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16-06-2003, 19:11
I have a couple of questions about how to prepare Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to get the maximum effect for the minimum nausea.

1) I found this recipy on Erowid:

I believe that sublingual absorption allows me to experience the very pleasant intoxicating effects of HBWR without the nausea. I simply take my normal dose and add half that amount (eg: if I normally take 6 seeds swallowed, I use 9 for this method). I Grind the seeds as finely as possible, almost to a powderlike consistency. Then add a teaspoon of water, and a teaspoon or more of juice. Wait 5 minutes. Pour into mouth (including all the seed grit). DON'T SWALLOW any of it. Swirl the mush with the tongue every once in awhile. Hold for 15-30 minutes. Spit out. Go lie down, relax, have a good time.

Has anyone else tried this? Does it sounds reasonable?

2) Is it worth scraping off the outer "fuzzy" bit? Some people say yes, others say no. If there is any doubt, I'll do it anyways, but will this decrease the potency of the trip?


16-06-2003, 19:19
Again, the outer coating is inert (it does nothing good or bad). I don't care what you read at erowid or some vendor's site. The information is wrong and the seed coating is inert. After vast journal searches, I have yet to find any that says dangerous or cyanogenic compounds had ever been isolated in this seedcoat. This is one urban mythin that has really gotten aroound. Scraping the seed coating amounts to nothing more than a waste of time.

I have no experience with sublingual absorbtion. I've chewed the seeds and they taste nasty. I would not recommend holding it in your mouth but it's your trip.

16-06-2003, 21:42
The thing is they taste like wood mixed with piss, not pleasant at all. I think you are better off just eating them. If you eat them on an empty (or nearly empty) stomach the effects will be increased greatly vs. if you just ate
I heard that some HBWS vendors put some kind of poisonous outer coating on the seeds to keep people form ingesting them for the LSA, as in they sprayed a chemical on the seeds.

16-06-2003, 23:08

I highly doubt that, as eating the seeds as a psychedelic is the only use (commercial or otherwise) the seeds have. HBWR seed vendors are not likely to poison the only consumers of their product. Doesn't make sense to me. Where did you hear this?

17-06-2003, 01:34
A guy I knew owned a business selling various psychoactive legal drugs including HBWS. He said that some major vendors of HBWS spray it with some chemical to try and sway people away from using the seeds for psychedelic purposes. I'm not saying it's true, but he knew what he was talking about when it came to those types of things.

17-06-2003, 03:08
Well if it's true, it makes no sense. The seeds are useless to grow outside of a tropical climate. I'd say 99.9% of the purchasers buy them to eat. But I don't know either way, I'm not in the seed distribution business. There are places in Hawaii (3 I know of) that grow all their own entheogenic plants including the baby woodrose and I know the don't spray their stuff. Perhaps perspective woodrose seed growers should look to Hawaiian vendors.

17-06-2003, 19:18
I think you may be thinking about Morning Glory seeds. It is well-known that some vendors of Morning Glory seeds spray a noxious substance on the seeds to prevent inappropriate use of the seeds. I have heard that the Morning Glory seeds that WalMart sells have been sprayed but I don't know if there's any truth to this; in my local WalMart there are Morning Glory seeds from various vendors so I don't know if any or all of these vendors had sprayed the seeds. In any case, I would simply purchase them from an entheogenic provider just to be sure. It seems plausible that HBWR seeds could also be sprayed but they don't seem to be as readily available and are usually only available from entheogenic suppliers.

17-06-2003, 20:52
Originally posted by morninggloryseed
Well if it's true, it makes no sense. The seeds are useless to grow outside of a tropical climate. I'd say 99.9% of the purchasers buy them to eat. But I don't know either way, I'm not in the seed distribution business. There are places in Hawaii (3 I know of) that grow all their own entheogenic plants including the baby woodrose and I know the don't spray their stuff. Perhaps perspective woodrose seed growers should look to Hawaiian vendors.

I've been reading quite a bit about HBWR seeds recently, and apparently if you buy them from a "plant" shop they may well be sprayed, but from a headshop they will not.

