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Si Dread
28-09-2013, 09:27

9:30 am After the usual cautious titration & allergy testing over a previous couple of days 100mg was wieghed out, ground to the finest possible powder, divided into 2 small 50mg piles. One pile was further divided into 5 equal heaps & folded into rizla parachutes. One down the hatch. The other 50mg goes into a paper wrap. During allergy testing I found the compound particularly vile, typical PEA, but also tasting quit strongly & distinctly metallic, which made me slightly concerned. My concern was reduced when no reaction was noted on allergy testing.

10 am Possible placebo come-up felt, extremely subtle. Another 10mg down...

10:30 am Still the same possible alerts, nothing obvious but a very slight, distant sense of dissociation might be present. Another 10mg down the neck, & about the same outta the wrap & up the nose. Ouch. Typical PEA on the nostril.

11:30 am That's more like it, now we're getting somewhere. Effects have aproached with deft slowness. No nausea, no come-up at all to speak of. Just a new sense of mild serenity & an expected increased interest in colour & my audible enviroment. I'm listening to 80's music & trying to work, so only looking for light effects. Don't worry, I'm not a brain surgen or childrens bus driver, like Otto. No lives have been placed in any danger, other than my own, during my work-time experiments. Just thought I'd mention that. A further 2 x 10mg bombs down the hatch & another 10 (ouch) up the nose. Final doses, total now 50mg oral + 20mg nasal. Total = 70mg

12:30 pm Touch of nausea after last hits, eased, perhaps surprisingly by a bag of crisps & a can of that lovely old/new Vanilla Coke. I think I just needed salts, sugar & hydration. Physical work! Felt pretty serene again after eating & winding up at work. Interest in colour & patterning has picked up. The effects are very subtle, probably due to my gentle titration & also because I have experimented with another new psychedelic 3 times recently.

18:30pm Quite surprised to see the effects continue to pick up through the first part of the afternoon. A radio advert had me laughing my arse off all alone at work, cessation of hysterics was followed by a pleasant walk home in the sunshine. Texture on walls & tree trunks is enhanced visually. All these effects are extremely familiar to me. Firstly because, being wary of nausea on classic PEA's I often titrate up or dose in 2 or 3 seperate goes to ease the come-up. So these threshold, subtle tripping effects are very familiar. At home I'm able to lay back on the bed & admire the colours washing across my white cieling, play with my cat & eat tastey things. These are typical 2c-type effects all round, but without the edgy intensity of, say 2c-e. Sadly I have not yet had the pleasure of 2c-b itself, so I can only compare this to my experiences with 2c-e & a couple other PEAs. I'd be interested to hear any comparisons with 2c-b from anyone who'd taken both & can give a comparative.

Anyway, all the effects from this new compound mirrored many that I've experienced on classic PEA's except it felt quite relaxing mentally & physically, making it a better comparison to some of the lighter Tryptamines. Unlike the the 4-Subs though, PEA's almost always produce a headachey hangover.

20:30pm Effects have worn off & have been gradually replaced by a typical PEA headache. No other obvious mood deflation or comedown effect was noted.

10:30pm Headache has become more pronouced, so 500mg of paracetamol is swallowed. It doesn't really help so another is swallowed. The headache is very pronounced now, worse & longer than others I've suffered post-PEA. I wonder vaguely if the metallic taste of the chemical may suggest a contaminant or something. Luckilly I've had a busy day, I'm nakkered & I fall asleep during the classic drug dealer movie, Light Sleeper.

Next Day 05:30 My very busy lady-friend is up & I wake briefly too... To the same headache I went to sleep with, albiet quite a bit lighter now. I swallow another 500mg paracetamol & return to sleep.

12:30pm The headache has lurked about most of the morning but has now gone. No more paracetamol.

Conclusion – Interesting substance, felt indistinguishable from a classic PEA until the headachey comedown, which was more uncomfortable & longer lasting than I expect from classic PEA psychedelics.

28-09-2013, 15:35
can anyone just get me some real fucking 2c-b & I'll do it myself!

I think the less said about this the better.....

Si Dread
29-09-2013, 10:06
Shitfuck! Obviously, that report was posted where BL's rules do not apply. I have redacted that bit...

