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23-04-2003, 06:38
To The Public: Please be advised this story contains graphic gay and straight sexuality as well as graphic dope scenes. If such content bothers you, I suggest you don't read this story.)


The Slammers

10,000 mph at rocket fuel pace, blasting off higher, harder, faster, STEEPER! The high? Climbing, propelling, harder, faster, furiously accelerating off into heaven, to lord knows where. Going so fast, destined for god knows what, or who knows where.

A man made drug for those that take chances and perhaps teetering on the borderline of sanity by the mere fact that's a recklessly fast and dangerous place to go. For some, that's how they love their pleasure. Hard, fast, dangerous, and thrilled by continuous destinations/adventures unknown to the speeder until he arrives via spin out, collision, or high speed chase on a downhill lane stuck with no brakes.

Should the thrill seeking driver survive the race, his high performance car crashes or burns out hard. The high performance engine rode wet and driven hard. Down time as intense, the come down rough, after 2 or 3 races and crashing in the ground, the high performance stud car says enough is enough and goes out in a blaze of smoke and fire as the spectators watch the driver and the car blow up.

This is the sort of dangerous thrill slamming meth is kind of like according to TJ. Well here is a story of a different kind of person/people on a high speed pursuit of danger he/they seek to find.

The story is graphic and detailed in terms of gay sex/meth seeking young man dabbling in S&M, lifestyles that I call reckless even by my standards. If such material bothers you, please don't read. However, the purpose of this story is to get sex seekers to take heed. Especially when putting your life in the hands of a powerful drug and strangers.

Everyone has secret desires or naughty secrets. Because of this, all names have been changed to protect the guilty.

A couple different times, TJ had noticed a couple off line IMs sent to her. They were from a guy claiming to be a gay bottom. A couple times she IMed him with a "hello" back. Then after a most frusterating miss at hitting her vein, she cursed. A miss was no big deal. What sucked was when it went instead into the surrounding skin and tissue leavaing a huge bump and bruise. "Oh fucking great. Now I'll have to wear long sleeves for 2 weeks," she thought aloud. She always had to wear make up if she wanted to wear short sleeves. But at her day job in the middle of summer, with no air conditioning was a REAL bitch to wear long sleeves. . This was the first miss on this vacation and she always hated them. She had been slamming her meth on a schedule now for almost 2 years. Three months off, followed by a week of indulgence. This time she had a block of 4 days off. This time solo. The last two times, once in March, and the one before that in Dec had been with Bobby. Since she had last seen Bobby in March he had gotten 2 more cars impounded and arrested for possesion of 1/16th of meth on one occasion, and she didn't know how much he got caught with the 2nd time. He said he was dealing meth and coke out of some motel room. Now they

suspended his license and since she'd known him he had what 3 cars impounded? Sighing to herself, she didn't figure Bobby would have much of a chance. The shit is destroying his life and for that she was sad. On two different occasions, he actually did try to follow a schedule like she did and beat himself up for failing after 6 days. She tried to help him as much as she could, but she was quite certain that abstaining from meth due to his addiction, was not the real issue. The real issue that he refused to accept is the fact he is gay. Raised Mexican/Catholic probably had alot to do with it. He couldn't be in a relationship with a woman, cause that's not what he really wanted. He couldn't be in a relationship with a man because he feels that is wrong and taboo. He's terribly ashamed and doesn't want to be gay, but he is. And in order to succeed at staying clean for good or following a schedule like she did, 90 days off, 7 days on, meant you had to be totally honest with yourself about who you are, and what you want from life. No more hiding. Last time she called him at work, his voice mail was still on, so he must have his job. Shortly after she finished attempt #2 at hitting herself, this time successful, whoa this hit knocked her on her ass. It was then that this guy who will be called Gay5, IMed her with a hello. He was apparently a new member, one of many that come and go on her website.

Gay5: Just join this club it's wonderful.

Punker: thankyou glad u like it.
Gay5: start to experience how to slam couple months ago, and need to learn more.

