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07-07-2000, 02:41
i'm on prozac ( 40 mg/day), and i can't.
if you are taking an SSRI, in what dosage and does it prevent you from climaxing? i'm wondering if switching to another SSRI might help....
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Mr. Sticky
07-07-2000, 09:22
I doubt there's a set and static mg that causes sexual "disfunction" in everyone...I'm sure it fluctuates with each individual's metabolism. The strange thing is, I've never heard of the inability to orgasm, only a reduction in the libido.
Why exactly do you take 40mg a day instead of 20? Was 20 really insufficient?

07-07-2000, 10:18
been there. i've been on sam-e, prozac, and maoi's..and though i have a pretty strong sex drive, for some reason they all affected my libido ..which in turn makes it harder to orgasam.
for me i would really want to have sex just because i always wanted to really bad before the meds, and even though i couldnt get as turned on, i would still try, because i almost didnt feel "right" not being a horny person. and since i wasnt all tensed with excitment, i was just like "oh i think i want to maybe have sex" and that does not make a condusive enviroment to having an orgasam..esp. for women, because it's not like guys, who (mostly) just need repetitive motion to climax. a woman needs to really be turned on. it was frustrating. but i had to go off all of those eventually (lucky me) because they all made me have nightmares.
so what i'm sayin is, maybe the reason youre having a prob. climaxing is cause youre not as horny in general. do you think it could be that? i just say cause i think it took me awhile to figure out that i wasnt that horny anymore.

07-07-2000, 11:33
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special k
08-07-2000, 23:07
i have been on more tricyclics, ssri's
including and i cant orgasm when i am on them. neithor can i on pain meds or xanax.
i know medically its been proven to drop libito in everyone but my Dr also said hes seen tons of woman who couldnt reach orgasm...its like your right there then its all gone!!!!
ive been told welbutrin is often added to those on prozac to fix the sexual disfunction these drugs cause......ask your dr. and know you are the majority.
Sometimes it can be very liberating just to accept what hand we've been dealt as being the way things are instead of having to fix everything...
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09-07-2000, 06:00
I was on an SSRI (seroxat) and had no problems

14-07-2000, 04:01
I couldn't when I was on the SSRIs (I've been on nearly all of 'em at one time or another). But, I, like many females, have a hard time anyway.

16-07-2000, 14:56
I take 225 mg of Effexor, and I can get horny and ready and be turned on and everything, but I can never quite get to orgasm. It really sucks. Effexor is an SSRI, and I'd change, but it really helps the rest of my life to be better, so I am hesitant to switch.

17-07-2000, 14:08
If ya can't get the O, it's gotta gooooooo!

18-07-2000, 00:10
hey i used to take 40 mg of prozac, just because the 20 had no effect on me....also took effexor for alitte while too. i found that esp. with prozac i could not orgasm (even though i'm a girl, i have little diffculty orgasming)......switch the meds! effexor didn't have such a bad effect on me.

18-07-2000, 00:10
hey i used to take 40 mg of prozac, just because the 20 had no effect on me....also took effexor for alitte while too. i found that esp. with prozac i could not orgasm (even though i'm a girl, i have little diffculty orgasming)......switch the meds! effexor didn't have such a bad effect on me.

18-07-2000, 11:55
Same problem here. Down with Prozac!
MDMA use was strongly and significantly associated with a history of recent unprotected anal intercourse. [Klitzman RL et al, Am J Psychiatry 2000 Jul 01;157(7):1162-1164]

special k
18-07-2000, 21:17
im sorry but who was it that was on effexor? i am new to it but cant reach orgasm like you said, i can get excited i just cant cant reach orgasm. when you talk about its positive effects making you learie to change have you talked to your dr.? is that dose sensitive have they tried a lower dosed or maybe adding a drug? or ive even heard of dr.s having you stop the medicine for only a few days
i really like effexor but do not want to celibete......so i was wondering if you had any other thoughts

19-07-2000, 11:29
The Effexor is the first anti-depressant that I've ever been on that is really effective in treating my depression and anxiety. And I'm a little embarrased to tell my dr that I can't orgasm...And I'm really not sure I want to risk changing meds again...I don't want to go back to always being worried about every little thing in my life...if anyone has any suggestions, please help!