17-06-2003, 21:33
I've never in my life heard of baby woodrose seeds being sold in a plant shop. I don't see why they would. The seeds only grow in a tropical enviornment.

18-06-2003, 05:15
there are lots of plants that require specific enviroments to grow in, and lots of gardeners who enjoy trying to recreate these enviroments in order to try and grow these plants outside their natural habitat.

although i havent bought seeds directly from hawaii before, i know of several venders from asia/tahiti that do have a coating on their seeds that they reccommend not be injested

18-06-2003, 17:25
Until someone produces a journal artical that shows what toxins have been isolated from the seed-coating of woodrose seed, I'm going to believe my own experience and research over the word of some guy in Tahiti.

17-09-2003, 03:32
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the original question about alternate means of preperation and not a debate on the shells? I'm kinda interested myself as I might like to try them so if we could get back on topic that would be great, thanks......

The Drummer
17-09-2003, 08:36
discussion of the seed coating's effect is kind of actually instrumental to discussion of the actual preparation of the seeds... probably 3/4 of the time spent preparing them is devoted to scraping the bastards' coating off...if it turns out you don't have to well that's a pretty big change in terms of preparation TIME at least

my experience is that they work great if you chew and swallow them. making tea seems to take something out of it and an extraction i think is too much work for not much difference in effect... if the taste bothers you that much, i'd say put 'em in some squooshy food or vegicaps... if you get too much stomach churn i say smoke some reefer...

go for it

i always thought these babies were all about making sure you knew you're a throbbing sort of thing full of blood and organs that's going to die someday

17-09-2003, 09:46
I suggest you just eat them and dont mess around with any sorts of preparation to reduce nausea. I had no problems, but then again I have the iron gullet that has never given in to dxm, HBWR seeds, or various other psychs. In fact I eat a little before I take most nauseating psychs because it settles my stomach a little. anyway

they tasted kinda peanutty to me at first, but after you swallow a couple you realize how bad the after taste is. Make sure to have some water to get the lil pieces out from between your teeth.

17-09-2003, 11:31
eating fresh ginger helps your stomach. taking a low dose (<10) the stomach upset isn't too bad. But i've found on higher doses that if you dont take anything for your stomach such as an anti-nausia pill its near on unbearable.

18-09-2003, 19:37
yeah a sublingual technique i suggest is really just an addition to the normal eating method. When you put them in your mouth, put them under your tongue, dunno if it works on the sublingual part, but i can tell ya that you wont taste them down there. When you've had them sitting long enough to make the maleable, chew them and swallow. As always take precautions, don't take them right after eating, and have something on hand to take for the nausea. Dramamine can be good.

19-09-2003, 03:05
Yes I do have experience with this method, and it works. In fact it works so well that I will never swallow another HBWR seed again.

I estimate you lose about 20-30% potency, but its well worth it with the lack of nausea and cramps. You don't need to add any water or juice in your mouth, in fact you will probably have enough trouble holding all the saliva that collects in your mouth for 25 minutes.

But yes, it works. And you start tripping quicker too.

19-09-2003, 07:45
I have experience with HBWR seeds.... mmmm.. PUKE!... well, really, i got seeds from a vendor and found that 8 were quite strong, and tried doses ranging from 6-11. I puked just about every time... until i boiled about 10 in water with ginger(a lot of whole ginger) and cloves. It was less potent, but the nausea was minimal. Scraping off the outside doesn't help much, but i like the ritual. The chemical that causes nausea is inherent in the seeds, and is similar to the chemical in apple seeds. If you're lucky, you won't puke... but it can be fun.

17-10-2003, 23:30
My approach to this would be to keep that "coat-scrapin'-fun" myth alive ... there's nothing more powerful in this world than placebo.

If you think you're not going to get sick now that you tried this great method you hear from a FOAF, chances are you aren't going to feel it as much.
Yeah but the saliva solution sounds great too: I think I'll do that.
No need to swallow them? 25 mins of holding them in there is enough, right? Does this work for Morning Glories as well? So many questions on my mind right now ...