& please don't remind me, I cringe whenever I remember what happened to that shit :( :( :(

I lost some 2c-b, the first time I EVER got my hands on some & I lost it. FUCK!

29-09-2013, 16:51
Shitfuck! Obviously, that report was posted where BL's rules do not apply. I have redacted that bit...

& please don't remind me, I cringe whenever I remember what happened to that shit :( :( :(

I lost some 2c-b, the first time I EVER got my hands on some & I lost it. FUCK!

i've had it a few times and it aint all that- the visuals were good and it makes you horny but there was no depth to it at all. pure shallow

30-09-2013, 19:22
i've had it a few times and it aint all that- the visuals were good and it makes you horny but there was no depth to it at all. pure shallow

"Only Users loose Drugs" dear Si Ingwe happens to a lot of us although not always to that extend. My condolences go out to you for your loss.

And 2-cb was kinda funny a cartoonistic drug.

Good read, didn't even know BK-2-... 's existed. And my curiousity likewise grew during you re report till the headache
really put an stop to the fun. Was it substance related or can it have been dehydation other factors (hope Hope)

Si Dread
04-10-2013, 10:55
I went about my day as usual, eating & drinking as normal. I don't believe the headache was related to hydration, I felt it was a direct consequence of the drug experience. However, it's not unusual for me to suffer a headache after taking a 2c-xx. The only difference is this one was worse & quite a bit longer lasting. This was from an initial, small run batch of the drug & I have no way of knowing if an impurity might've caused the headache. Others do not appear to be suffering them, so equally, it might be unique to me or some sort of interaction with my asthma medication, the only meds I take daily.

PS Thanks for the kind word re my loss! Lol

Wayne C
01-11-2013, 20:52
I was thinking about making a thread on bk-2c-b until i came across this. Interesting read. BK-2C seems promising by the way you described it. Is it possible for you to compare it to 2C-E? I tried a few different 2C's and E was always my favorite. Never got a chance to try actual 2C-B, from what Shulgin writes about it it looks to be the best one.

04-11-2013, 05:25
Depth can be found on 2cb you just got to focus and bring it to the surface but it's hard to keep that mindset, the B just comes in waves of euphoria and you lose train of thought. Fogy and simple is what your mind becomes on the peak if you allow it. bk-2CB sounds very similar but perhaps 1/3 the potency or less of 2cb. 2cb is very erotic. My GF has gotten a headache from 2cb last night and it lasted till today. She is the first person I've come across with a headache from 2cb and she has had it before, usually in combination with a little speed, maybe that is why she has not got a headache before due to the speed comedown. Also writing a coherent sentence is a little hard for me today.

If you had 2c-d and 2c-c combined would be a little like 2c-b. 2c-b is nothing like 2c-e. 2c-e can get all mystical and shit 2c-b more like brilliant idea's that disappear to fogy memory. 2c-b = massively horny! So it seems like bk-2cb is quite similar but at the same time different to 2cb itself.

16-11-2013, 19:04
i've had it a few times and it aint all that- the visuals were good and it makes you horny but there was no depth to it at all. pure shallow

Not that shallow is necessarily bad, of course. That said, I have enjoyed my experiences, both visual & physical, with 2C-I over those with -B & -C. I have found 2C-I to present a physiologically clearer experience and it still definitely makes at least one woman I know quite aroused.

26-11-2013, 16:48
So is it really great or could I just take 2C-D and 2C-E and have something very similar?
Wikipedia speaks of it forming a pink solid when it gets moist or contact with air, it didnt read as if this was the stablest drug in the world.

"Conventional theory suggested primary βk-primary amines would be too prone to dimerisation to be stable in solution or when stored for long periods, but βk-2C-B.HCl is stable when kept dry. Exposure to neutral or basic aqueous solutions causes reaction to a purple solid."

Edit: It says its unstable in a solution not unstable as a powder.
Still could this drug be somewhat unstable?

If you had 2c-d and 2c-c combined would be a little like 2c-b.
Not a must then, 2C-D is doing a good job for a serotonergic uplift and 2C-E is good for tripping.
I also still have 4-aco-dmt, so actually when I think about it I have enough drugs already.

Maybe bk-2c-b can be microdosed to feel good for 12h instead of a maximum of 6h with a thing like 2C-D which I microdosed a couple of times.