22-07-2000, 01:48
I used to take Effexor... a loooong time ago... Can't remember any sexual probs. tho... However, I'm an extremely horny person. No, really... I am...I always feel the urge to get laid.. sometimes just because I'm bored and think to myself, what the hell... let's fuck, I'm horny. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I wish my wife was as horney as I am... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
Oh well... http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

25-07-2000, 17:55
I had the same problem when I was on Paxil. I am horny and no too much stops me from having sex, but when I tried so hard and couldn't get there, I just gave up. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
I told my doc (don't ever be afraid to tell them stuff like this; they are used to it) and he put me on Welbutrin which really helped. I wasn't experiencing my normal hyperdrive, but I could orgasm. I also hear Serzone is ok for this problem. Of course, you should find out the side effects and weigh things carefully. None of these antidepressants are perfect.

26-07-2000, 16:05
CANDYGRAVER thanks for the advice. I also said in another post that you shouldn't be scared or embarressed about talking to your doctor- that's what they are there for. If they are a good doctor(like mine!) they will be more than happy to get you on the right meds. Before I started on zoloft, I let my doctor know that this was a serious concern of mine, i also told my therapist. They both said that there where meds that could help this situation.I just started on zoloft a couple of weeks ago, my doctor told me to let him know if my sex drive was still on low after the meds started taking effect, and then we would see what we needed to change.

26-07-2000, 16:06
oops, im so sorry w33k4p4u9, lol!
the previous post was posted by me, cagirl!

11-09-2000, 23:04
YOLKMAN- what an interesting nick! Ok this might be a long post. Anyway when you mentioned that you where on an SSRI called seroxat and that you experienced no problems, I was curious about it not affecting your sex drive. So I started doing searches everywhere for seroxat and found nothing. Then I ran into another one of your post which said that seroxat=paxil. I just wanted to let you and anyone else wondering that is not true, paxil is = to paroxetine. It is very commonly known to produce sexual difficulties in alot of users. This rule doesnt apply to everyone ofcourse, but consider yourself lucky. I am going on effexor and getting off of zoloft. Hopefully I will notice some differences. Also this is in another post but i will repeat the info here- taking ginko biloba has known to help and also if you are a female viagra is proven to do wonders. I am trying the ginko now and hopefully i will see some effects, if not, i am going to move on to viagra but unfortunately you have to take it about an hour before you plan to have sex and sex is always better if it isnt planned! But beggers cant be choosers!

12-09-2000, 01:17
oops sorry yolkman- i was searching medical sights to no avail, but when i did an internet search I did see that you where right and so was I-seroxat=paxil=paroxetine I'm curious though-looks like maybe that name is used outside of the us?
stay tight:)

12-09-2000, 01:31
I've been on effexor (150mg) for about 5 years now, and have also tried zoloft & prozak to no avail. Initially, for the first year or so, effexor did affect my sex drive which in turn affected my ability to climax. In hind sight, I think at least partly, my inability to climax had to do with the fact that I was still in the relationship which caused me to be depressed in the first place. I'm still on the meds for reasons which are irrelevant for this thread... but I no longer have the problem with that O-side effect.
I would highly recommend that you talk to your doctor/psych about this, or if you're uncomfortable doing so, take a check of your life to see if your inability to climax may be symptomatic of other things that are not going right in your life. Although I believe that SSRI can physiologically affect your sex drive, you have to at least consider that the situation/illness that necessitates your going on anti-depressants in the first place may have something to do with it as well.
Just my $0.02. Good luck to you http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

12-09-2000, 20:12
in past i have taken 20mg of prozac + routinely, however much viagra seemed appropriate without anymore than the usual problems
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13-09-2000, 18:59
try adding some wellbutrin, gingko, viagra, or yohimbe....
or switch drugs....FWIW I take Nardil (MAOI) and have *no* sexual problems (I did on all the ssri's --regardless of dose)

14-08-2001, 14:22
I started taking 20 mg Paxil about a month ago and for the first 3 weeks I had a real hard time getting off but for some reason it has been alot easier for the past week or two. I'm glad cause I was going to stop taking them because of that bad side effect.