13-12-2003, 17:15
2 days ago I consumed 40 hbwr ( a few at a time over the course of several hours) and 8 grams or so Amanita Muscaria ( all at once after the seeds did nothing). My friends finished off the ounce. (28grams nothing happened) they had absoloutely no effects whatsoever. My friend took about 50 he said he felt like he ate sunflower seeds (NOTHING happened). I had bought 200 (it came with over 230) $40 and they were completely useless seeds. They did however look just like the pictures on the internet of hbwr. The morning after I took the remaining 130 or so (figuring this could by no means fail!) all within 20 minutes (NO JOKE!). first I chewed 80 ( I gagged several times) then the remaining 50 (gagged even worse because the taste was overwhelming). In small quantities I don't think they tasted all that bad. But you guessed it.. NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENED. I don't get it. I emailed this guy from the website hopefully he'll compensate me somehow. (kinda doubt it) But what the hell happened? Everyone else says they take ten and walla.. they are tripin like no other. They must not have had much if any LSA in them.. or maybe they weren't even real (Hawaiian) b w r. anyways.. I'm not happy about this, but who would be?

edited out the seed source, none of that on bluelight - atlas

13-12-2003, 17:22
^^ edit the source out of your post, that is not allowed around here, please read the guidelines.

i'm sorry you have bought those seeds, that is really a bummer. :\

13-12-2003, 18:42
Although I am in agreement with you MGS, I disagree with your logic. You say that you have not seen any journal reference to the seeds containing the alleged cyanogenic glucosides. However, I have yet to see a journal reference stating that the seed coating does NOT contain cyanogenic glucosides. Perhaps you can provide one? If we are to use your logic, unless resorting to inductive reasoning, I have yet to see solid physical proof through scientific mehtods, that you have a brain, or even more, that you are a human. That doesn't mean that these are not truths! However, after stating all that, I have to agree with you!! :P

3 days ago, in so to prove this to myself, I scrapped as much seed coating (plus a little bit of the seed to make sure I got it all) as I could into a small pile, from 12 seeds. This pile was ingested. No nausea resulted. I can leave interpretation of the results to whoever pleases.

16-12-2003, 12:43
Originally posted by morninggloryseed
I've never in my life heard of baby woodrose seeds being sold in a plant shop. I don't see why they would. The seeds only grow in a tropical enviornment.

They are available through specialist seed supply mail order services in the UK, as are morning glories. Although they are tropical plants they can be grown (even in our hellishly cold climate) decoratively in a greenhouse or conservatory.

HBWR are described as: "A twining climbing vine, the young tendrils being white-downy, the large heart shaped leaves on the underside are silvery. Flowers during summer are 6-7cm long, when in bud are white-downy opening to funnel shaped flowers lavender-blue with throats a pink to red. A beautiful climber for the conservatory, greenhouse or warm climate, can be contained by pruning and can also be pruned to form a mound."

If using seeds from a gardening supplier it definitely is worth washing them thoroughly before taking them, most of these kind of suppliers will treat seeds with pesticides or fungicides. But as you say, anything coming from a decent headshop will be fine to use as is.

16-12-2003, 15:46
Originally posted by morninggloryseed
Again, the outer coating is inert (it does nothing good or bad). I don't care what you read at erowid or some vendor's site. The information is wrong and the seed coating is inert.

If you got a quarter, hell, a cent for everytime you said that you probably wouldn't have to go to Uni tomorrow. And the day after you could just chill at home too. With some seeds ;)

16-12-2003, 16:35
I highly doubt that, as eating the seeds as a psychedelic is the only use (commercial or otherwise) the seeds have. HBWR seed vendors are not likely to poison the only consumers of their product. Doesn't make sense to me. Where did you hear this?

They did this here in Holland in the 80`s i believe. Morninggloryseeds were just becoming a well-known drug, and suppliers sprayed the seeds so you couldn`t eat `m anymore. Don`t know if they did the same with HBWR

budley moore
16-12-2003, 16:41
does it really make u that sick?

