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budley moore
09-09-2003, 20:19
does 2ci hurt the body or mind ?
how does it work?

09-09-2003, 20:57
As far as hurting the mind, I would say its just as dangerous as any other psychedelic. Anyone can become overwhelmed and become somewhat "damaged" post trip because of it. However, 2C-I I find is LESS likely to cause overwhelming experiences, when compared to something like LSD or DPT. The possibility is always there though.

As far as the body, remember, this is still classified as a research chemical, as long term effects are unknown. I have used 2C-I several times and noticed a few body problems. One would definitely be the raise in blood pressue, which cause severe headaches and jaw clenching. I do not know how long your blood pressure stays elevated (it could be normal when the experience ends) but I would think this could be a potential risk. Besides headaches and jaw clenching though, 2C-I is easy on the body, and has yet to show ME any problems (NOTE: you are not ME and may find different effects)

So does 2C-I hurt your body or mind? Not really sure, but Im sure it could.

09-09-2003, 21:54
I'm doing some research into the phenethylamines and their effects on the immune and cardiovascular systems at the moment for various personal health reasons and as there are no real scientific publications available its probably better to make the assumption that its an immune suppressor much like MDMA. They are in the same class (the catecholamines - MDA, MDMA, DOM, etc) and affect the norepinephrine and dompaine receptors sites.

2C-I felt a lot less body intensive than MDMA, MDA and amphetamines in the 15-20mg range for me but more so than 2C-B. I'd say there was a little less risk than those substances but as was said above, nobody really knows.

09-09-2003, 22:29
i found the effects to be rather severe on my body after taking 2ci, as well as on my mind, i had the most awful come down and was severely depressed for several days, having to take 2 days of work and couldnt stand to talk to anyone at that time, this was very unusual for me who goes out regularly and can handle my comedowns. I found my heart beat was beating at a astounding rate, i felt sick, had migraines and was in a bad way, my friends who took this drug also reported similar findings.

I wouldnt take it again based on that experience... i took 2cb with hardly any bodily/mental aftereffects except a small stomach ache.. and tiredness

personall that is

10-09-2003, 01:53
Yes, no one will be able to give you exact answers. I can tell you that in my experience it felt relitively easy on my body. I also experienced jaw clenching and feel 2ci has stimulant properties. No headaches, a little bit of nausea on the come up, and I can equate it much to MDMA in bodily harm, if any.

10-09-2003, 01:58
For me 2c-i has always been lighter on the body than mdma...but it can have quite an effect on the mind, some friends report they were thrown into heavy trips...

Again, it is a research chemical and nobody can really tell you what harm it might do.

10-09-2003, 02:01
Sorry to hear about the negative after-effects spacekitty. Most of the friends I have shared this substance with experience an after-glow that lasts for days, but is extermely positive, and I would also have to say the same goes for me.

It feels like I've got more confidence, or at least, lacking any self-consciousness. I can't compare to 2c-b, it's never come my way. But I'm interested in comparing to 2c-e very soon.

I've thought about keeping track of heart-rate and blood pressure while performing my research, but haven't gotten the equipment yet. (I'm also a little worried that abnormal readings could color the experience.)

I guess this is why more research is needed, and why there's the standard rule - every substance affects different people differently.


10-09-2003, 02:19
I only tried 2C-I once so far (21mg) but found my heart rate to be normal. And yes I do check heart rate because I can't help myself.

But I did find the body load to be less tolerable than MDMA. But this might be because the MDMA euphoria/buzz masks those effects.

10-09-2003, 05:43
I find that with 2c-i, as with every research psychedelic that I have tried, there is an energy to it that needs to be channeled. Properly channeled, the energy can be a healing energy. Unchanneled the energy can be harmul. The higher the dose, the harder it is to channel the energy, and the more harm is done when the energy is not channeled. With experience, i.e. several trips with the same chemical, the channeling can become more instinctive and natural, but each time I do a higher dose channeling the energy becomes a new challange. As far as how I "channel energy" that is something I sort of do thru meditation, focus and surrender. Really I draw on what I've learned learned about my self practicing yoga and pranayama. In terms of that sort of philosophy you can think of the energy as kundalini energy. But I'm sure there are other ways one could understand the energy and learn to channel it.

This energy can be physical, mental, or both. (Really, I think the line we draw between 'physical' and 'mental' is artificial but I won't go into that here). With 2c-i the physical aspect of the energy tends to dominate the experience. Much of the mental energy is visual which is easy and fun to channel and empathogenic which is easy and fun to a point. But the physical energy is significant. I'm 41 years old. On one 20mg 2c-i trip for a time I must have felt 20 years older: bachache, heartburn, chest pain, heart missing beats, etc. etc., like I was falling apart and dying. On the following 20mg 2c-i trip I litterally felt like I was 21 again, full of life and vitality. I was like a new man. The change was because of what I had learned within my self about how this 2c-i energy works on me.

