• Welcome to our new Research Assistant!

    Please welcome toscablue (Nadine van Gelder) to the Bluelight research assistant position, who will also have a moderating role on Drug Studies.

    toscablue will help me liaise with researchers who may wish to donate for banner space or to access our archives for research.

    She will also join neversickanymore at Drug Studies: focusing on sorting through all of our research studies, matching older studies up with publications, to illustrate how Bluelight is contributing to research more broadly.

    toscablue joins us from Amsterdam - she has held a variety of research assistant roles in the drugs area, most recently working at the EMCDDA, so she has some on-ground drug-research skills to offer.

    So, thanks and welcome!
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    1. oliverszo's Avatar
      oliverszo -
      welcome! hopefully we will be lucky to get some really interesting posts..
    1. EntheoDjinn's Avatar
      EntheoDjinn -
      Nederlands and EMCDDA. What a pedigree! Welcome - undoubtedly strengthens Bluelight.
    1. Sofakingbada$$'s Avatar
      Sofakingbada$$ -
      Welcome to bluelight, want a freind always happy to help.
    1. Solipsis's Avatar
      Solipsis -
      That's great!
      Welcome nadine
      Let me know if hou ever need someone to help with anything in (Dutch) Limburg.
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      Ibear1 -
      Hey Nadine, brand new myself, just this minute. Good luck with your new adventure.
    1. Chrismorgan2677's Avatar
      Chrismorgan2677 -
      I am a newbie as well. Currently living in north western WA. Rain rain go away....thank god for the liberal suboxone program nearby😊
    1. Chrismorgan2677's Avatar
      Chrismorgan2677 -
      Sorry folks. Probably shouldn't have posted in this thread?
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      Jbaines154 -
      It's nice to meet you.
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      Research Professor -
      Welcome Nadine!
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      Antonio segna -
      Good mind
      Good things
      Good comment

      Best for embodied in real life
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      InfoatitsbestxD -
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      cypress -
      im bran new too welcome
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      Mind_Movie -
      Welcome toscablue. Good luck with your studies.
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      assfaultman -
      I'm a newbie from Wisconsin
    1. detroitdeviant's Avatar
      detroitdeviant -
      Welcome! Detroit sayin hello to you!
    1. CDH's Avatar
      CDH -
      personally I believe that cocaine has far more pharmaceutical value than cannabis Has.and there is already a tremendous amount of research that has been carried merit to the usefulness of cocaine
    1. MeanDean's Avatar
      MeanDean -
      Quote Originally Posted by CDH View Post
      personally I believe that cocaine has far more pharmaceutical value than cannabis Has.and there is already a tremendous amount of research that has been carried merit to the usefulness of cocaine
      I am not a coke user but, I would be interested into some of the research. Can you provide a source? With only limited(but growing) success behind medicinal marijuana I would think it to be a nearly impossible feat to make cocaine an accepted treatment in the medical world. Most things are ok in moderation...and to be clear...not hating on coke. It's just not my doc
    1. JK25's Avatar
      JK25 -
      1 line of Cocaine HCL a week will guard againts Altzeimers, age-related neurolical and cognitive degeneration, it combats both neural-, and intra-neural cell death and also improves memory formation for short-, and long term memory as well as assists in the formation of new intra-cellular neural dendrite connection pathways and also strengthens existing pathways. But ONLY 1 line per week. Don't know if I would stick to my prescribed dose but for people who are mentally stable with no preexisting psychological disorders or biological based trauma induced risk factors or any addict type behavioural history or habit-forming abuse potential it will work to keep the mind fresh and youthful well into old age.
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      bigdogs -
      looking for local guys now
    1. MuGeTsU_89's Avatar
      MuGeTsU_89 -
      TOSCABLUE WELCOME!!!!! Always great to have new insight, and experience... Especially of your level, so thx for joining.. I'm sure you'll be a great addition to the team... :-)