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28-01-2003, 21:38
What 3 things does a person need, to become a good drug dealer

Mr XTec
28-01-2003, 21:47
1. Good quality + supply of drugs.
2. A good reputation as a drug dealer.
3. A nice car . LOL!

28-01-2003, 23:04
1quality of stuff
2chain of distribution
3gotta be paranoid

29-01-2003, 00:08
1) Be able to trust clients, and to know clients are trustworthy. Also be a nice person unless protecting the business
2) Be carrying a 9mm
3) Not be a drug user, only supplier.

k puppy
29-01-2003, 01:12
1. a cellphone
2. a car
3. a house is always nice, althought i think a good reputation as a dealer os a must-have for sucess

29-01-2003, 01:21
Depends on what and how much, you gonna push 20 sacks of weed you gotta be friendly, maybe smoke people out ect., if you are moving kilo's from here or there, you don't need that nice factor, it's business, you tolerate people and intimidate you don't make buddies.

29-01-2003, 01:39
An understanding of what motivates people.

29-01-2003, 01:49
1.good judgment of people
3. either not do the drugs ya sell, or do them very minimally so as to get the profit!

29-01-2003, 02:08
Top three things?
Potential to be violent
In that order. If you've got those then you're away.

29-01-2003, 08:38
1.)A love for the game
really depends on what you mean by "good". Good for him, or good for you?

mashead testing
29-01-2003, 11:11

29-01-2003, 14:44
There's probably lots more, but...
1. A stash house rented in a false name, or place to keep the drugs, which isn't connected to you. Somewhere you don't live basically.
2. A pleasant, but *firm* attitude
3. The right car, especially if driving round all day making deliveries. An expensive/high performance car is hot, but so is an old banger. Something in between, common, and less than 5 years old, IMO, is the least suspicous...
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29-01-2003, 16:01
Yep that too.

29-01-2003, 16:15
Material things:
1. good supply that adjusts to competition from other dealers.
2. cell phone
3. car
Mental things:
1. Paranoia
2. Never trust anyone, but dont tell em this.
3. Good judgement of character

29-01-2003, 16:40
It takes more than 3 things to be a good supplier, but in 3 then I would say:
(1) A cellphone.. (not under your real name..... obviously!!) Code everything, never mention drugs on the phone.
(2) Supplies..... better to have a test kit or at least try your supplies yourself. Duds will drive any customer away...
(3) Have at least one person between you and the end user. Being a dealer is never going to be a safe career but if you are higher up the drug chain you might be a little better off. Supplying to the end user is a little risky.. better to stick to one or two main contacts and then let them do the dirty work for you!!

29-01-2003, 17:42
[quote]Depends on what and how much, you gonna push 20 sacks of weed you gotta be friendly, maybe smoke people out ect.,
Oh please. 20 sacks of weed? Meaning $20? You can expect courtesy for your business, but don't expect to get smoked up. Hell, don't even expect delivery unless you live next door.
Nobody nickels-and-dimes their dealers to death like weed people.

29-01-2003, 17:53
Drugs, change, and a telephone number :)

MadE iN DadE 305
29-01-2003, 18:22
1) u ALWAYS gotta have stash, if people come to get supplied by u and u aint got then theyll go somewhere else, supply and demand @ its best baby~!
2) gotta be kenny rogers= a good gambler, know when to play em, kno when to fold, and kno when to walk away. serious deal people get busted over misspersepctions and bad choices, be smart.. dont fart.
3) u dont have to be a bad ass but u do need to be firm in which ull stick a bitch if they dont give u ur money, a gun always works but itl cause more drama than it would resolve.
those are top priorities but of course u gotta understand that business is busniess, cant be buddies with crackheads cause theyre fiends.. the buddy system dont work with paying customers always so if u want the money u gotta work for it, cant make money off of " ill pay u tomarrow" now can u?

29-01-2003, 23:37
[quote]Originally posted by mashead testing:
Some of the highest up drug dealers I have ever met knew virtually nothing about drugs. I mean, I'm talking about a guy moving 10,000 pills or so a month and talking about how he can off his pills containing smack the easiest. He was a fucking idiot, but he was doing *VERY* well for himself. So knowledge is not a requirement, at least not knowledge about your product.

Crimson Cloud
30-01-2003, 00:15
Besides the obvious (drugs):
1. Cell
2. Car
3. Good lawyer

Fetish Jester
30-01-2003, 01:46
I think you really only need one thing:
The unshakeable will to do anything to succeed. The rest... just details.

31-01-2003, 02:44
you need one thing: experience. you aren't gonna be able to learn how do deal drugs on the internet.