Punker: go easy on it. that shit will bite u in the ass

Gay5: feel much more intense than smoke or snort

Punker: yes indeed it does

Gay5: am proud being a drug addict anyway.

Punker: ok then all i can say is that ur in 4 a hell of a ride

Gay5: true because i am poz, and drugs/sex/bareback pretty much the center of my life

Punker: still u shouldt behave as if ur life is almost over cause going bareback too easy to get disease

Gay5: no, enjoy every min of it. most gay males in NYC do bb, bb sex is everywhere in sex clubs. slam really enhance bb sex

Punker: i got diagnosed 2 years ago with hep c although this was b4 i started slamming..not sure how i got it, but still not sick knock on wood...and certainly want to be sure i dont get any other virus.

Shortly after she got her lab work back, she remembered that she had been punctured by dirty instruments that went right through her gloves. Another time after she gave an injection, she got stuck. Again this time right through her gloves. That's sounded most likely how she got the virus and even when she did start slamming, she had always used clean needles. The Dr. she spoke with had asked her if she had ever done coke, to which she said she had. During the 80's that was the big thing. Well, he said, you can get Hep C passing around the same straw. Although that made perfect sense, that was something she had never thought about until he brought it up. She sure didn't share her straws when she snorted meth after hearing that.

Gay5:got hep a and b, no c yet. what party flavor u do mostly?

Punker: u mean what is my DOC?

Gay5: i mean what kind of drugs do u slam

Punker: Crystal. i'm a one chem slammer

Gay5: for me mostly mixed t and k

Punker: never tried k. k is like acid right?

Gay5: that's right help to twist my mind, u feel like u r in a total different world

Punker: that shit must be a trip...only hallucenogenics i ever took were by mouth

Gay5: being asian gay, most blk/white like to use my hole for their pleasure after i get high. i have difficult time to inject my vein though.

Punker: slamming k do u trip right away?

Gay5: first time, yes i tripped right away.

Punker: hitting urself is an art that must be learned by watching other and practice. i'm a pro and even i fuck up and dont know y at times like today.

Gay5: any way I prevent pain when slam?

Punker: prevent pain?

Gay5: yes

Punker: it shouldn't hurt unless ur needle is dull

Gay5: ok do u use fire b4 needle before slam

Punker: hell no...i just use clean new needle each and every time or if i reuse a needle always rinse it out with water twice

Gay5: i shared needle with couple guys at clubs several times, they never clean needle

Punker: thats not a very healthy thing to do. y subject urself to getting even more diseases? in fact doing that is a guarantee that u will get sick

eventually...10 times worse than bb..at least with bb it doesnt always go directly into the blood streem, but the needle does.

Gay5: i know, thats y i am kind of afraid, but its hot and sexy sharing each other's blood

Punker: i hear where ur coming from. i got carried away once and very careless. after we slammed crystal, fuck we got so swept up in the moment. we made sort of an erotic ritual our of slamming...we licked each other's blood after we shot each other up. god that seemed so sexy at the time.

Gay5: why people use cotton to absorb the liquid after it mixes with water or saline?

Punker: to absorb all the dope in the spoon. without it u can't

Gay5: totally, sharing needle is very intimate

Punker: how old r u?

Gay5: 31, been poz since 24, and escort since 21

Punker: ur an escort? now?

Gay5: sometimes for fun actually

Punker: i did that when i was 32 for about 6 months worked for esort service

Gay5: always wanna try how low i can go

He types a url on the screen

Punker: what's that?

Gay5: this is my escort web

Punker: ah cool. how much do these guys pay?

Gay5: am i too sleazy for u?

Punker: no babe...i'm not here to judge.

Gay5: anywhere from free to 200. the older the guy, the higher $$

Punker: free? why give it away when u can make money? make those fuckers pay for ur service

Gay5: cause they provide drugs to me in return

Punker: ah ha. lol. never worked that way when i was in the bus...but obviously the rules r different in the gay world.

Gay5: some clients like to get me hight so they can 100% use me

Punker: of course they do so u will do all the twisted things they want u might not do unless ur extremely wasted.

Gay5: so so true. do u think u gonna waste more dope on the cotton?

