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15-01-2002, 17:21
My roommates and I decided to order some morning glory seeds online a couple weeks ago. I probably wouldn't have even bothered but LSD is impossible for me to get now so I've been exploring whatever alternatives I could find as I enjoy the psychadelic experience immensly. Prior to MG, I have had several experiences with LSD, shrooms, and DXM.
The plan for the trip was to stay at home, and if we felt we could handle it later, we would walk down to Gasworks Park and chill. I took my dose on a relatively empty stomach around 9PM or so. I had about 450 seeds which were ground up in a coffee grinder and then injested orally. Eating seed powder was a lot like eating dirt... not very appetizing at all. I took the powder in stages, and at each stage I held the powder under my tongue in an effort to absorb some of the LSA sublingually. I held it under as long as I could stand it which was like a minute or two, then washed it down with orange juice. It took me about 15 minutes to eat all of it with this method including breaks.
~9:30-9:45 - No effects yet, am starting to feel a bit nauseous. Not as bad nausea as I get with DXM though so it's managable. I don't feel like puking, my stomach just feels rather uncomfortable.
10:00 - Still no effects yet, I decide to play video games until it kicks in to help take my mind off of my stomach.
11:00 - Video game playing is becoming more difficult. I'm having difficulty focusing on things. I stop playing and notice that I'm finally starting to get visuals. The visuals reminded me a lot of mushrooms at this stage, except it wasn't nearly as colorful. I remember seeing large snowflake like patterns on the walls. I'm also seeing a little bit of a shifting effect as well.
I lost track of the passage of time pretty soon after this, so I'll describe what I remember in the order it happened. The visuals slowly and steadily kept building for several hours. I also noticed that I had very little energy throughout the trip. I seemed unusually giggily at this point which also reminded me of mushrooms. Probably around midnight I started getting some pretty cool closed eye visuals. I was getting 2-D fractal images that were always shifting or flowing in some way. I also notice that my other senses are enhanced. I'm very sensitive to touch, and music is very pleasurable as well.
I've now reached what would be the peak of this trip, and it is without a doubt the most intense trip I've had from any substance. I can no longer really tell the difference between open and closed eye visuals. Everything looks unreal and foreign to the way it normally appear to me. My cd case looked like a giant mouth, my sheets like an alligator. When my eyes were closed, the visuals were the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was like very vivid 3-D animation, with lots of changing "camera" angles. It's very difficult to describe, but if you've ever seen the Final Fantasy movie, the detail and complexity of the movie's animation was NOTHING compared to what I was seeing. The visuals also reacted to the music I was playing. I was able to hear all the layers of the music individually which was really cool. I remember washing my hands and the feeling of the water flowing over them was about as intense as a sober orgasm. I wanted to see what taste would be like, but I didn't think my stomach could handle it. I also had a very strong feeling of what I would call a "sixth sense". I could literally feel things close to me even when my eyes were closed. I had a friend randomly bring his hands close to me and I would feel them getting close to me. Almost as if I could feel our auras overlap or something like that. It's all very new and strange to me. I think this peak intensity level lasted for about 6 hours but this is a rough guess at best.
Past peak I fell asleep at some point and I had some really vivid dreams which I can't remember now. I woke up around 3PM the next day, and I was still tripping. It was on the same level as the coming up effects. At least I could somewhat function regularly though (like walking). I felt very very sick I had bad diarreha all day which was not fun at all. I fall asleep again later, and wake up sometime the next morning.
I felt increased awareness in my senses for about 3 days afterwards. Things that normally would go unnoticed would be deafening or blinding to me. This eventually faded away.
I noticed that there wasn't very many positive morning glory trip reports on here so I thought I'd share my experience with you all. It was truly amazing and I still have trouble believing the intesity of the experience. However, none of my friends ended up tripping off the seeds that night, they just got the nausea. They did not take as much as I did, and they did not hold the powder under their tongues either.
I am planning on trying morning glories again sometime. I will be trying an extraction method as I do not think I'd be able to eat the seed powder again (yuck).
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16-01-2002, 14:01
Cool report man... I've got to get me some more Morning Glories... I've done them once and had a blast..

16-01-2002, 23:03
450 seeds...CHRIST...........how many grams is that?

17-01-2002, 01:26
Yes, morning glory seeds are often underestimated in what what they can do. 450 seeds is approximatly 15 grams.

