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08-08-2003, 01:06
ok so I've been sippin on da p-tea for a little and really enjoying it...still in the newbie stage ...anyway I always hear about how one should be very careful so as not to overdose with poppy tea...but I'm wonderin, has anyone here actually overdosed/witnissed someone overdose on poppy tea? Or at least come close? Because I spend a LOT of time (probably waaay too much) readin up on new drugs online, and I have yet to hear even a he-said-she-said report about someone overdosing on a viewing...

08-08-2003, 01:35
I would think the side-effect from the tea itself would make one stop before an actual OD, death, or knockin on deaths door occurred.

Of course it is possible, anything is possible, but the actual opiate concentration from the tea is next to nothing (if you ask me) maybee if you slammed a gallon or so.

08-08-2003, 01:59
Originally posted by blahblahblah
the actual opiate concentration from the tea is next to nothing (if you ask me) maybee if you slammed a gallon or so.

Heh you're wrong bro, and if u ever make it with good pods you'll be too sedated to disagree. I've done heroin hardcore, and I can testify that this stuff ain't weak when done right. I'm sure morninggloryseeds and some other people here can support that claim ;)

But anyhwho lets stay on topic here

08-08-2003, 02:20
Poppy tea is not entirly weak, and a nice sedation can be had, in this I disagree with blahblahblah. However, I do agree with his statement about the side effects becoming unbearable before overdose. I would think that unless you chugged a substaintial amount like he said, you would be far too sick to overdose.

08-08-2003, 05:51
I don't have any first hand experience of this, but if other opiates are anything to go by, most fatal ODs would probably involve other CNS depressents, like alcohol or benzos.

Just a thought.

08-08-2003, 20:13
This is the same argument that can be had with alcohol.... All it takes is to ingest in excess before the initial effects come on.... Unfortuntatly overdosing on poppy tea is to opiates as overdosing on beer is to alcohol.. Kinda hard to do... Although, I usually chug the shit out of mine and it sets me very straight for 6 hours.. I could see that if I chugged maybe an extra 50%, you could enter the OD range(as my poppy tea makes me nod, and I have a medium tolerance).

28-08-2003, 18:33
it really depends on the pods you use some batches you need 6 pods from and some batches you need 11 pods for the same effect, i think if you drink a mug that is too strong you could be in trouble,

but it tastes like such ASS that most people would drink it slowly enough to be safe?

29-08-2003, 21:45
I have read at a certain website of people having to go to the ER after drinking too much. Can't remember anybody dying, though I am SURE it is possible...I myself have been VERY close to OD myself after drinking too much on SEVERAL occasions, we are talking PUKE-FEST. I just didn't know the right dosage for some particularly POTENT pods I had one time. That is what makes it SO EASY to OD on them compared to say pills...ya just never know how strong they will be...that is why one MUST start out on the conservative side with a new "batch" of PT, even pods from the same place or box can vary greatly in potentcy...as always, be careful.

But yeah, I would think you will puke if you OD...but not everybody will...and some say if you are nodding or asleep and you puke while laying on your back, you die from choking...so?

29-08-2003, 22:11
What do you suppose an estimated morphine content of a glass of poppy tea is...?

29-08-2003, 22:18
look on poppies.org on the old forums, i believe there are tales of poppy tea overdose there.

Killer B A R B i E
30-08-2003, 00:04
I've never heard of anyone dying from too much tea, but I have heard lots of stories about people getting sooo sick from drinking too much that they thought they were dying.

30-08-2003, 00:07
You would vomit it up way before you took enough poppy tea to actually die from an overdose. You can take too much, but I doubt enough to die. And yes, poppy tea can be POWERFUL if made from good pods. Those that have not experienced a full nod from pod tea must have made it with crappy pods.

30-08-2003, 08:03
you know people say opium is hard to find, but poppy tea is eating opium, maybe your not smoking opium, but you are doing straight up opium.

alot of opium addicts were eaters back in the day (dequincy)

30-08-2003, 09:02
I have grown my own pods, and have had tea from fresh and dried pods, with many different batches. I have gotten the full effect this tea, and them some. I agree with Blah, I do not find it that sedating at all, infact the thebaine content gives a stimulant effect that I dont enjoy. Of course if you take enough, the morphine overpowers this stimulation, but it all depends on the pods. I have made this tea many times, and I just think it has too many unwanted alkaloids to be enjoyable. Plus, im not a big fan of morphine, which besides codeine, is the most sought after alkaloid in tea. I prefer pure mu-agonist, in pharmaceutical form, like fentanyl, where I know the dose, and know exactly what drug it contains. I suppose tea is better than nothing, but its the bottom on my list.

I still like pods, but for extracting of putty, purification into morphine, and conversion to heroin. What ive made is around the potency and quality of "chyerna", which is not much higher than tar heroin. In anycase, pods are good, for making heroin that is.....