Punker: not if u do it right. u waste more dope by not using a cotton

Gay5: being asian boy like to be used by white/blk

Punker: of course u do...besides white/blk appreciate the difference more

Gay5: how do u draw up dope?

Punker: u want step by step instructions? well here's what to do so listen up. class is in session.

Gay5: ok

Punker: first put however much crystal in the spoon

Gay5: ok

Punker: mix with .20 cc water

Gay5: what u mean 20

Punker: on the syringe, there are numbers...10, 20, 30, ect.

Gay5: ok

Punker: fill the syringe with water up to 20. get the dope all wet then crush it up with the back of the syringe.

Punker: after uve crushed and liquified the dope, u take a small peice of cotton, roll it up real tight into a little ball. then wet it in water. then drop in the spoon of liquid dope. take the end of the point and suck up all the contents.

Gay5: ok

Punker: use the cotton to suck up extra moisture...suck it up..and ur ready to go..throw away cotton and use a new peice each and every time or else u may suffer from cotton fever and trust me that aint fun.

Gay5: IC thank u for teach me

Punker: no problem

Gay5: what u mean cotton fever by the way?

Punker: oh u get real sick..u get chills all over, u feel like ur body attacked by a nasty virus that won't go away, u sweat, u can't sleep, u feel like shit..all u can do is take a bunch of aspirin and let it leave ur system.

Punker: so what sort of services do u offer these bad boy if u dont mind me asking? i mean how far do u go?

Gay5: like ff my ass sometime, for most leather guy they do groups, sometime 3-4 guys, tie me up and take turn rape my ass

Punker: i hope u get compensated for that...4 guys shit that should be at least $200 a peice either money or dope

Gay5: but most clients i got from phone call i provide is just to let guys fuck my hole.

Punker: thats more basic and easier...arent u ever concerned that 4 guys might get carried away when they tie u up?

Gay5: that's part of the fantasy and game

Punker: i just dont want ur fantasty to get u killed

Gay5: but they prety much only ff/bb my hole, spank and whip my back

Punker: u guys get pretty rough when u get together

Gay5: well i am minority, i feel all white r superior to me physically, especally they got bigger/thicker cock than me. i hang a lot at the leather
club for hustling..and thats how i got some of my clients.

Punker: no need to feel that those guys r superior to u because they r white cause they r just different. thats all.

Punker: when i did bachelor parties as an exotic dancer, every time u had a bunch of guys together and booze, the crazier they got

Gay5: true, they basically do not really care about me at all

Punker: get clients from clubs? thats a good way to do it. i have a friend that slams...he told me he'd hang out at street corners to pick up tricks

Gay5: is he hustling too?

Punker: well he did...he says at 37 he doesnt think anyone would want to pay for him anymore. but he goes on the net and meets all sorts of blokes...gets some of them to buy his dope then he gets off playing the kinky bottom

Gay5; older guys would pay for him!!! where u at?

Punker; i know they would but he's all hung up about not being in his 20's anymore. he is quite handsome. i'm in southern cali.

Gay5: u poz?

Punker: no thank god. it's bad enough i have hep c which pisses me off. i was diagnosed b4 i ever started slamming, but got stuck a couple

times with dirty needles/instruments of the job. the docs also mentioned i could have gotten it sharing a straw back in my coke snorting days.

Gay5: most of my clients or guys i have sex with r poz

Punker: that would make since. that would tend to limit their choices i'd think

Gay5: really? anyway, do not care

Punker: well if they r honest...4 real how many neg guys would want to knowingly sleep with a poz? but then again i am amazed at how blaze
guys seem to be about the whole thing

Gay5: by the way, i love slam photo in the club, but i can only see a few. do u have more to post in the yahoo groups?

Punker: i dont see y u cannot look at them. i posted a slam vid yesterday.

Gay5: i know it took me 30 min to download and i did not finish anyway cause my pc is slow
Punker: give it some speed

Gay5: i mean i did not finish download ur vid

Punker: i forgive u dont worry

Gay5: i think u r very pretty in the pics. i bet lots of guys like to rape u after getting high.