16-12-2003, 21:59
Define "that sick." Does it make you feel like you have "mono"? No. Can it make you severely nauseous accompanied by vomiting? Yes.

budley moore
17-12-2003, 22:36
ahh i see. i think feeling sick let alone being sick is bad enuf when tripping.
that would tottaly ruin my trip, me thinks lsd sounds nicer. not that ive ever tried....

10-09-2008, 03:21
So Im trying these soon, and I want to know if you have any tips. im going to be doing it at a concert, good or bad idea?

10-09-2008, 05:48
If possible do them at least once before the concert, the problem is for many they have a very strong bodyload - I don't get a real strong bodyload from them but I still would not want to be at a concert, too sedating.

10-09-2008, 05:51

I highly doubt that, as eating the seeds as a psychedelic is the only use (commercial or otherwise) the seeds have. HBWR seed vendors are not likely to poison the only consumers of their product. Doesn't make sense to me. Where did you hear this?

DUde I have eatin these twice and both times were the worst thing ever. . . LOL be ready to throw up. . I did trip a little watching tv but whatever go for it dude. . there is no prep just crush it up and eat . . depending on wheight I am 160 and ate like 9 to 12 . . .crush it up and eat. . . enjoy

Again it is horrible you thowup so much. . you can smoke a bull right before to ease the sickness but does not work very well . . Let me tell you there really is no high . . its like being drunk but not drunk . . sweaty . . I dont just my experience . .

Frank Lucas
10-09-2008, 06:45
I've taken these many times and I learned to smoke a lot of weed before and during the trip to minimize nausea. I've had some mind-blowing experiences with these and the best ones were with a lot of weed and sometimes adderall to counteract the sedation. I'm not suggesting that as safe, but if you are familiar with all three, then a small amount of adderall, 10-15mg tops really enhances the whole experience. What I really want to do again though is HBWR + MDA

The Wizard
10-09-2008, 20:57
Interesting that you mention wanting to try MDA with HBW. I've combined MDxx tablets with HBW on a few occasions, always with great results. I can't recommend this combo though because it stresses the body since HBW causes a lot of vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) on its own and combining it with a stimulant like an MDxx significantly increases the vasoconstriction. To minimize the vasoconstriction I used to swallow a few capsules of L-Arginine, an over the counter health supplement and vasodilator. And if I started feeling too speedy and out of breath I'd swallow a couple grams of Taurine and Niacinamide.

The HBW/MDxx combo feels FUCKING AMAZING but I don't know if it's worth the risk and have stopped experimenting with it. There were times where the combo gave me tense muscles, a racing heart and out of breath feeling. Yet, sometimes the combo caused little to no side effects and was pure euphoria. I actually find the HBW/MDxx combo to be a FAR more euphoric and psychedelic combination than the traditional candyflip of L + MDxx.

Frank Lucas
15-09-2008, 07:36
I will have to try the L-Arginine next time I take HBW.

I once took some HBW while peaking on MDA, but then I foolishly took a hit or 2of crack which killed my roll before the MDA and HBW could fully synergize. It sure did seem like it would've been incredible without the crack.

(PS. I don't smoke crack anymore - don't care who does - but the combination of crack, MDA, and HBW is EXTREMELY cardiotoxic - don't do it!)

16-09-2008, 12:24
Whats the comedown like off HBWR? Do you feel scatt sorta like acid the day after?

16-09-2008, 15:35
The comedown is quite tranquil and relaxed...nothing like the frazzled comedown of LSD.

The trip in general is very relaxed and somatic, nothing like LSD at all...one of the many reasons I always like natural lysergamides better than LSD.

20-03-2012, 06:28
when i eat the hbws and i start to vomit do i let it flow out or will that make no effects happen or do i swallow my vomit i know thats naasty but i want good effects

20-03-2012, 06:35
If you are an alcoholic, Drink. It settled my stomach, and only minimally depressed the visual effects. HBWR has never been a problem for me, Just vomit once after a bowl and then continue cruising. My first psyche, I had brilliant white fractals from a rotating heat lamp, and an out of body extension. Chew them and swallow. It'll produce cyanide gas in your stomach either way, that's just because you're eating seed... Nature says no. If you need to vomit, Do it. There are worse things in life.