30-11-2013, 18:05
I have gotten bad post trip headaches from 25i nbome, so bad it hurt to move. I don't normally get headaches.
Could the headaches be related to a sudden drop in vaso-constrictiveness?
If so, could simply having a cup of mildly vasoconstrictive coffee help releave the symptoms?

Anyway, I think I am going to bring this 'bk-2C-B' into my lab and do some testing on it.

24-12-2013, 01:32
Hows snorting go up against oral dosing?

I perfer snorting 2cb, curious if bk2cb is similar in that respect (although additonal painful powder could be an issue)

24-12-2013, 12:37
Tried it on Sunday - 130mg orally, swallowed in a capsule on an empty stomach.
Takes about ~1.5 hours before first alerts become evident, overall duration well over 12h.
Effects: colors are supersaturated and of great contrast, with a mild shimmering/halos around them. Textures appear "crisp" in a way that surface irregularities are more prominent. This is usually my first hallmark of visuals evolving; however, with this compound this did not progress beyond very slight patterning seen on the bitumen pavement. There was also some degree of emotional openness, talkativeness, giggling, and desire to engage in motor activities; however, none of the effects was pronounced. An interesting phenomenon of "reverbating" voices was observed, something I had never experienced with other substances.
Side effects: slight stomach discomfort during the comeup and slight headache as the effects begin to wear off. As well as the quite irritating outburst of dry cough at T+10:00, which actually required an inhalation of beta-adrenomimetics and corticosteroids. This was odd, as no other signs of allergic reaction were evident, and it developed that late in the course of the trip...however, I highly doubt that this was a mere coincidence.
If I were to compare this chemical with something I had previously experienced, the closest would be LSA minus nausea minus sedation.
Next time will probably take ~170mg.

01-01-2014, 03:32
Tried it in dosage of 200mg orally and was very, very impressed!
A full +++ experience with OEVS and etc. It was nowhere near the previous 130mg trial, a wholly different experience - remarkable in its somatic, entactogenic, introspective, and visual phenomena - as wholesome psychedelic experience as it can be.
Having previously experienced mushrooms, LSA, LSD, Ayahuasca, smoked DMT, DXM, etc, I was (am) still pleasantly surprised with the intensity and profoundness of the trip...
So, in case one is left underwhelmed with the effects at ~100mgmish, perhaps an incremental approach regarding the dosage would prove fruitful.

01-01-2014, 06:51
Thought I'd repost the somehow more detailed report I've just written for erowid here:

"Having previously experienced this compound at an oral dosage of 130mg, I had been left somehow underwhelmed. A slight entactogenesis, enrichment in sound, taste, and smell, somehow brighter colours, minimal patterning on the pavement was all there had been. However, escalation of dosage to 200mg changed the set of things dramatically..

Now, I've done a hearty array of psychedelics/dissociatives including, but not limited to, mushrooms, Ayahuasca, cacti, yopo, Ipomoea, Hawaiian baby woodrose, LSD, DXM, mexphenidine and smoked DMT,among others. I'm mentioning that in order to provide the reader with the understanding of the relative background against which the effects of substance in question, bk-2C-B, will be compared.

So, after an abstinence form food for 6 hours, 200mg of the sticky white powder was placed in the gelatine capsule and swallowed. The reasoning behind encapsulating the compound was the theory that bk-2C-B forms dimers when in neutral and basic solutions, rendering the compound inactive - so that simply dissolving the powder in a glass of water and gulping it would not be the best route of administration. As previous experience with the given substance had left me with a somehow annoying cough, a preventive measure was taken: an antihistamine claritine,5mg, was ingested, and a fixed mixture of beta-adrenomimetic/corticosteroid was inhaled. This proved beneficial, in retrospect.