Punker: u mean my modeling pics? Thankyou

Gay5: yup

Punker: actually once i got married to the needle i dont really have sex at all. no sex drive. the needle is a jealous lover and wants to be the only one.

Gay5: no way, slam is only an enhancement of sex for me, never done slam w/o having sex

Punker: i am just the opposite. when i slam the trip is fabulous...but having sex is only an interruption of my trip

Gay5: the more drugs i do the sleazier i turn for sex

Punker: about a year b4 i went from snorting to slamming, it was like that with me to...it would make me horny, but not anymore

Gay5: u do not like to feel big cocks in and out of ur pussy while having ur trip?

Punker: I'm afraid not..in fact i find that irritating...it fucks with my high. it's like at at some point in my meth career i found out how much BETTER meth is without sex, especially with the rig! It's like the most intense,glorius rush fuck i've ever had. the fact is NOTHING can compare to it. sex is a complete waste of time. meth to me is the end all sex unless one day i should fall in love, then that would be different..

Although TJ's needs changed, how the meth affected her and how she didn't even seem to want or need sex anymore sober or stoned, she could still relate to what these horn dog men went on about. about 10 years ago she remembered how it did make her horny when there was an available sex partner. she felt as though a switch had been pulled and all of a sudden one day, the high was still glorius, but sex drive vanished.
Gay5: i am total opposite

Punker: LOL. all u guys seem to be that way! i mean i dont believe how u guys can do all this sex using sooo much dope

Gay5: I tend to want more and more cock sticking in my hole after slam

Punker: but u r a beginner. after u do it consistently, slam daily as a habit, that will cool off a bit

Gay5: how much do u do when u slam? 1/4 gram?

Punker: well u do know that i only slam on a schedule right? i go 90 days clean then i have a week or 4 days to slam...and the first day i only need half of a 1/4 gram if that much for my first hit

Gay5: what i did last time was only less than 1/4 gram but feel for 4-5 hours

Punker: yes when the shit is good. this fucking glass is good. i want to do another hit, but i know i should slow down. this is also the first time i didnt let everyone and sam leech off my dope...and i still have almost half an 8 ball left...and only one more day of vacation

Gay5: too bad for u

Punker: yes 2 bad indeed..time goes by too damn fast when i'm having fun...especially on crystal

Gay5: usually take me 3-4 days to get fully recovered from slam

Punker: exactly...thats y 2nite has to be my last night..have sunday to recover and monday back to work..it thrashes my body

Gay5: who is the guy with the blone hair in ur club?

Punker: oh thats Jeff. met him out front of his store when my car broke down...i could tell he was tweeking big time..but we hung out and partied once we found out our mutual hobby

Gay5: so appreciate groups for slammers to share our feelings

Punker: yes i hear that. it's the only place i can express these stories to...can't with anyone in real life

Gay5: He has a NICE ass!

Punker: LOL. yes he does actually. nice tight butt. 2 bad 4 me he isnt straight in a way cause he is a babe

Gay5: he fucked u at motel?

Punker: no we slammed at motel and the whole sensual ritual of slamming was our fucking. he is a gay bottom. i don't have what it takes to turn him on, but it's all good. our first night together was like having sex without having sex

Gay5: what did u do?

Punker: after slamming we took off our clothes cause we both got real hot, i spanked his ass, he asked me to give him an enema which i'd never done, well other than a patient i mean. but it was so intense, we were so high and like i got so turned on

Gay5: thats hot, maybe i will reach ur level sometime, fully w/o sex

Punker: oh it was...i shot him up too and looked into his eyes as i did it. it was the whole sensuality of the thing...i was sort of dominating him...and then we took turns hitting each other. i licked up and down and over the buldging vein. and afterward licked all around his arm including the blood.. then when he started doing the same thing to me, it felt as though every nerve was magnified INTENSELY. he took his tongue and performed the most sensual, erotic moves all up and down my arm with his tongue, marked his spot, then he hit me. oh my god it was 2

slammers making love in their own special way with their souls and their bodies, only no intercourse. after he hit me, he had licked around the blood, then he put his mouth over it and licked it....not supposed to do that, but both of us were so carried away by the whole scene and fuck it was hot. listening to him was a blast...watching him was a trip and a half..he loves to look at himself in the mirror when he is spun

Gay5: BEAUTIFUL!!! i am a poz bottom, love spanking, cause no way for me to get hard on after taking tina. u make my cock hard now

Punker: well damn and i'm not even gay or a man even! i'll take that as a compliment.

