead of alert. This is VERY common with long term meth users! Eventually, hardcore meth addicts get to the point where anything less than a gigantic dose will just put them to sleep, it's quite amazing to witness.

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    thanks for all the advice everyone!! i dont know jack about what i want to do... and everyone is so helpful!! so its boiling down to dosage. maybe more will do it for me. and no im havent been using for long at all. in fact, just a few times.

    keep the comments coming!!

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    maybe you're like my uncle, he was a crackhead, and I saw him one time smoke an 8 ball and lay down on the couch and go to sleep. maybe his crack sucked

    or maybe you just have a huge tolerance.

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    What the hell are you doing snorting some meth on your way to dinner?!?!? Where you with your parents? Be smart when you get high... if there is such a thing.

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    on my way to dinner... hehehe... well actually i was trying to loosen myself up a bit. =\ i dont know if it worked. it made me pass out is about it. but we were headed to my boyfriend's family friend. and im a shy girl... so i was a bit nervous. i wanted the meth to help out. i dont know if it did or not.

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    I agree wth necro if you only do a little, it will make you tired or realxed you need to do at least 2 or more lines or smoke a couple bulbs! dont do a sniff do a good line or lines to get off!
    i know that when i do it and dont sleep for a few days if i try to do anymore ill get off for about 15 mins then it will just make me so tired!so if you havent slept and your exhuasted it might make you tired!

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    "smaller doses will simply cause serotonin release WITHOUT the dopamine and norepinephrine release -negrokitty"

    yeah definatley, it feels exactly like that sleepy feeling MDMA can give you. also does MDMA release any dopamine and norephinephrine? could small doses of it have the same conclusion?

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    jungle addict... 2 lines or more??? ok ok, i hear ya. but really, yeah im not even doing lines. i think ive done a line maybe twice. other than that, its on my own... bumps or so. measurements... i have no idea. but bumps.

    rah... soooo then really too small amts WILL just make me pass out...?

    well at least i know its meth!!

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    yer sounds like it

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