14-08-2001, 18:01
Talk with your GP. He/She will work with you. Add the Wellbutrin or change your medication. I was on Paxil for migraine prevention and had sexual side-effects, so I discontinued use. Then I tried Serzone. Didn't work for the migraines, but I had no sexual side-effects. I stopped those and I am taking Trazodone which is a depression medication and use it only at night when I have problems sleeping, but have not experienced any sexual side-effects, unless to much time passes after taking it, then I pass out, but that's the point. If the Prozac is working for you... I would try adding Wellbutrin to your regimen.

14-08-2001, 19:45
Ok, so some updates;
-I never was able to come on prozac, and it made me feel damn weird in general anyways, so I went off it.
-I've been taking Effexor now for the past 3-4 months, and while it isn't as effective as prozac in treating my symptoms, it does have fewer side effects. With the prozac, I realized that not only was I unable to orgasm -- I also had a very low sex drive and generally didn't want to have sex veyr often. At least with the Effexor, my sex drive has been as strong as ever -- but I STILL can't come. It's unfortunate, because I don't have any other side effects and I really like Effexor -- but I just can't handle not being able to orgasm, so I am going off it. I guess I'll try being medicine-free...

15-08-2001, 06:13
Hey All you SSRIers...
I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
I've been told that the reason for diminished sex drive and inability to have an orgasm on most SSRIs (SELECTIVE SEROTONIN REUPTAKE INHIBITORS) is that SOME of them significantly affect what are called beta-androgenic receptors on parts of the brain. These receptors need to produce a peptide sequence that the brain produces which is transmitted down the spinal column and which is necessary to trigger an orgasm.(This is what I have heard...it ain't gospel...yet, but i'm sure someone will pick it up as proven fact...LOL)
A few years back, I realized the need for some chemical intervention because of 2 sudden deaths in my family but I still wanted to have a sex drive and orgasms. I heard about problems with Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil etc so I researched the PDR and discovered SERZONE which was brand new and less problematic in terms of sexual dysfunction.
I talked it over with my doctor (PLEASE DO THIS!) and he agreed. After a fight with the HMO to get it approved (new and more expensive), it worked...I had mood elevation and a sex drive, but I took a suboptimal dose (100-150 mg 2x/day) and the recommended dose is 150 to 250 2x/day.
The drawback is that not every SSRI works for every person and you may need to try different meds and doseages to find what works for you. For example, Prozac is considered a "stronger SSRI" than Serzone because one of its metabolites has a half life greater than 30 hours. The half life of Serzone is only a few hours, so its gentler and there may be tradeoffs.
It worked for me but I know others (ex-boyfriend) who needed something stronger (PAXIL)...He intially took a full dose, experienced no sex drive, and then cut the dose in half with fewer problems.
Another option is Wellbutrin which, unlike most of the SSRIs, primarily works on reuptake of dopamine and to a much lesser degree serotonin. It has little effect for most people in terms of sexual dysfunction and is considered by some doctors to be one of the drugs of choice for recovering meth addicts since meth destroys(permanently) many of the dopamine producing regions of the brain.
The bottom line is that there's "no one size fits all" when it comes to treating depression...but there are options which should be explored; If one drug doesn't work for you, talk with your doctor, try something else. adjust the dose...etc...And to be honest, I'd trade a lower sex drive or no sex drive in an instant for the assistance that an SSRI provided for me during a difficult period of life.
Oh yeah...if you're prone to depression, lay low and don't roll at all or too often since chronic use of X depletes serotonin bigtime.
Good Luck...Hope this helps!
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15-08-2001, 07:26
WOw what a difference...my life is so much better WITHOUT prozac. after i stoped taking it, i was able to reach multiple orgasms while when i was on it, i didn't have A single ONE! oh by the way, do you roll?
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15-08-2001, 18:27
Hrrmmmm, on 40 mg of paxil I've gone from five minutes of unbelievable pleasure to half an hour of unbelievable pleasure [duhhh, not sure which is better http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif]
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