Gay5: u guys soul kiss each other?

Punker: that whole meeting was intense hot sex more so in some ways than i've had with some straight guys fucking. yes i think we did.

Punker: at night he was all bummed out cause i had to leave and go to work the next day. of course neither one of us could sleep. and he started getting sad all of a sudden. said he thought he'd never see me again. so i just rocked him like a child. i told him not to worry that i would slam with him for a whole week the following week, which i did. it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life.

Gay5: fuck yup! u wanna be my soul mate, and meet one day with me at motel too?

Punker: lol...always like new friends

Gay5: do u live alone?

Punker: rent a room. share a house with 7 other people.

Gay5: really happy now to join this slam world and meeting different soul slammr to share each other

Punker: yes its always nice to share. and not all of us have horns and carry machine guns!

Gay5: Yup!!

Punker: i learned alot from Jeff. christ what a wild world to be gay and a slammer and a hooker

Gay5: thats hot cause i like to get whipped and spank by my masters if high

Punker: so does he. the minute he gets some dope in him, he's itching to hit the bars or the net, cruisin for gay tops

Gay5: u do not realize how abusive, rough, and raw gay sm world. it's all about control, domination, and abuse

Punker: sighs sadly. that's what i got from Jeff.

Gay5: fortunately i am asian slave, the lowest level bottom and got lots of abuse in NYC SM clubs

Punker: u would get alot if they paid u. they bought ur ass so in their mind they can do whatever they want with u

Gay5: true!! for me all cums r Hiv poz and that make it more erotic

Punker: all of them?

Gay5: most guys i fuck r poz

Punker: Jeff wasn;t so picky. he went bareback not knowing if they were or weren't

Gay5: me too. and not even turn my head back to sewho;s fucking my hole. do not care. guess u never been to orgy bb clubs in NYC, all dark, and u cant even see ur own fingers..all u feel is cocks in and out of ur hole. nobody ask or talk, its purely fucking and they use u bsed on how good ur hole is

Punker: thats the thing with guys. fuck its sad how rotten u treat each other...worse than animals

Gay5: peice of meat!

Punker: i'm sure there r gay guys that dont have to be so damn rough

Gay5: i can take at least 10 loads in my hole a night usually

Punker: what is the attraction of ff anyway

Gay5: feel big power penetrate ur body, use u

Punker: doesnt that stretch u out? how do u remain tight? thought guys all liked tight holes

Gay5: u cant. the more loss ur hole, the more guys wanna do u. trust me

Punker: I'll never figure out men as long as i live

Gay5: is like at poz bb clubs, the skinnier u look, sicker u look, the more guys wanna raw with u. danger is sexy. have u seenh guys with POZ sign tattoo? these guys r hotties at clubs mostly

Punker: never seen them. talk about life on the edge. jesus i thought i was bad

Gay5: i am asian, smooth and slim, lots older ones want me hole and willing to spend lots of money for me.

Punker: i'm sure they do. and being submissive u should know u r the one who is not inferior. subs have the real power, although i get off being a dom

Gay5: feeling inferior turns me on anyway, especially in SM world

Punker: but there r guys that would pay u good money without u having to deal with all the shit SM guys give u

Gay5: well as i said earlier, i hustle mainly for fun, cause degrading my body is part of my sex

Punker: subs r a trip. it makes me wonder how u convert so much pain into pleasure

Gay5: thats y i willing to try slam and ff, and taking pozloads, used by older guys. its all about worship, asian body is totally different from white/blk, feel so honor if letting them to do me, willing to bear pain for their pleasure. and thatz y slam helps to ease the pain too

TJ felt saddened that someone would have such low self worth as to find pleasure in doing things with people that would do him harm. And as far as she was concerned, he was slamming for the wrong reasons if it was to make his sex bearable with a bunch of assholes who he allowed to treat like a peice of shit.