Technical User
31-01-2003, 02:53
I think these are the biggest three things needed, so much so that I will yell them
3)CELL PHONE(under someone elses name[fictional or non-fictional])

31-01-2003, 07:24
Good Stuff - cant sell crap and last more than a day
Humility- ability to fly under the radar, and not show off you have all this nice stuff and no real job
Wisdom - who to sell to and who not too and know when to drop it all and walk away

31-01-2003, 08:05
cant believe no one stated this one:

31-01-2003, 08:18
1) Smart business-like attitude in order to setup a good enterprise. View it as a business not as a hobby, have people do different things just like a company.
2) Good Connections- the cheaper you get it the more profit you get
3) Only deal with a selected few - no new people - and dont let your friends bring "friends."
There are more, but I think those are the most important.

middle finger
31-01-2003, 14:45
1 Good gear
2 Good connection
3 Good luck

my dials are pupilated
31-01-2003, 15:39
1. Never sell out of your house.
2. Dont rely on others to handle your business
3. Dont stash all your drugs in one spot
4. always have money put away for bail
5. never meet in dark alleys and empty parking lots have people follow you into residentials.
6. dont ever front somone who already ows you money, continue selling to them but dont let them come short or cut them breaks until they pay you back.
7. Do not carry large amounts of cash like 20 of every denmomination as police concider this suspicious.
8 Dont sell to kids. VERY IMPORTANT
9. Dont let people know where you stay at.
10. Use both a voice pager and a cell phone, the pager for deals the cell for personal. Always block your number when calling somone if you cant then use a pay phone.Change both numbers at least every 3-4 months under different names and always pay cash so there is no paper trail conecting you to that number.
11. never agree to meet anyone else then who you usally meet to do a deal unless you know that person well.
12. Invest the money in somthing that can make you money legaly like a business or put it away in other peoples names in stock and bonds.
13. Do not spend mor than 10,000 anywhere in cash as this raises red flags.
14. Do not take pride in being a drug dealer dont brag about it wear 20,000 rings and the only one who should know you sell are people you sell to.
15. Always make them get out of their car and walk up to you keep engine running and be aware of your suroundings.
16. As soon as possible once your established get a friend you trust to work for you then all you do is cordinate and your employee does the runs. distance yourself fuly from any direct contact with the product.
17. trust your instincts if somthing dosentfeel right than back out if you have a bad feeling about someone dont deal with them.
18. You make the place and time to meet dont let them dictate and if you have no choice arrive a half hour early in someon elses car to survey the area.
19. Remeber cops always want to buy more and more and meet your guy, never introduce anyone to your conects not even your employee. Cops will always have money no matter how expensive your prices are and their very pushy about doing quick.
20. Use your head realize that if your selling hard stuff like coke or meth that it changes people and makes them desprate unpredictable and dangerous dont ever let your guard down and never
put yourself in a situation tahat you feel uneasy about.
If you see one of your customers losing conrtol cut them off, there is a diffence between selling drugs for people to party with and selling drugs to a mother who spends the food money on you. Have a soul. Just cause you sell drugs dosenot make you a bad person you can do it with honor and honesty dont rip people off. and if you do others will respect you as being a good person who just made a unconvential choice for a job.
Bigest thing to remember is your in it for money not friends or fame or respect, money if you didnt sell would all these people still want you at their club in the VIP and going out of their way cause you just happen to be an awsome person. Yeah right its the drugs remeber that even your own friends will turn and use you keep your eyes open. use your head stay alert and if you use dont let any one that is involved with the business see you high, that makes you weak and vunerable. If you choose to use violence be aware of the door you open for drugs is not worth killing somone and if you disregarde life for drugs and money your business is bound to tragicaly fail
Be proud to be small its good. You can move a mountain a pebble at a time, you do it alot longer selling 20's than selling kilos yes there is a big money difference but the best plan is to bleed them slowly and stay undetected and most important free. They say drug dealers never retire...I know they do, they just dont admit it for obvious reasons. Think it through always.
I know I went way over three things but maybe this can help someone stay out of trouble and besides Im buzzed.

31-01-2003, 16:35
It usually helps not to have D-LUR on the license plate of your Camaro...

31-01-2003, 18:48
Yes and it becomes an addiction in its own...

01-02-2003, 01:20
How come nobody mentioned a SAFE?!?!?!?
If you have any type of wholesale quantity, somebody will try to steal it from you sooner or later. Its also the best place to keep your drug money.

Aiken Drum
01-02-2003, 05:06
Weird noone mentioned it...

03-02-2003, 09:44
[quote]Originally posted by EvMan717:
you need one thing: experience.
Not necessarily..... I know of someone who was like a walking encylopedia of drug information and knew ZILCH about the actual trading...
Now has a very fat wallet and is highly regarding in the small circle of purchasers.....
I do think 'smarts' is very important as many people have stated, and discretion has to be rated pretty highly in the list of pros for a good dealer!!
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22-12-2003, 03:59
selling shit as partykid said, can very well become its own addiction

not in the traditional sense, but it can

22-12-2003, 11:18
1. stuff
2. skill
3. luck

but other than that.. if i was in a bigger city (maybe even in a diff. country) and had some good hookups i'd become a dealer like i'd always have wanted one for me. still though, it's way too risky imho and i don't think it's worth it.

22-12-2003, 11:19
Originally posted by Aiken Drum
Weird noone mentioned it...

stop crying, they would never come up with an int. warrant and approach bluelight so they can bust some small dealer who is probably just bragging.

*CrystalMeth Bunny*
22-12-2003, 12:04
Originally posted by infinity
stop crying, they would never come up with an int. warrant and approach bluelight so they can bust some small dealer who is probably just bragging.