The onset began in approximately 30 minutes. A previously unfamiliar sensation of intense tingling along the scalp and back of the head was felt. Then, a series of rhythmic contractions of peripheral musculature, aka shivering, ensued. This seemed to particularly involve the muscles of mastication. This was compounded with the "buzzing" sensation within the body-it was akin to paraesthesia one gets when compressing the nerve of on an extremity (i.e., the ulnar nerve at the elbow-sure everyone knows that tingly-numb sensation?), yet it was felt deeply within the body. Oddly but not unexpectedly, a series of yawning outbursts took place. Then, the dreaded increased mucus production began, manifesting as a desire to clear the throat-familiar to all chronic smokers. No cough, though! Additionally, the characteristic oddly numb feeling in the mouth cavity developed. This was highly reminiscent of LSA, blotters, and cacti. Of course, the expected nausea was soon to join the already dissatisfying agenda of nasty side effects. To sum up, the comeup was pretty rough physically, and could probably have been overwhelming, had I not previously experienced Hawaiian baby woodrose (worst nausea ever), cacti (extreme shivering!), mushrooms (yawn-myself-to-death), and Ayahuasca ("oh my god, I'm gonna die for sure") beforehand.
On a bright side, the pleasant effects were also observed in a matter of hour after the ingestion. A slight movement of the wallpaper was noted, which was then accompanied by the general mood elevation and the overall "trippy" feeling. These effects continued to pick up in intensity, especially the visual ones. What began as a vague "crawling" of painted surfaces every psychonaut is highly accustomed to soon evolved into a more complex illusion. There, a usual fractal pattern of textures "overflowing" all surfaces looked upon developed, but it was ornamented with a peculiar net of intensely pulsating red dots scattered throughout it. These series of red dots pulsating at ultrahigh speed had been previously observed during the comedown on smoked DMT, but not when under influence of other substances. In a matter of hours, the whole visual scene was pretty much indistinguishable from that produced by 3 grams dried cubes or 1 blotter of acid, to give you the approximation of the degree of OEVs. Yet, the visuals were remarkable and with their own character. Much less flowing and outstretched than those seen under Ayahuasca and mushrooms, but rather more circumscribed, more regular, "orderly" so to speak..and definitely "sparkly"! Indeed, sparks observed were pretty unique to this chemical. These shared some similarities to the effects seen while under the influence of Trichocereus spp (cacti) and were especially prominent around the glowing objects..most notably neon lights. Besides, a considerable "trailing" of moving objects was also observed, which again was pretty remarkable due to its "grainy" and "sparlky" qualities..as opposed to soft and flowing trails typical of mushrooms/Ayahuasca.

I cannot comment much on the subject of closed eye visuals..since I do not personally consider them "visuals" in the first place. That being said, I rarely willingly close my eyes while tripping. However, even briefly closing my eyes resulted in a multicolored explosion of Mandelbrot's set multiplying itself into the infinity...something worthy of appreciation by a seasoned CEV connoisseur, I presume!

As for the emotional side - it was pretty neutral. Positive, yet not overly pushy. A definite entactogen, yet far from DXMish "let me hug you!" and definitely not a "bro" style one gets from booze. It is cool in a way that one can easily engage in socialization if wishes... and still retain as much of an interpersonal distance as desired.

Remarkably, a high degree of introspection and re-appreciation of life's values was noted. This was "soaked" in utmost feeling of immense gratitude - to the Universe, to my friends, and, most importantly, to my parents. So, even though this substance was not taken with explicit intention to delve into the depths of subconsciousness, it surely showed it considerable potential as a tool for deep self-exploration. To recap: it's not just an eye candy, it is as psychedelic as it can get! Which implies it is not devoid by all too familiar nasties one learns to hate and love when dealing with 5HT agonists... obsessive ideation, paranoia, looping of thoughts etc are all there! Yet, these possibly unwelcome intrusive thoughts are very manageable. Nothing close to a 2-blotter "They are coming after me!" freak-out.