Punker: if u wanted u could easily find urself a nice sugar daddy with plenty of money that would love to have a younger smooth man and treat u right instead of abusing u

Gay5: i been doing booty bumps of T for yrs, otherwise no way i can take the whole fist

Punker: is that another guys's piss that consumed lots of T?

Gay5: piss or use spring to shoot t directly into hole. never drink piss that has consumed t before though. i did have a pimp, but easy to get tired having sex with the same guy

TJ had listened to the experinces of being an escort from 4 different gay bottoms. Although this Asian fellopw sounded a bit more abused than the others, for the most part, the sex life of gay bottom, chem slamming hookers was absolutely awful. Thinking back on her experience, it was NOTHING at all like the world of the gay hookers she'd spoken to. for her, a straight female, the escort experience was like night and day from the gay ones. there was NEVER any client who dared or acted even mildly like these sorry fuckers did toward him. and the rules were so different. she was expected to dress classy as if going to work at a corporate office, but wear all the garter, and lacy frills underneath. also she told the senior couple right up front before they hired her, that she would not deal with any weirdos which meant all she had to do was straight sex and oral sex. perhaps throw in a message and take off her clothes in a very sensual manner, the way she had done as an exotic dancer. the

sort of clients her agency attracted were men that really appreciated what she had to offer. only once did some client try to spank her, but she set his ass straight lickety split. she was soft, sensual, classy, and seductive. plus this was back in 98, the agency charged $300/hr and she got to keep $200. the mindset was so much different in her world than it was for these gay guys. for her it was an ego trip and completely getting into the role of the seductress. at the time, it fed into her burning desire to be worshipped for her physical and sexual beauty, which of course she knew even then that was sad. in that respect, she and the gay escorts had something in common. for whatever reason, being an escort fulfilled some need we were unable to get from within. and of course there was the sweet money as the reward. money she always spent buying more lingerie and high heel pumps, anything that would enhance her beauty as a sex goddess. in her case, she could not accept herself unless

she looked like what she considered to be a trophy chick at all times. another thing she had in common with her gay brothers. however, looking back she honestly had no regrrets. she learned what she needed to learn from that experience and moved on. she knew one thing for sure, in terms of escort services, she'd take the straight clients any day over these types of bullies. what she really wanted to say to this guy is that all people, even if a person happened to be a gay asian male drug addicted hiv + bottom escort is entitled to love and respect. first from

themselves and then from others. these people, as well as all people, at one time or another were told directly or indirectly by whoever, that they are worthless. but u know what? . IT'S ALL LIES! and to hell with all liars. cast them aside and dont even waste one precious minute with these lies cause whoever tries to convince anyone they are not deserving of love and self respect doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about. sadly, she doubted if this guy would ever be convinced of that.

Punker: I was the same way. another lady in the biz wanted me to pair up with her to go see these clients that would be regular i guess and pay lot of money. the thing was there was no way i was going to have sex with another woman and fuck her with a dildo or dress some of these clowns up in womens clothes and fuck them. fuck that. i just worked for a classy escort service, always sent to different client every time...just go there, take their money, seduce them, fuck them and get the hell out., that was my game.

Gay5: HOT!

Punker: it was alot easier in a way than my exotic dancing was. at least with one guy it was alot safer than a party

Gay5: u got anymore hard core slam pics

Punker: not if uve seen all the ones posted in the club. can make more 2nite though

Gay5: i will send u a pic of my skinny body

Punker. cool. loved being extremely thin when i had a steady diet of speed all the time. but i cannot do speed all the time anymore cause it prevents me from going to work everyday

Gay5: did u see my pic?