18-01-2002, 06:01
Nice trip report. Sounds like fun.
Does anyone know offhand want would be the suggested dose for something 215lbs?
I might be interested in trying this out.

19-01-2002, 05:21
So far this is the first positive report I read on morning glory seeds, good one! ;)

19-01-2002, 19:09
Yep, I love MG seeds!! I usually ingest anywhere from 12-20 grams, the latter being THE hardest trip of my life!

20-01-2002, 19:38
I enjoyed reading this.

20-01-2002, 22:08
Holy shit . . . I had no idea the effects could be that strong . . . most I ate was 8 grams and that was pretty cool . . . but nowhere NEAR that.

20-01-2002, 22:49
I have found that potency tends to vary greatly from batch to batch. Back in my morning glory seed eating days, my usual dose was 10 grams and I noticed quite a varience in the degree of intensity the seeds provided from trip to trip. I always spaced out trips by at least a month so I know tolerance was not an issue. I guess it is up to the seeds themselves how far in they want to take you.

22-01-2002, 17:18
Good and entertaining trip report. :)
LSA is on my to do list.. ;)

25-01-2002, 05:25
ROTFLMAO, you guys are all very funny, and that trip sounds gr8! Especially the Final Fantasy part..

Carolina Jasmine
29-01-2002, 18:51
cool, thanks for that report!! is it any type of mornight glory seeds, like the kind you get at wal-mart, or do you have to order them specially? just wondering....

30-01-2002, 02:15
cool report:>

30-01-2002, 02:57
I too have done MG seeds. My experience was not as pleasurable though.
I ground up exactly 450 seeds in a pepper grinder. A couple of my friends did the same. Once we had the seeds ground up in a fine powder, we placed it into roughly a cup of water to allow the LSA to dissolve into the water since it is water soluble. That way we wouldn't have to ingest the fibrous disgusting seed part. Once this was completed we decided that we would drink the whole solution, water and seed powder together since we weren't sure if all of the LSA had dissolved in the water; this way we knew we would get high if you could get high from MG seeds.
After about 1/2 hour I began to feel slightly naseaus, but knew this was expected since I had consumed the seed part too, which is what makes you naseaus. I also began to feel as though I was starting a very mild mushroom trip. I was happy, laughing a lot, and seeing very weak visuals with my eyes closed, mainly 2-D patterns that weren't nearly as colourful as those that you see when on shrooms.
This is about as good as it got; compareable to a very mild mushroom trip. One of my two friends didn't feel any of the effects that I felt, and the other felt similar effects but not to the same degree that I had felt them. We had all consumed exactly the same amount of seeds in the exact same way, and we are all within ten pounds of each other in weight.
I went to bed that night still feeling the effects of the MG seeds, but the next morning is when everything went to shit!
I woke and the room was spinning out of control making me feel increibely naseaus. When I got up to run to the bathroom to puke, I realized that I had no balance whatsoever, and couldn't walk. I ended up throwing up on the floor of my bedroom several times.
I was no longer feeling the warm happy glow like the previous night, I was feeling like shit now, and wanted this trip to be over. I couldn't believe how bad I had the spins, I could barely even crawl to the bathroom. Even while crawling I was falling over, so I resulted to slithering around on my belly like a snake.
I had no appetite at all, and when I tried to force myself to eat, I would end puking it back up almost instantly.
Believe it or not, but this went on for the better part of five days. I was unable to go to school or do anything for that matter. I actually got one of my friends to bring me to the hospital because I thought I had really fucked myself up!
The doctor told me that I had overdosed and to wait a couply more days, and if things hadn't changed to come back.
Fortunately the next day I started to regain my balance, and everything stopped spinning, which made me feel a lot beter mentally.
I wouldn't recomend anyone trying this since there is no way of telling how much you should take. My two friends and myself ate exactly the same amount, and kind of seeds. We prepared them in the exact same way and ingested them the same way too. We are also within ten pounds of each other weight wise. I don't see how one of my friends could feel absolutely no effects, the other only mild effects, and me overdosing if we all took the same amount in the same way.
If you still want to try this I would suggest trying a very low dose to start off with. If it doesn't work increase the dosage, but don't do what I did, you will only regret it.
Check out Erowid for dosing amounts, and ways to prepare the seeds.