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03-12-2013, 14:37
What's up guys, we'll I'm about to acquire some Da Meang kratom alot actually and was wondering of it's uses for someone with a moderate opiate tolerance? I can get lit off about 40-50mgs vicodin but currently have no access to them. Out of HR is it safe to dose kratom if its a legit source etc? How would I dose kratom? I have heard eating it by the gram in a spoon and just chasing it with some type of liquid?

Anyway tried using the search engine but not yet set on anything specific to dosing with my tolerance. Is it really worth the hype? & please don't just bash it saying it's worthless with my tolerance don't waste your time etc asking for a real genuine answer please

Thanks guys

06-12-2013, 21:24
Youre probably not going to feel much of its opiate like effects tbh since u have a tolerance. Kratom is like taking 10-15 mg of hydro unless you get some uei blend kratom. Which is like taking 40 mg oxy ime. But youll probably notice the stimulating effects which are nice too. I would have gotten some bali instead of maeng da. Md was always shitty for me while bali was my kratom of choice because it has the best opiate like high.

Also you can benefit greatly from mixing two different types of kratom. I liked mixing bali and green malay which caused a really good opiate like high

06-12-2013, 21:29
How is it for a meth comedown? So Id get some kratom and would eat it in a spoon? I'm getting.today in the mail

06-12-2013, 22:08
Ive never done meth so i cant really speak on that but yeah just toss and wash... i like using powerade. If you take too much your going to hate life so start slow. Youll get super dizzy and puke your guts out for a couple of hours

06-12-2013, 22:11
Also kratom tolerance builds very quick so u should probably limit ur use... also kratom withdrawal is just as bad as opiate wd if not worse ime... the mental part of it was the hardest wd ive ever faced to date

06-12-2013, 22:13
This is kinda trippy. I was looking at ur profile and im also from the 909 and born on april 17th haha

06-12-2013, 22:41
If you are getting crushed leaf (where the leaves are not powder) then your best bet is to make a tea by boiling it with some lemon juice for 20minutes and then straining and drinking.

If you are getting powdered leaf (most common) then you should toss and wash. I find it a little difficult for the "toss" part because the powder can easily make it to the back of your throat and make you start coughing so I would suggest mixing it in liquid or putting it in something like yogurt. Regarding dosage, you should be using it by weight and not by volume (eg. tablespoon, teaspoon) because the density can vary significantly. 40-50mg of hydrocodone isn't really astronomically high, but it is significant so definitely start near the upper end of a "common dose" as listed on the website that gives dosage guideline (because I'm pretty sure it's not allowed here). Depending on the source, you could still feel an effect (as long as it's good quality leaf).

Saying that your tolerance would prevent you from getting an effect would be akin to saying that if you have drink 3 mugs of coffee in the morning that no amount of caffeine could give you an effect.

You might be disappointed though since it is weaker than hydrocodone.

06-12-2013, 23:33
Well we will see I guess, Its da maeng it should be arriving here by 3 so couple more hours. Honestly I knew going in it wasn't that strong as a typical opiate but now coming down from a combined 80mgs adderal + some crystal I just need some type of opiate or to that effect cause I'm suffering bad right now. Fucking straight hell on earth

07-12-2013, 05:53
I use kratom for pretty much every harsh come-down really. Although I don't tweak it I use kratom for coke and MDMA comedowns and It works pretty well, not as good as a benzo though. If you mix kratom with a medium dose of a benzo you can kill pretty much any bad comedown IME. I also don't agree with the 10-15mg hydro comparison at all. I get a buzz equal to about 30-35 mgs hydro with quality but cheap bali. I mean 10-15 mgs of hydro won't even effect me besides ease a little muscle tension and cure my kratom WD's. I'd start with 6 or 7 grams with your tolerance although I will say that MD is the farthest from real opiates out of all the kratom strains I've had. Its very stimulating with weak/mild euphoria, bali is way better for comedowns and opiate effects, MD is more of a morning strain, it also is the most prone to causing jitters, eye-wobbles, and dizziness. Also remember that while you may have tolerance to the opioid alkaloids, you don't have any for all the rest so don't keep downing powder chasing something your not gonna find as you will only end up feeling sicker than before, this especially applies to MD.

08-12-2013, 19:06
Wow well guess what guys I did get the kratom yesterday & I definitely underestimated how bad this shit taste lmao. I probably wasted 10-15 grams (didn't have a scale I practically poured it in a cup of mountain dew and wasted a lot) and it made the drink like mud n I couldn't stand it n I threw up n just poured the rest in the cup down the toilet. BUT today now that I learned a better method I have like half of it left after yesterday, I measured out like 2 tablespoons (over heaped TBS lol) of powder and just tossed and washed. I'm estimating its about 4-6 grams from what I've been reading? So well see how it goes just dosed about 10mins ago. K hope I didn't use to much..or not enough lol hydro tolerance 40-50 MG's but yeah how's the onset for kratom? Could I mix it with H or some Norcos if I got some?

Took about 6-7 grams actually another half tbs feeling nice So far, anyway can someone recommend to me the best strain of kratom. For overall opiate like effects and euphoria? Also difference between "enhanced" "super grade (what I have)" etc I'm a opiate fiend but definitely a kratom virgin lol really interested now that I like the effects so far nothing mind blowing but decent euphoria and relaxation so I'll take it

09-12-2013, 05:24
Put it in hot, almost boiling water and mix, that gets it blended. Then add a little cold water so u can drink it. That's the only way I can stand it. When I first started it made me puke too. I was so disgusted. Now I'm addicted to this crap and have been off for 5 days. Be careful, I never thought I'd ever go thru W/D from anything especially something like that but oh let me tell you the W/D's are bad!!! I was doin it everyday 2-3 times for 2+ years and decided enough! OMG it hurt for a good 4 days and finally starting to feel 'normal' again

09-12-2013, 20:31
I fucking love this shit! Not for the high honestly its to short & mild. But for comedowns its heaven sent I feel so much better about taking my tweak or adderals knowing I have a comedown reliefer. What's some good strains

12-12-2013, 04:01
Took about 6-7 grams actually another half tbs feeling nice So far, anyway can someone recommend to me the best strain of kratom. For overall opiate like effects and euphoria? Also difference between "enhanced" "super grade (what I have)" etc I'm a opiate fiend but definitely a kratom virgin lol really interested now that I like the effects so far nothing mind blowing but decent euphoria and relaxation so I'll take it

Red Vein varieties will be the best, specifically Bali and Indo Red Vein varieties.

I really like the Red Vein Indo for analgesia, so I'm guessing it would go well for you. Euphoria is usually more associated with more stimulating varieties though there is some euphoria (obviously) from more mellow strains like RVI.

Enhanced usually means that there is either an extract or something synthetic added to the plain leaf. Super grade is usually just a way for (usually bad) vendors use to market their product. It's more than likely just normal leaf (referred to as plain leaf or PL).

12-12-2013, 14:09
i think i have too high a tolerance for kratom to work tried 100gs in many doses and couple varietys a fewtimes and and never felt much maybe lessen withdraewl symtpoms but mine were minor when i was taking it.