Punker: very nice. i see how big guys would go 4 u

Gay5: u saw my ass and body, very smooth and boyish

Punker: cant really see ur ass, but i see that ur smooth and boyish, what tops like

Gay5: heres the web site show my body and ass

Punker: u look a bit tied up there

Gay5: yup

Gay5: any more slam pics u can show me?

Punker: not unless u want me to take some of my sorry looking arms after this week

Gay5: do u get sick from slam often?

Punker: it doesnt make me sick, but it thrashes my body...defo have to be off work the next day

Gay5: injected ur neck or legs before?

Punker: legs

Gay5: got same effect?

Punker: yes but they r much harder to hit

Gay5: heard that it is better to slam outside the vein to get better effect is that true?

Punker: outside the vein? not in my experience..u do that and u end up with the same thing happened to me today...got a hit around the vein instead of inside it...that is a real pisser

Gay5: thats what i thought. but u always draw blood first to mix with t before push into vein?

Punker: yes i register...but today i had my arm tied off right? and i know its always best to undo the tie once u register. so i registered...undid the tie trying not to move my hand too much but that fucked it all up. then u cant really tell unless u pull out and start fresh cause of all the blood u got when u were in. makes it damn hard to see. thats one nice thing about a slamming buddy.

Gay5: better have someone registers 4 u instead

Punker: dont usually have that luxory. but i've been doing it since 99...trust me as time goes by and ur pursuing ur slamming career ul see what i mean

Gay5: ok

Punker: guys have it a little better than we do cause alot of times have veins like ropes whereas we don’t

Gay5: i am only 31 and got lots slamming career ahead of me

Punker: thats right. dont be in a hurry to find out

Gay5: i do not have thick veins either

Punker: asian people dont i've noticed. in fact, some of the most difficult to hit

Gay5: we r like woman for white men to trash

Punker: y must u put urself down all the time? dang u could have so much power if u used it right, even if u r into S&M

Gay5:thats the way i been treating myself for long time

Punker: and y is that?

Gay5: sent u another pic. hope u enjoy.

Punker: thankyou

Gay5: degrading, humiliation is part of the sex i enjoy when with big macho white/blk and thats why

Punker: ok u can enjoy that but if u treated urself better u could still do that sex..or find people that dont behave like they dont care shit about what happens to u

Gay5: i know, just hard to change the way i used to feel, its like slam, once u r on it, it will stay with u for life

Punker: what made u feel that way? why?

Gay5: but thankyou for advise

Gay5: just because i am asian....body like woman-smooth amd slim, smaller cock, and addict to drugs. its an opposite attraction

Punker: i have no way of knowing what its like growing up asian. but if ur a bottom it shouldnt matter if u have a smaller cock

Gay5: i give up my body every time when i see big, macho, hairy guy who like to use me

Punker: thats part of the attraction. most small gay guys tend to favor big tops

Gay5: have u done heroin?

Punker: never tried it. dont plan on it either. have u?

Gay5: no

Gay5: by the way u use saline or boil water most of the time?

Punker: neither. i draw up .20cc of tap water, or distilled water if I have it

Gay5 what u mean tap water?

Punker: water out of the faucet

Gay5: do u not burn it to make it clean?

Punker: no dont do that

Gay5: is that safe?

She couldn't help but being mildly amused at a guy that would pass around and share needles as well as literally having hundreds of unprotected sex with countless strangers. Yet, here he was concerned about the safety of using tap water to mix liquify dope. One thing she NEVER did was to have unprotected sex, or share needles., especially during her brief stint as an escort. What the fuck was wrong with these guys? During the time she worked as an escort as well as an exotic dancer, there was never any sharing of needles. For one thing, she only snorted then. That had been 5 years ago. For another, track marks are bad for business. Still none of her clients ever had all

these drugs they passed around. The wildest thing she encountered was booze and someone that had offered her a hit off a joint. She sure as hell never let any stranger, let alone a group of them restrain her for their God knows what sort of perversions. As a high paid escort, at least she was always treated very well by both the older couple that ran the agency, as well as the clients. Looking back, she felt lucky she had escaped from her walks on the wild side unscathed.

Punker: how the hell did u start slamming anyway? did anyone turn u on or teach u anything?

