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07-12-2002, 15:12
are these effective orally... i am not a fan of needles and was curious what dosage would be suggested orally .. or is snorting the way to go..
please help

07-12-2002, 16:52
could really use some help here people..
what is the reccomend dosage / method of consumption that is safe...

07-12-2002, 18:59
No one knows anything about you. WHat kinda opiate tolerance to you have, if any? Are you normal body weight? Like to get all shitty or just wanna relax for a bit? I mean, wht are you trying to accomlish here?
There's at least one active discussion here about morphine dosage and route of admin....it's on this page. Read it.
Morphine is no good orally. If you dont want to poke them, crush them upo REAL good(as the time release is difficult to break on mscontin tabs, which I;m jut assuming you have. You never speicified) and snort'em.
30mg for normal weight, little tolerance, and a good time but not drooling on yourself.
Have fun.
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17-12-2002, 05:05
They are not very effective orally but you can snort them after grinding them up well or do as some do and disolve them in water and shoot up the rump hole with a baby syringe--don't laugh it works well I am told
Some shoot them into the vein-of course

Technical User
17-12-2002, 05:18
I have a quicky for some-one, I'll just throw it in this thread to save some room and make the search better for further reference
the local doctor usually perscribes 30 and 60 mg morphines but you can't shoot or snort these ones.
the 60s are orange(or peach)
there are also white 15mg ones!
I believe the 30 are red..not positive
They are generic I believe and widely available in the US. does anyone know what I am talking about or where I can do some background research on different generic morphine tablets
The problem with them is when they come in contact with water they will turn into a gel or some shit! and even when they are chewed they basically turn into a waxy substance in ones mouth
thanks guys

17-12-2002, 05:23
If you snort it, most of it will still end up in your stomach so your liver is still going to filter it and it is still going to be inefficient. If you ask me just eat like 50 mgs and work your way up, you will prolly need more but just to be safe start small.

18-12-2002, 01:01
tech - mscontin does that when you put them in water and heat them. ive posted a faq forIVing them, just do a search on mscontin IV faq. its a pain in the ass, and takes a while, but shit, anythingis better than eating them.

18-12-2002, 01:38
If your talking about the orange 60mg extended release with e655 on back, then they are the genaric from novartis labs. The 30 are green. They break up real chalky, but when you put a little water in it, it get slimey.
The best way to defeat the ER mech is to fold an index card in half, place the pill in it and smash the hell out of it, they get quite powdery. I then break open a cheap capsule of some kind and put it in 1/2 and swallow with out recapping. Open ended.
You can also put the powder in about an ounce of warm water and stir well and drink, ,but the 1/2 capsules semm to be more effective.
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18-12-2002, 04:44
novartis labs!! Thanks alot. I couldn't find shit about them ; but that is exactly what they are