• Bluelight turns black the week of February 12th in memoriam

    Sixteen years ago on February 12th, one of our own passed away.

    For those who didn't know Ryan Haight, AKA "Quicksilver", he was an extraordinary young man. An honors student with an intellectual curiosity about the world and, perhaps most memorably, Ryan was a wonderful person and friend. He was found dead the morning of February 12th from an overdose of prescription pain medication.

    Quicksilver's death was not the first loss this community has suffered, and neither was it our last. But beginning February 12th, the week of "Black Bluelight" is a time for all of us, each year, to remember those we have lost and re-center on our mission of harm reduction. We ask our staff, our members and all who visit Bluelight to reflect on what drug-related harm reduction means to you and how we can further the health, safety and well being of those who visit our forums.

    We also welcome you to visit the Bluelight Shrine, where you can pay your respect to those we've lost:

    In memoriam,

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    1. Lostsoul757's Avatar
      Lostsoul757 -
      Very sad :-( sorry to hear. I'm sure he as many others are looking down and watching over us.
    1. GalaxyNinja66's Avatar
      GalaxyNinja66 -
      Its the ones that mean the most that are lost...
    1. thadocta13's Avatar
      thadocta13 -
      Mitakuye oyasin! Wopilayelo!
    1. gun toting hip gansta's Avatar
      gun toting hip gansta -
      I can remember when this happened, 12 years ago wow.

      Had a quick browse through the shrine as well. Too many names, too many. So sad
    1. Gindy's Avatar
      Gindy -
      I'll join u in thinking of those lost in similar circs. Growing up in a poor northern town, and with the rise of heroin and prescribed pain killers, I've lost a few of the ppl I grew up with.

      If there were more info out there, if places/help like bluelight had been around, maybe, just maybe some of those lost would still be with us.
    1. fibromyarthgirl's Avatar
      fibromyarthgirl -
      It's a sad reminder how drugs (street or prescription), destroy those who truly are good people and leave this world way too early, way before their time and yet again there is one less soul that could have made such a positive difference in the country. Only the good die young
    1. Bbygurl96's Avatar
      Bbygurl96 -
      I'm so sorry... I'm new here but I just lost my dad December 5 2016 my prayers go out for his family!
    1. Traciejordan's Avatar
      Traciejordan -
      I didnt know him but i can relate to the effects of an o.d.
    1. Grigore's Avatar
      Grigore -
      May God bless our friends who are still alive and may our fallen brothers rest in peace.
    1. timestwelve's Avatar
      timestwelve -
      Didnt know these good people but from this life we share on this earth gives us something we have in common..I have walk in the shoes along the same path that taken our fellow brothers ..Its not a path we nessicerly want to take in this life entering new adventures , but then it becomes one we have to walk just to live .Yes my brother i know . Im still walking it today and may ur soul be free from all the hurt and pain we endured on this journey called life on earth..I hope you RIP and you will be missed till we all met on the otherside ..
      ONE LOVE
    1. dicko89's Avatar
      dicko89 -
      sorry to hear about this loss ..let us all take a lesson from this guy RIP
    1. TumajNuri's Avatar
      TumajNuri -
      Words are few, thoughts are deep, memories of dead people we will always keep.
    1. Rachella666's Avatar
      Rachella666 -
      I think that ODing has effected one or all of us at some point. This is very sad, the loss of a child is never understood, my thoughts are with his parents