Gay5: no everything is ready for me in clubs

Punker: well i've been using tap water for 3 years and if it was going to kill me it would have done it by now

Punker: well what service! next time u visit one have one of those dudes show u how to do it

Gay5: i seen how they prepare but not from beginning to end

Gay5: i will

Punker: damn if that isnt the end...clubs where they have ur rigs all ready for u.

Gay5: as i said i only done it 2-3 times so far in clubs and feel so so intense. the owner of the clubs took me to his office and share me with other guys, and they did my arms. i did not watch how they prepare all the way

Punker: thats the thing with beginners..in order to lea4n u have to pay attention..and get over being squeamish cause being scared of needles and being a junkie don't mix..can't be both

Gay5: i will do it myself once i know how to do it a lot

Punker: i'd show u if i could. who is that guy u sent me a pic of? i see this older dude sitting in a tube slamming with a grumpy look on his face and his hard cock covered with fish net panties

Gay5: the manager of the clubs. a grumpy old guy

Punker: yeah it looks like it

Gay5: next time i slam can i call u 4 instruction if having questions?

TJ grinned at the mental picture she got explaining how to mix and slam dope in a public place with a bunch of strangers overhearing her conversation on her cell phone

Punker: i never have my cell phone on unless i'm expecting a call or using the phone. ud have to tell me b4 hand when u plan on calling. i work every fucking day.

Gay5: ok. too bad for u

Gay5: hey gotta go now

Punker: later

Gay5: very nice chatting with u

Punker: likewise. hey i took a pic of my arms i'll send now. this is what u have to look forward to if u slam

Punker: it's pretty sick

Gay5: oh please, please

Punker: its coming...sent. i dont even know ur name.

Gay5: Joe

Punker: nice to meet u. now if i ever do talk to u i'll know who the hell i'm talking to

Gay5: ur name?

Punker: TJ

Punker: those pics will show u how lovely slamming makes ur appearance

Gay5: HOT!! thats what i want actually, very sexy

Punker: u like? i'm glad. we're sick puppies joe. It sucks to wear long sleeves in the summer though

Gay5: u bet, gotta go, do not miss the crowd, there will be gay pride in NYC tomarrow, lots sex going on tonight. i am horny as hell

Punker: of course u r

Gay5: night

Punker: night

After he left, she thought how sad it was from what she had heard other people say. It seemed like gay guys treated each other in a horrible manner. Not all of them of course, but when u get a bunch of guys together who just want sex, add booze, and drugs and the result is a bunch of self indulgent pricks that get off by alot of times violent acts, as well as treating each other as sub human creatures. What's worse is hearing that the ones abused let themselves be treated that way. I mean it is possible to have sex with lots of strangers if that was your thing, but you could still treat people like humans instead of yesterday's

garbage. And anyone that did hard drugs like she did, had better not do them for the wrong reasons. Using them not only to obtain pleasure but to cancel out pain was a quick recipe for disaster fast. It was true for her as well as everyone else she had known that slammed. She hoped he didnt end up the way she thought he might. Ah hell, she thought, that's enough I'm going to rest. She hated the thought of going to work tomarrow.

23-04-2003, 07:07
TJ that's absolutely amazing, its an eye opener. I'm speechless.

Just trying to understand the mindset and what it must be like to live like that was really quite an experience. It was also bizzarely erotic in places (well it turned me on).

Cheers, and thanks for sharing this with everyone!

-plaz out-

23-04-2003, 07:19
That shit's FUCKED UP.

23-04-2003, 12:03
TJ, im assuming this was a real convo wiht comentary along the way... it is kinda sad that he see's himself like that, but i can also understand the mentality behind it, he's simply given up hope and so has (maybe subconciously) decided to fly as fast as he can, as low as he can go, and get as much of a thrill as he can before the inevitable crash and burn... cant say id do the same thing but i can still see the romanticised notion of if youre going down anyway you might as well go down with as much of a bang as you can...

thanks for posting this, its somehting to make you sit up and say "fuuuuuuuck!" thats for sure.