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John Petros
05-09-2000, 17:03
I've only rolled a couple of times but I'm hearing a bunch of stuff about Vitamin C. Most of you say it's a good thing like dring OJ or grapefruit juice an hour before to intensify the roll.
But the link below written by a pHD (or he claims to be one) is pretty thorough and has a different view on Vitamin C. This guy says it REDUCES the roll. And before you post a reply to this, you should check it out 'cause it is pretty well written...
So what do I do? To C or not to C, that is the question!

05-09-2000, 18:03
ok look this is wat to do when u know ur gonna trip buy a box of vicks vitamin c drops and suck on a few b4 after and while u roll then post wat happen ull like =)
happy on e

05-09-2000, 20:39
it's not the vit C in the OJ or Grapefruit juice that's good for the roll..Your stomach should be slightly acidic, and grapefruit juice inhibits a set of liver enzymes that MDMA uses to be metabolized (less enzymes = less MDMA metabolized = more MDMA in the blood)

John Petros
05-09-2000, 20:39
Why have I read that it may backfire and DECREASE the intensity of the e?

05-09-2000, 22:41
you wanna make the roll better and last longer and avoid the whole vitamin C question altogether?
if there is anything in this world that i will say "don't knock it till ya tried it" about, it's plugging. i tried it for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and despite a chronic tolerance, it was just like the first time again.
+- sAiNt -+

05-09-2000, 23:03
This has nothing to do with anything, but I was in school today and half of my chem. class has a cold already. Anyways I was thinkin' I better start drinking some OJ or something to help my immune system 'cause I don't want to get sick. That vitamin C thing just reminded me of that, plus I am etarded, don't mind me...I'm going to crawl back in my cave now http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

06-09-2000, 02:41
pluging it? ive heard of that many of times. i want to try it but i really dont understant how to go about doing it.just stick it up and wait?ever parashoot it. heard thats intence too!

06-09-2000, 07:38
raver_saint, I totally agree about the plugging thing, I did it last week and rolled *too* hard (one pill) and I have been eating pills for 6 years. It was just like the first time....needless to say, I was very pleased

06-09-2000, 16:03
yeah, he doesn't really go in detail why vitamin C counteracts affects of MDMA. hmmm... interesting.
now i don't know what to think about pre-loading with vitC. need to look further into this matter.

06-09-2000, 16:11
Thanks Wonderdrop. Please email me or post if you find anything... ;>

06-09-2000, 20:35
There is some good info on preloading and Vit C (its bad) here:

06-09-2000, 21:45
C is good for tripping (LSD, Shrooms) RighT? Maybe someone got a little confused, I'm pretty sure b-4 is good for it, but I think C inhibits a roll a little (probibly not noticible). Something that's good to munch on an hour or two up to when you drop: Rollaids (no pun intended) they neutralize stomach acid, which eats up a lot of MDMA (which is bad). Lets gets eaten, more in blood, more happy. La la la
Oh god, why have you forsaken me? *chomp* mmm......sacralicious....

07-09-2000, 14:58
Wow DC, thanks for reposting the exact same link...

Drug Dustbin
07-09-2000, 15:02
I posted this to other thread, but I post it also here.
Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. If taken in large amounts, it makes your urine acidic.
Amphetamines, like MDMA, are excreted faster to acidic urine, thus faster elimination
from your body -> shorter roll. It's hard to say how much there is clinical significance
with this...

07-09-2000, 16:59
Hey Drug Dustbin. Read your post. Do you know if it also helps the 5htp convert to serotonin. I think that's the root of all this. The C has both a positive (helps 5htp convert) and negative effect (depletes MDMA faster). Thoughts?

08-09-2000, 11:24
Forget the vitamin C, buy a balanced B complex and take one half hour after you drop. This may intensify your roll. Also if you can obtain some 5htp spray rather than the capsules and occasionally spray under your tongue during your roll (5-10 times over 3-4 hours & hold under your tongue for as long as you can stand the taste then swallow) this will help tremendously, especially if you get a weak pill or only take half for some reason.

10-09-2000, 10:09
Speed Racer,
5HTP would most effectivly be converted by allowing it to cross the BBB(blood brain barrier). It hitches a ride with alot of others on the "bus" to the brain. What you need to do it eat a HIGH carbo meal to spike your insulin(sugar)levels so it doesnt have to compete with all those other riders of the "bus" to the brain. This should help convert more 5HTP to tonin. the day before is good to do this to "top" off the levels in your system.
You should take, if orally, your pills crushed, preferrably with a glass of juice(oj, or grapefruit) to reduce metabloism.
The anti-oxidant effects of Vit C wouldnt be effective until you reached doses that would leave your stomach in a state of DRAIN-O feel due to the acidity.
Also when you roll eat a bit of chocolate before. this helps to get some of the receptors a bit more active in the brain.
I would personally plug to reduce all stomach accociated issues. and stick with the pre-day carbo/5HTP spike and a bit of chocolate.
Hafve fun and good Rolling.

10-09-2000, 23:40
thanX robabob!
I will definitely do that next time. I appreciate it.
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