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27-04-2013, 10:16
Hi All,

I'm keen to try LSD for the first time (and as my first psychedelic, as advised by other BLers)

Now in a week's time we're going to a gig and most people will probably be on MDMA, could I take the LSD four hours before the gig, and then take MDMA at the same time as everyone else, and then after the gig go to sleep at the same time as everyone else?

I feel like what would be of greatest risk to my trip is because it is so long lasting I would get paranoid that I was keeping everyone else up to look after me when they become resentful because they want to sleep! I trust my friends and girlfriend but I know that that is a potential risk.

If I am peaking on acid for the first time (only planning on taking 1 tab) will I be able to get past bouncers and into the gig or will it all become too much to comprehend?

midnight run
27-04-2013, 11:22
Are u taking the acid on your own? Would be better first time to be around other mates on acid too just take care and enjoy.

27-04-2013, 12:32
With that timeline, you would be mostly sober by the time everyone was falling to sleep. You probably wouldn't be able to sleep, but you wouldn't still be tripping very hard.

27-04-2013, 13:04
I highly suggest you try it for the first time in a more controllable setting. you never know how you're going to react with psychs so until you know what youre in for, its best to test the waters in a private setting with a couple of close people to make sure you can control yourself. Also, word of advice (just because ive made this mistake several times and wound up having hellish trips) avoid mixing stimulants with lsd. The only exception is MDMA but Time your doses out carefully so that you dont have any overlap between the mdma crash and the lsd peak. I've had that happen on me, it was 7 hours of panic attacks and paranoia that even xanax couldnt stop

27-04-2013, 19:44
Yeah, sorry but anywhere with a big crowd of people (and bouncers) is NOT the best place for a first-time LSD experience.

28-04-2013, 23:42
Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Will be patient for a decent opportunity to do LSD, will just stick to MDMA for that night