To sum up, it was a very rewarding experience. I'm typing this while still under the influence (the words on the screen are melting into each other and glowing with an alienly green halo around them-sweet!)..which is at T+12:00 after the ingestion. This implies that bk-2C-B can provide a potential full-day-long trip..excellent in many aspects: 1)it is not overly taxing on the body; 2)endows minimal mindfuck; 3)reasonably stimulating, yet not to the point of jitters; 4)moderately entactogenic, yet not obtrusive 5)highly visual, which is surprising 6) provides one with enough tools for elaborate introspection - if one chooses to indulge in delicate self-excavation, there's plenty to be found with the aid of this drug...however, the substance does not mind being used recreationally - which can not be said about Aya/DMT; and, finally, 7)legal for the time being!
That being said, I would highly recommend this substance to anyone interested in a solid psychedelic experience. Be prepared for the bumpy comeup, though, and make sure you do not eat anything for a minimum of 6 hours beforehand, for if ingested on a full stomach, this substance can take ages to start manifesting itself. Worry not, though- you will be able to eat and actually enjoy the taste of food after the comeup nausea has passed (at T+3:00 it is gone for sure). Some metoclopramide can be taken to ease this nauseous aspect out, if one wishes. As had been noted, the effects at 200mgs are totally unlike those at 130mgs (which were a bleak + on a Shulgin scale), and, in my personal opinion, it is at 200mg+ range that this substance should be taken-if one wishes to explore its full potential, that is. Overall, the compound bears considerable resemblance to LSA/cacti and in both its positive and side effects, and is pretty unlike mushrooms/Ayahuasca. This can probably be explained by its phenethylamine structure, I guess.

P.S. I was on a ketogenic diet while consuming the drug. This may or may not have affected the experience. Anyways this is something worth noting since we are talking about a beta-KETONE of 2C-B, after all..."

01-01-2014, 15:22
That's a very insightful TR. Thank you. Have been slowly increasing the doses of this to try and get a feel for the dose-response curve but haven't reached anywhere near to this level yet.

What I find a bit odd is the wide range of reported bodyload effects with this. From what I'd read, I expected this to be a easier on the body than, say, AMT but some people (particularly in this thread it seems) have a worse experience in that respect. Guess I'll find out for myself as I increase the dose.

03-01-2014, 18:01
from what I've read you must encapsulate this substance for any real effect due to the dimmer. nice trip report, was losing hope before trying this, I am interested again.

05-01-2014, 23:11
Wow...Sounds like a good experince. In my case I took 100 mg capsule with a big lunch and only started to feel the effect after 4.30 hrs. As I thought it was funny and wanted to explore a bit further took another 50 mg and ended up tripping hard for 24 hrs. Burping and winding and pretty nauseaous...Ha ha, pulsating luniniscence of bright objetcs, sparkly trails of my hands, mandelbrot set of spheres @ CEV...very acelareted thought and clarity in the beginning but then a big haze. Waaay too long. stop already...

06-01-2014, 09:58
Next time perhaps consider taking Metoclopramide, 10mg - it is remarkably efficient at counteracting described gastrointestinal issues (both nausea and bloating are completely eliminated).
Yeah the duration of the effects can be a bitch. However, I somehow managed to fall asleep while still considerably high (flowing OEVs and such) at T+15:00. Fooled myself by thinking "okay I'm not gonna sleep 'cause it won't happen, I'll just lay there for a while w/ eyes closed and wind down a notch" ->fell asleep momentarily. Of course, some short-acting benzos and/or melatonin can be taken if sleep is an issue.

27-01-2014, 13:07
Has anybody else had an extremely unpleasant time on this drug? My experience largely consisted of gut wrenching remorseful crying for all the hurt I'd caused people, and an overwheliming terror that I'd finally 'snapped'. I took the drug orally, ~180mg, almost exactly 48hrs ago, and am only just beginning to come round. By far the worst trip of my life.

edit: Oh, I also have myself a haircut about 6 hours in. Needless to say I look absurd.

27-01-2014, 15:58
I've read TRs elsewhere which suggests it's quite tricky to find the sweet spot with this substance. Some have tried 200mg and felt very little, others have had a hard time at 130mg and don't want to touch it again. There doesn't seem to be any consistency, even with the same person doing the same dose.

Maybe it's just very dose-sensitive or it's interacting with something else in the system causing unpredictable results each time.

Personally, I've been up to 125mg without many negative side effects but feel 150-175mg might be nearer the sweet spot for me. I'd suggest trying it again, but maybe lower the dose to 150mg and remove the "~" from the equation. You want to know EXACTLY how much you've taken so you can be objective about it and make accurate dosage adjustments to find what works best for you.

Although I suppose you might be flushing it all down the toilet after your 48 hour ride. Hope you feel better!

Si Dread
27-01-2014, 18:34
I guess as ever, milage may vary!

Go easy with large dosing of psychedelics people, especially new ones like this.

