View Full Version : Recreational use of Toradol (Ketorolac)?

16-09-2002, 16:56
Does anyone know if theres a recreational use for Toradol? is it safe? the warning labels make it look like theres a recreational use, but theyre also kinda scary. Thanks.

16-09-2002, 19:24
if you call getting your stomach linning ripped apart fun...then have a blast!
NSAIDS have no recreational value., that's why people beg for opiates (tylenol3, oxy, percs. etc)
they also have wierd and dangerous side effects, if taken in large amounts....esp toradol
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17-09-2002, 19:48
What you got is a reaaaaaaaaly expensive Motrin. All it is, is an antiinflammatory. I got a shot of it in the DR's office when I fucked my back up then he wrote me out a script for it and when I found out how much it costs I ripped it up and threw it out......

rorick the hammer
18-09-2002, 06:59
I'm guessing the effect is psychosematic because I know that NSAIDS aren't any fun recreationally but I swear that when I take a couple of these AND smoke up I get really crazy. It's fun...
Yay for placebo.

18-09-2002, 07:39
could be the fact that you're smoking up

Snowman Insight
18-09-2002, 16:24
^^^^^^^ LOL! just what I was thinking.