Of course, bragging about how you're involved in a criminal black market for respect and admiration is stupid and will cause trouble, that's why directly mentioning you sell drugs on here is bad. The chances are slim that someone would get busted by posting on here alone, but a determined individual could find out who you are, set you up, who knows what.

So, here's what I've learned from observing some sucessful (and not so sucessful) dealers:

1. Don't run your mouth about what you do. Don't start living beyond your means. Don't wear or drive flashy shit.

2. Don't be stupid. If you deal, obey the law in all other aspects. Don't have wild parties at your house or speed through town or stuff a gun down your pants wherever you go. Don't spend all your money on stupid shit or do a whole fuckload of drugs. Don't be nice or generous. On the other hand, don't go around threatening to have people killed.

3. Manage your money and get out while you're ahead. Don't keep all your profits in a bank account. Civil forfeiture means the state can clean out your bank account if you're arrested for drug dealing. Don't carry large amounts of cash on you. If you're pulled over and searched, it makes you look like a drug dealer. If you're robbed - which will happen if you're around serious hard drug users for long enough - the money is gone, forever (see #2: you're in the drug dealing business to make money, you're not in it to murder someone's entire family to prove a point. If you are in it to murder someone's entire family to prove a point, seek employment in law enforcement instead of dealing - they'll like your style.)

22-12-2003, 12:52
Of course, bragging about how you're involved in a criminal black market for respect and admiration is stupid and will cause trouble, that's why directly mentioning you sell drugs on here is bad. The chances are slim that someone would get busted by posting on here alone, but a determined individual could find out who you are, set you up, who knows what.

no doubt, but it's absolutely wrong to act like the feds can and will push the "trace ip" button and 5 seconds later your door is being blasted by a swat team. that's simply misinformation, which bl isn't there for.

If you are in it to murder someone's entire family to prove a point, seek employment in law enforcement instead of dealing - they'll like your style.


22-12-2003, 13:44
Before any one decides to deal drugs, it's a life style and a full on one. You should appreciate that it isn't going to help your retirement fund or buy your house unless you are really going hard at it.

My list are:

1*Be firm, Nice but FIRM!
2*Be truthful. If you give a time fucking be there, or if you say you can get something, you better be able to get it.
3*Know people. If you don't you will be fucked over or get shit product.

22-12-2003, 15:52
You need:

1 - connections

2 - common sense

3 - a sweet dealing nickname

22-12-2003, 19:10
Aiken Drum, there is IP tracing but there are also things called anonymous proxies :)
the things i think are most important

HomeWrecker-cool nick name such as Poo Bear :)

1.A circle of friend that you trust (small gang of 3-5 people)

2.Constant supply of good product

3. A strong attitude

23-12-2003, 00:33
HAHAHAHAHAH getting dope dealing tips off the internet hahahahahah i really hope u dont even try to sell shit cept maybe a bit of herbs and even then u cant b a dumb ass but u already proved yorself but heres one tip always b a hook up as in hook the guy up good and b a good person thats all it takes to sell herb and only herb anything else and yor just waitin to get jumped especially if yor asking ppl off the internet

23-12-2003, 00:40
I find this thread hilarious.
And now for gugglebum's drug dealin' tips of the day:

1) Have a unique product, something with a quality that no one else in town can match

2) You either gotta have a gun, a knife, lots of hardass friends, or lots of hardass friends with guns

3) Cash to start investing - about 600 should do

23-12-2003, 16:19
1. you have to want to become a dealer, it shouldn`t be a forced thing because you just need money real fast.

2.Your product should be good, and you should always have a stash.

3. Common sense(sounds logical, but it`s a lot less common than people think-thanks MGS-)

24-12-2003, 14:33
all them above

and if he dont wanna get caught, he might have to be bloody smart about it! i.e. be intelligent

i see far too many dumbass dealers.

25-12-2003, 12:10
good drugs, a cellphone and humility

26-12-2003, 07:53
1. Money to buy your drugs.
2. A Mobile Phone, YOUR OWN house (dealers who meet people on the street are fools) and a cricket bat (a weapon, but not considered one if its in your home).
3. The Ability to keep your MOUTH SHUT.
4. A thought process that isnt IMPRESSED by dealing...knowing that dealing is NOT "cool" and will NOT make you friends or earn you respect.
5. The ability to tell who is your friend and who is your client - Further: The ability to realise that often your friends are actually not friends, but clients...even if they were previously your friends.
6. The insight to NOT start/reply to threads such as this one.

26-12-2003, 15:13
Actually the most important thing would be to have a good code for your clients, so instead of saying "I want three grams of cocaine for tonight" they will say "Hey, do you have the map for Gta3 cause I'm stuck. BTW we're still playing at Carlos' house at 6 today, right?"

That would be an example of a post that could easily get me in trouble. Thank God I only visit Bluelight from my computer at Uni (not because I'm scared, more like because my classes are booooooooring)

26-12-2003, 15:23
u gotta know how to deal, to who, where to buy and so on.
try to get popular and know how to make great deals.
in one word: be smart

26-12-2003, 15:52
in one word: be smart