As always start with a very low dose and work your way up slowly. If you hurt your self its because you did too much too fast. Of course with research chems, some would say any amount is too much. The above just works for me. How the energy reacts with you could be deadly.

10-09-2003, 10:32
In my opinion, it's much more easy for body than MDMA. Just an opinion though. Iodine levels might be overcame quite highly, if used (continuously)...

30-03-2009, 22:05
i have also recently taken 2ci, and i dont really plan on taking it again. idk if its the 2ci or somthing else but last night i experienced the weirdest flashback. nothing felt real at all, everything was like a creepy dream except i wasnt asleep, i had been under the influence of marijuana but i know how that feels and its not that intence. my heart was pounding super hard and my i could almost feel my brain thinking because the blood was pumping so fast. i couldnt walk straight and i felt like i was floating. a picture of an octopus started warping in and out. and ive been having that weird dream feeling for about a week and a half. dating back to the time i took 2ci.

30-03-2009, 22:10
My only experience with it was 10mg of 2c-i with MDMA

lots of jaw clenching from that one
large amount of body load
but i tripped balls, very visual and with a nice head space that was very easy on the mind...

The comedown was fast, it seemed like i was tripping balls one minute and the next i was pretty fucking sober.

I was left with a really nice afterglow, no difficulty sleeping or eating. In fact i felt pretty damn good the day after....

31-03-2009, 02:07
2C-I gives me headaches most times - more so than other 2Cs, perhaps - but is worth a few aspirin to me :)

Also, I'm not really the hippyesque, energy-channelling type, but can relate to some of the comments above. All 2Cs give me slightly uncomfortable levels of energy sometimes but see-aye seems to be especially prone to it. A good stretch 'n' wiggle works wonders though :)

31-03-2009, 04:10
Me and my friend were debating this. I find 2c-e is to be quite stimulating (energy full) to the point where it could occasionally be uncomfortable. But my friend said he noticed no such stimulation from 2c-e. I was just curious how 2c-i compares? I'll be getting some soon.

31-03-2009, 04:19
^ Funny you should say that, Excido... Just sampled (still in the midst of sampling actually =D) 2C-E for the first time tonight and it feels greatly more comfortable than 2C-I for me. 2C-I, I find, has a speedy, slightly manic, jittery edge to it but am finding 2C-E to be a much more rounded and fuzzy feeling with less of the spiky edges of 2C-I.

I believe 2C-I is often pereceived as being an especially stimulating one. Find it a mite uncomfortably stimulating myself sometimes. That's most likely cos I'm mostly sat on my arse though...

31-03-2009, 04:29
^2C-E seems to give me a more amphetaminey stimulation (bit paranoid and whatnot) whereas 2C-I tends to give me what feels like a more natural, euphoric energy....

31-03-2009, 04:34
^Ya, I find 2C-I gives me a very euphoric playful energy, kinda MDMA-ish <3 :)

31-03-2009, 04:39
^2C-I is, IMO, one of Shulgins greatest. I have seen a minor freakout from it, but it subsided when my friend discovered the secret behind persian rugs :D I love the stuff, but it seems to be somewhat hard to get..

31-03-2009, 04:43
See now I would put it precisely the other way around! 2C-I feels pushy, edgy and synthetic (in all the best ways, of course ;)) but 2C-E is just feeling so much more organic and with no uncomfortable spikiness. Right up there with MDMA (if not even better =D) as far as gorgeous bodyhighs go for me. Diff'rent Strokes and all...

31-03-2009, 04:49
^2C-I is, IMO, one of Shulgins greatest. I have seen a minor freakout from it, but it subsided when my friend discovered the secret behind persian rugs :D I love the stuff, but it seems to be somewhat hard to get..

Easier to get than 2C-B of course :( I haven't ever had 2C-B and 2C-I is chemically the closest thing I've gotten. I'll agree with you 2C-I is one of shulgin's greatest but 2C-B was HIS favorite. Super curious on what the differences between them are.

I need to try 2C-E again, I only did it once, and I wasn't in the right state at the time. Too many chemicals to try and unless I trip multiple times a week it's hard to try them all, I trip max once a week (usually)

31-03-2009, 05:14
2C-B over 2C-I everytime by a long, long way for me. Could see 2C-E being right up there jostling for position though - would be divine with MDMA, methinks <3