View Full Version : How to prepare 4 mg dilaudid pills and 30 mg morphine sulfate ir pills for IV!?!?!!!?

12-08-2013, 01:38
I AM A NEWBIE TO SHOOTING UP, SLAMMING, ETC. AND NEED VERY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS AS WHAT TO DO BC IT WILL BE MY FIRST TIME TRYING THIS ROA (hospital doesn't count obviously). I am very well aware of the dangers of injecting, so please do not waste my time there. I have an extremely high opiate tolerance and am very experienced with opiates and drugs in general. I am going to slam 'em bc of my tolerance to opiates and the fact that taking them orally, sublingually, insnuffilation, and plugging has not been successful and the fact that everyone prefers to shoot these pills up bc of the 99% (or whatever) bio-availability. Soooooooo....what gauge syringe should I use, will I need a filter and if so what kind (cigarette, cotton, micron, wheel), do I need to cook it or just shoot it up cold, etc, etc. I need as much detail as possible; like a full on instruction guide for rookies! Thanks!!!!

alt 14
12-08-2013, 01:47
Those opiate salts are water soluble. Basically just crush a dilaudid, put an amount of water in the spoon, mix it up, filter, and shoot. Obviously for pills if you can get micron filters, use them.. Especially if you plan on doing this more than a handful of times. I've used cotton pieces fresh out the bag like I would for any other shot though. It's just dissolving and it's freely soluble in water like I said, so nothing to gain by heating it.

P.S. gauge of the needle is up to you, but id suggest a 30 or 31 short tip.

12-08-2013, 01:59
glad to see that seven years later the search function is still the most heavily used part of this forum............................................. ................................. .............................

12-08-2013, 04:05
Here hon, for detailed info...please check out this thread


12-08-2013, 05:42
Well.. with dilaudid you just crush, mix with about 75 units and shoot. With morphine its a little more complicated. What kind are they? Heres how i do M blocks and ABGs

M blocks:
2-put in spoon and heat without water. Heat evenly until it begins to smoke slightly and turn golden brown
3-immediately put about 150 units of water onto hot spoon. It will evaporate about 50 units so youll be left with about 100 units (1cc)
4-allow to cool. Draw. Shoot

2-put in spoon
3-add about 150 units of water and mix thoroughly
4-it will gel SLIGHTLY but not enough to gel in your veins as im sure someone will say.. ive been doing them for years. Get a large cotton and filter and shoot
5-you can get 3 or maybe 4 pulls out of these but once you get good at prepping them youll be able to get nearly the whole shot in one pull.

Be careful please

12-08-2013, 07:51
You shoot gel into your vein?

12-08-2013, 09:24
He has the IR morphine.. So if it's the white ones you can use the same process as for the dilly. Make sure you research proper technique, and I skimmed the posts so I'll mention to invest in microns if someone hasn't said it yet. Process(simplified)= Crush in spoon. Add 40-80u of H2O. Stir. Filter(a few times if stuck with cotton.) Find vein. Attack!

12-08-2013, 14:16
If you think your opiate tolerance is high now, it is going to skyrocket with IV use of hydromorph and MSIR.

Slum Survivor
12-08-2013, 18:36
i second that opinion^ u really should think about that. i made a mistake back in the day when i chose to start IV ms-contin. insane difference in potency and how it effects you

just make sure you do some research on each pill and how to properly prep them for IV use. use the SEARCH and you will find what im saying. sometimes each brand of pill can be entirely different in how uve gotta prep them. you dont want to lose an arm or something so just be careful.

and your gonna burn like hell when you hit that stuff IV if you do enough. it scared me at first...