View Full Version : dolaren/carisoprodol...what is?

15-04-2003, 23:03
ok, so i have these so called muscle relaxers called dolare/carisopodol, is there any recreational use to these that anyone knows of and how many should be taken?

15-04-2003, 23:08
They're Somas. Iunno your body weight so I'd say for rec down 2-3

15-04-2003, 23:39
Personally, I wouldn't really consider them recreational....but they are good for tension headaches, stimulant comedowns, and for helping you relax/sleep.

16-04-2003, 05:17
mmmm somas. pop two or nine(j/k)

nah, but yeah. take two or three and chase them with a shot of tequila. shmoke a blunt half hour later, and relax and watch tv. you wont get "throwed" or "wasted" or anything.

what i like to do is, like, on a friday night, your friends dont wannago out/cant go out/aint got no money/aint got a ride, your sober and bored, pop some pills and watch tv til you fall asleep. dont do this too often, but it takes the boredom off. its kinda fun on a friday night to chill and watch some good stand up comedy

16-04-2003, 09:18
Sort of ironic that these are muscle relaxers but I twitch like hell when I am coming down from them (like muscle spasms). But I took 4 for a good benzo-like buzz--you just feel really uncoordinated--drunk without the room spinning effect. I took five one night and was completely gone, blacked out and everything. These were the 350mg pills, btw. I know some brands come in smaller doses.

Just to test your tolerance, however, start with one and work your way up.

Soma is the ONLY muscle relaxer that I have found to have any sort of recreational value whatsoever, and I've eaten just about all of them.

I usually try to resist replying to posts that violate forum guidelines, but I'm slightly wasted so I could care less....

16-04-2003, 18:33
this thread is against guidelines? I havnt really logged on sincce they changed this whole format, had no clue they changed the rules....these pills are brown, someone had said they are supposed to be white and chalky. But these have a slick brown surface...any clue?
its all in spanish so if someone could translate it would be great
diclofenaco sodico.....0.500g
excipiente cbp...........1.00g

so now whats the proper dosage?