28-01-2014, 21:33
Also please consider that food not merely postpones, but significantly interferes with absorption of this chemical. So if you ingest 200 mg having fasted beforehand, it will not only kick in faster, but will also provide a much stronger trip overall, as compared to ingesting the same amount on a full stomach! In my experience, that is.

Mr. Mayor
29-01-2014, 18:06
Sounds like something I gotta try, great report mayne

30-01-2014, 00:20
Sure do. It seems as if I might repeat my experience with this chemical on Sunday, using equal or slightly higher dosage, then see what happens, and then let you all know how it went. With some luck, perhaps there'll be a double TR from two people, if my friend agrees to chime in.

30-01-2014, 07:55
I don't recommend using over 300mg, as I just did this and as great as it feels, it gets dragged out wayyyyyy too long. Even now, over 48 hours later I feel weird as fuck lol. I just posted a trip report if you want to check that out...it'll explain why 300mg was taken, I swear I'm not dumb lol

heres the link to the TR if you're interested.


30-01-2014, 12:55
Thank you for sharing the TR! 300mgs seems to be quite intense indeed, judging from your experience. So it appears from another 300mg-range TR posted on erowid, as well. Personally I don't feel like going over 220mgs, huh; 200 was already on the verge of being excessive IMO.

30-01-2014, 13:12
Just placed an order for 2x pellets bk-2c-b (110 mg each). I was thinking of throwing them both in the trash, but then again I wonder if my trash bin would be able to handle 220 mg of said substance. Anyway, my question is do you believe etizolam to be an effective way to kill the experience, should it get out of hand/too long? I am a little bit worried about vasoconstriction, can anyone elaborate?

30-01-2014, 14:00
Just don't sit down the entire time you're on it, because it can fuck you up down there with hemorrhoids...Remember to stay hydrated because I noticed I didn't get any dry mouth for some reason, and so I kept water near me at all times.

30-01-2014, 20:19
Vasoconstriction is to be considered, however it is nothing compared to nearly bluish extremities caused by ergolines (LSA etc), in my experience. You will freeze, though, so consider having plenty of nice steaming tea, warm fatty food, and a woolen blanket for extra cosyness.
Metoclopramide will aid in removing GI issues and any second degeneration over-the-counter antihistamine (Claritine, Zyrtec, etc.)can be used to counteract the bothersome increased mucus production. AFAIK, etizolam, being a BZP, will kill the anxiety, but not the trip itself, since it does not directly affect 5HT receptors. For the trip to be aborted some heavier artillery will be required, in my experience. Classical antipsychotics such as haloperidol and chlorpromazine, which block the shit out of all receptors, will work, but personally I would limit their use to emergency freakout-level bad trips due to a bunch of non-desirable effects.
In other words, I would not advocate taking 220mgs if you are not in for a day-long trip. It being -20 degrees Celsius now where I reside, a warm comfortable apartment is a must, too, in my situation...

Si Dread
30-01-2014, 20:39
Yeah, can we all just avoid 300mg doses of brand new psychedelics please!?!

30-01-2014, 21:36
We better do. However, it is somehow comforting to know that at least two people took 300mg without dire immediate consequences.
In a sense, awareness of this fact will probably reassure someone who ingests 200mg and then goes on "oh man I took too much, too much".

03-02-2014, 12:25
Tried it again yesterday at 220mgs with another person. Effects were exactly as described in my previous report on 200mg, yet somehow milder; this could be attributed to having fasted for 3 hours, not 6, beforehand. Overall quite enjoyable experience; going to cinema was great, and philosophical discussions that followed even more so. My friend experienced the same effects of a similar intensity as me, though her interpretation and evaluation of the trip will most likely differ from mine to a considerable extent based on personal background; perhaps she will post a write-up of her own.

04-02-2014, 00:12
Thank you graciously for all your wonderful information and experiences. My last remaining question is directed towards those of you who have had the chance to try out multiple substances which produce the phenomena, we so proudly have dubbed 'psychedelia'.

How would this molecule fair in terms of visual enchantments, distortions, pattering, super-imposement(dunno if a word) of images, geometry, tracers, etc. compared to more classic serotogenic hallucinogens? As I have concluded from reading all the scarcely available trip reports I could find, there is a certain lack of "depth" that can be expected, with very little to no ego-loss. Higher doses obviously tend to exaggerate any effects (both positive and negative). The question is can this substance produce any worthwhile effects (at higher doses) without making the stimulatory effects too difficult to handle?