20-03-2012, 06:41
if i vomit should i take more seeds or will i still have effects

20-03-2012, 06:46
..... Chew it and keep it sitting in your stomach for 1-2 hours and you'll have the effects. If you vomit before that, God says no. You will feel whatever ratio of the effects your metabolism was able to metabolize before you chucked. I've had effects after 45 minutes before, it depends on when you last ate, and what your body is like. I've never tried your body out so i can't really say man. But an hour, 2 hours you'll have the effects of when you took them first. once you're loaded and cruising the vomit'll just be a side effect.

actually feels a bit liberating if you've got shit in your stomach that is evil and wants out.

14-05-2015, 17:33
Hi there all...(this is my first post)...I (contrary to some peoples belief) have always scraped my seeds....sometimes till there's little to no brown/black visible.A few times I mashed them a bit(usually don't bother,tho wish I would) before chewing them (into as smooth a mush as possible & making a point to keep the mush under my tongue while not chewing them.As mentioned on another post,I leave the mush under my tongue (once chewed thoroughly)for at least 30 or more minutes (have done for an hour or so with GREAT results) while trying to not swallow saliva but if I have to, I swallow as little as possible!), I've noticed the longer under the tongue the stronger (trip that is!).While this is best started on an empty stomach one (only after all nausea has passed(late in the trip))may enjoy eating like never before!Early in trip & especially if still feeling queasy/battling the nausea let me warn you...DO NOT DRINK ANY MILK!It'll curdle the moment it hits your stomach(did in mine!), and you'll be running (not walking) to the toilet to puke, at least i was!Due to that happening to me I avoid (like the plague) anything to do with milk (cheese,cream,sour cream,etc).
This is what I have done to avoid puking/suffering as much nausea from HBWR seed ingestion! Mind you... all bodies are different,but if this even helps a few people it's worth it.I hope this will help a lot of people regardless of body chemistry....my "must have" thing to have ready is 100% pure grapefruit juice!If not already in a plastic bottle, I put it in one so I can avoid accidentally broken glass (from freezing) keep alternating it from fridge to freezer to so whenever I feel the nausea you can (by shaking if necessary) have it ready-to-sip as a frozen slush!To each their own...you might have as good (or better?) results drinking the juice at whatever temp. you want!My theory is sipping it in such a way as to get extra air in the slush & therefore swallowed into my stomach helps make me more apt/able to burp (which I recommend you do as much as possible) giving (me) wonderful recovery of HBWR related nausea, I've had some burps so great i felt like crying(for joy)! I have had great luck/results)from this & if necessary I just keep it by my side to avoid excessive back & forth trips to the fridge.If i was ever to want to be anywhere away from home I'd try to have an ice-chest to keep one slushy & perhaps one originally totally frozen in to always have my trusty slushy G.F. juice on hand.Finally, remember you can't trip every day because your body will build up too much tolerance, you must skip a day in between trips.If you are an alcoholic maybe you can cut back by drinking one day & tripping the next (worked wonderfully for me)!Unlike a previous 'poster' said I find drinking while tripping almost 100% destroys the visual part of the trip (one of my favorite parts)!Basically the ONLY thing alcohol don't ruin is how WONDERFUL sex is while ingesting!!Hope this helps someone out there & I now must say good-bye while this is but a short story versus turning into a book. LOL ! Great to meet you all & have a blessed trip/day!!

21-06-2015, 10:02
Tried them last year still got some in the kitchen cupboard somewhere. Chewed think about 6 or 7 seeds when i tried them cause I'm a bit nervous when tripping and didn't want a big trip or to be sick lol It takes ages to get into them esp with falsers in your mouth could have used pliers but thats too easy for me.. Also takes ages for you to come up but i did get something when i thought i was tripping for a few hours but i checked the time and it was only a few minutes i had lost with a little movement from corner of my eyes like shape, swirl kinda things and a little stimulation after it. Only a few pound of ebay but they do work, also got some morning glory untreated ones as well but never got much if anything out of them, dont buy morning glory packets from garden store as they will be treated.