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11-12-2002, 10:38
I first want to apologize if this is a recent thread because I found no info while searching... :) While reviewing all the topics regarding methods of taking stimulants (primarily adderall and ritalin) I found that it was pretty common for you all to smoke them. Over the past years, I have eaten, inhaled, parachuted, and smoked Adderal, but ONLY in a glass piece with weed at the end of the night. I am SO curious if anyone smokes it alone, what your comparison is to other methods, and if you have an experience to share Id love to hear it? Ive noticed lots of comments about smoking from a bulb? Can you tell me a little more about this and what the difference is from a pipe? I guess my tolerance must be getting much higher so any new method causing a more intense buzz was kick ass. I would really appreciate your feedback...any thoughts/concerns? THANKS!!

11-12-2002, 14:45
You want to put the glass in the lightbulb and keep the flame a nice little distance, so as not to burn the glass, just to sort of vaporize it. Inhale the fumes.

11-12-2002, 15:01
^^^ This poster isn't asking how to smoke meth, he is asking how to smoke Adderall or Ritalin. Smoking pills isnt effective at all from my knowledge.

11-12-2002, 15:39
You want to smoke this?
Inactive Ingredients: sucrose, lactose, corn starch, acacia and magnesium stearate.
Since you'd be getting mostly filler. I'm not sure how effective this would be.

Technical User
12-12-2002, 02:32
I'm not sure with adderall(I'm not that familiar with it and don't know the chemical structure)
But with ritalin I know there is a pretty easy extraction that can be done to be left with the methylphenidate...don't know if this would be active when smoked or not, but if you were to try..I'm sure it would be alot better than smoking all that sugar or starch or whatever else is in the pill

12-12-2002, 06:58
I know someone who tried smoking adderall and he said it worked. He said he just crushed up the pill and added some water to it in a spoon. I have never tried, so I can't say if it works or not but I'll just take his word for it. I read somewhere that the amphetamine in the pills is already in a smokeable form. You will have to smoke a lot of filler, but if you really wanna try it go for it and let me know if it really does work.

12-12-2002, 09:09
you ever see that guy on the street half naked talking to himself?
thats me.
its a result of smoking bad drugs, ie bad crack ie "meth" and i use the term meth loosely..
if its not crstal like glass shards your getting dont smoke it cuz you could be smoking so many different chemicals its mind boggling!

12-12-2002, 18:05
Actually according to erowid there is not TOO much filler in adderall. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/amphetamines/amphetamines_info2.shtml
[quote]With little or no tolerance about 25mg oral (equally to about 30mg of Addrall) should give a decent buzz.
Also I would rather smoke that then some of the stuff that street drug are cut with.

12-12-2002, 22:16
Never tried adderal but I smoke meth all the time. Smoking it works great---not mixed with weed or nothing. Just put it in a pipe or smoke it on foil. However, the best thing is to shoot it up, man! For real.

13-12-2002, 01:41
The Best way to smoke any speed is defintely out of a Glass Garcia Vega style cigar tube. Just put your chem. into the bottom and torch away. You might want to use a straw though because if you suck it out from the very top the smoke will most likely be stale and taste like ass.

14-02-2003, 01:48
so basically most of you guys would only smoke glass? and not try smoke normal 'speed' shit that may or may not be cut ?
by speed shit i mean gel type stuff

Technical User
14-02-2003, 05:00
I would smoke glass, crystal, speed...whatever you want to call it..but I wouldn't smoke a crushed up pill..
that is the point everyone is trying to get at..you don't want to smoke 200-300 mgs of bullshit to get 20mgs of active ingredient
thats like eating my shit after I ate a candy bar to get the sugar that my body didn't take

16-02-2003, 08:58
I,ve never smoked them before, but I would just eat them or crush them up personaly. Plus i would think that it would taste something nasty.

17-02-2003, 11:14
[quote]it was pretty common for you all to smoke them.
Doesn't get my vote I think it's a tragic mistake and lame, but it is extremely popular. It probably gives a far superior high aswell.
Don't smoke the pills as is mate, too much rubbish. A guy told me he powderises them, adds some acetone for a few hours, pours off acetone carefully in to his garden. Then adds methylated spirits to the remaining shit, pours through filter in to a glass, throws away the filter. Evaporate the methylated spirits in the glass and then it is pretty smokable.
It's a spastic habit for sad individuals smoking stimulants, theyll tell you it won't fuck them up or they arent fucked up, and that the high is worth it, but they gotta say that dont they heh.