View Full Version : (opioids) Codeine recreational dosing

23-10-2013, 21:46
I can get pure Codeine with no paracetamol or other crap. I get them in 60mg doses. What would people consider a good recreational dose?

Over the past few weeks I've about 20mg of Oxy a day. Not everyday. So my tolerance is rather low for opiates right now.

24-10-2013, 00:07
2 or 3 of them should give you a good effect.

24-10-2013, 00:19
Oxycodone is 15-20x stronger than codeine. So if 20mgs of oxy has been your dose, your going to need to take upwards of 300 mgs of codeine to get an appreciable high. There's also cross tolerance to factor in. You're going to need to take at least 5 of those probably. Maybe 6.

24-10-2013, 04:13
I'd start at 150mg and see where that gets you.

24-10-2013, 05:12
Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.