Consider that I am asking this knowing that 5g dried cubes do very little for me (5'11 , 220 lbs, male, +++ tops), and so do a gram of your garden variety street speed. How far do you think one should push this substance? 100 mg dose sound very underwhelming (at least from the stuff I've read). 220 seems like the sweet spot for the majority of experienced researchers (again, very little information available). Is 300 really an overkill? I have only 220 in my possession, but i am still curious how this one will handle if given some pressure. For me it is kind of a big deal if i don't reach ++, +++ is what I am aiming for, and ++++ (without any severe side effects if possible) is what i desire the most.

I am thinking of throwing some 30mg aMT I have left into the mix, if just used as a MAOI. I also have some "good" synthetic 'noids and a ton of benzo's (if etizolam can be called a 'benzo"), so anxiety and over-stimulation shouldn't be an issue.

04-02-2014, 18:18
Well, it is definitely not lacking "depth". The psychedelic headspace is there, as is pronounced empathy and feelings of utter joy, typical of, presumably, MDMA (have never tried, but since 2C-B is often said to be a cross between LSD and MDMA, this might make sense). I had not problems with overstimulation at all, sitting on the sofa and chatting was absolutely fine - no jitters/jaw tension etc (these were only pronounced during the comeup stage, i.e. for the first 2-3 hours). However, my friend was experiencing the effects of 220mgs for 24+ hours, as had other people in this thread. I, on the other hand, felt asleep easily without benzos at T+12:00 despite still prominent patterning on the walls; sleep was absolutely fine. So it appears that the duration of this substance at higher dosage is quite unpredictable and is a subject to vast interpersonal variation. As for the adverse effects, metoclopramide and claritine taken together with 220 mgs of the drug made the whole trip basically side-effects free. Also I found out that drinking the coffee during the trip results in no headache afterwards (the morning after).
Have not tried aMT yet (had acquired many months ago but still haven't gotten the courage to sample it), but from what I've read, it can be quite nasty and unpredictable on its own in terms of side-effects (especially concerning cardiovascular instability and nausea), so I would not recommend mixing it with bk-2C-B. Again, only my speculation, not speaking from personal experience, but I would rather not do it.

17-02-2014, 20:58
It seems that this compound had left me wondering whether or not I should go for the big 300mg. Tried it at 220mg, and although interesting at first, I found it quite boring compared other psychedelics with this sort of entactogenic nature. Now I am not saying that bk-2c-b is not fun and enjoyable, but I would really like to see this one at its full effects. A hefty gram is coming next week; thinking of bombing about 300-330 and see where the evening takes me. I will write a detailed trip report at this dosage as well; thinking that the previous one had nothing worth while to offer readers: (this is it in a nutshell ---> Did not have trouble with side effects; visuals better than LSA, but milder than 3g cubes; no bodyload WHATSOEVER; sense of wonder/happiness/excitement; some CEV, but nothing like shrooms; feeling it well into the next day;

P.S Had a lot of 5f-akb8 (pure powder, vaped), thinking of not doing that next time, for it might diminish the effects?

17-02-2014, 22:43
On the contrary, cannabinoids tend to enhance the effects of each and every classical psychedelic for me. More so, amplification of the trip is actually the only purpose I use them for. So I highly doubt that they can diminish the effects of bk-2-c-b, but again to each their own.
Btw, 300mg for a dose really comes down to be quite pricey...perhaps you might turn your attention to other substances which might provide similar effects for less of a buck, given that you have such a low sensitivity to this particular chemical?

06-05-2014, 05:29
At 110mg orally taken. One of the most beautiful experiences in the world. With cocaine as well. A peace of my mind in a trip.

26-05-2014, 16:11
My First trip at a total of about 200mgs spaced out in capsules turned into a beautiful experiences. The first few hours were very chatty and ecstasy like. I was waiting for the psychedelic effects to come on which took a full 3-4 hours but were intense similiar to lsd. I tried to repeat the experience a few days later which was a bad idea. Your body def needs time in between trips. I'd say at least a few weeks. Luckily it was a holiday weekend and I've slept more than ever. No depresssion though just tired a shit. DLPA, L tyrosine, and 5htp have been taken. Even drinking during the whole trip I still was majorly dehydrated and downed tons of water. No headache whatsover for me. I'm just worried the amount of damage this does considering the ecstasy like effects the first few hours.

27-08-2014, 20:32
Yeah, when I did It, it felt like all stim, no psych, but I only did 100mgs.

13-09-2014, 15:49
OK so I got given a chemical research pellet by a friend who runs a head shop. He handed it to me and said "I've heard all kinds of things about these but I don't really trust their word. You have had all kinds of things so can you let me know what its like? "
I've had this BK-2C-B for almost a week, I guess I must be losing my touch (this would normally have gone down the hatch as soon as I got it)
I've done a bit of looking up on it and end up on this thread.
I am quite glad I did after reading some of the higher dose stories on here.
The r.c. pellets are 310mg so I've halved it *so 155mg* took half of it at 13:57 and made a coffee and now having a good chill out in the bath...
Still chilling in the bath 14:38.
Things seem to be very slowly distorting, my shark socks draped over the doorhandle appear to be moving.
Fucking coffee has gone cold.

Feels like the onset of AMT *one can only hope.

Kinda noticing the colours I normally see (I used to take a lot of acid) a bit more than usual... Probably because its fresh in my mind that I have took something.

Will pop back later and let you know of any progress.


13-09-2014, 17:08
Had a smoke with 5F-AKB48 Noticed a slight dilation of the pupils at 15:53... Did a 12 minute rep of light weight lifting to get the blood flowing.
16:08 Effects seem to have stopped again. Rolled a smoke with 5f akb48 nothing to report. But I've experienced this before , getting ready to buckle up for a ride....
take it easy for an hour or so

13-09-2014, 18:36
Still not much , can tell I've had something but still not much... I've had 4 smokes too

13-09-2014, 19:13
Rolled another smoke. Still nothing more. Quite tempted to do another 50mg just to push it along a bit. But will it kick in all at once?
Yawning a fair bit but that could be the 5F AKB48...

Also got a mixed up bag of magic dragon,doob,spun out, king cobra and salvia divinorum extract x60, might have a go on that soon just to liven things up a bit.

13-09-2014, 19:49
18:30. Took another 70mg, really smells and tastes funky this stuff. Gona take the hound for walkies

14-09-2014, 00:10
22:47. Me and the dog have just got back in, about 5 miles into the walk things start to get pretty trippy and cartoon like. What the fuck??? Is that a guy lying in the middle of the road or am I tripping balls?!?
I get a little bit closer, sure as shit, it's a guy lying in the middle of the road. I snapped out of the trip instantly and checked he was alright. I text the missus to call a taxi to come for him let's just say after about 45 minutes, 3 phonecalls to the taxi firm and still no sign of the taxi, poor bastard was shivering he was that cold. I gave him my hoodie and my number then told him to walk to keep warm and go steady. To text me when he gets home. Poor sods screen is bust to hell.

Just hope he gets home ok.
Walked back the other mile and half home, trust me to give up my hoodie and freeze the rest of the way back. Ah well I'm home now warm in my Batman onesie with a coffee and a smoke.
Finding it hard to focus back into the trip.
Think next time I'll just take the 310mg as one.
Kinda fancy a tab of acid if I'm honest.

The salvia mix went quite well with the BK 2C-b.

Also gota slight craving for peyote.

14-09-2014, 00:42
Effects are slowly working back on as the shadows from the light fixture are pulsating.
Still nothing major although time hasn't dragged so much.
Gona make another coffee and smoke with the 5F AKB48 AND THE SALVIA MIX. SEE HOW WE GO.

Still its not too bad, feeling a gurn coming on. Had no nausea. Few tremors. And I'm going to find my cape, my back is a bit cold

14-09-2014, 01:07
00:02 feel tired but my eyes won't stay shut. I'll watch the wolf of wall street

14-09-2014, 02:48
I've done 2-CB before, very, very intensely visual with a sort of mindfuck but different than other hallucinogenics in a way, can't really describe it but I did have a pretty good time on a moderate-high moderate dose of it

14-09-2014, 04:21
Its nothing compared to 3 tabs of acid. But I didn't want to just jump on in there with it being a "new" chemical.