View Full Version : Laser Light Exhibit by Hiro Yamagata still in NY?

26-12-2001, 23:35
Im not sure if i spelt his name right, but I saw his SICKENING eye candy exhibit in NYC a while ago, when i heard that his exhibit was packin up and headin west. I was readin in Mixer the other day, an article that talked about his website and his exhibit in NYC!! Is it still there or did it move on? Cause if its still there, damn, I have a lot of friends to show that too...someone please let me know...! :)

27-12-2001, 23:55
as far as i know, the show is closed, i believe it was extended till october
it was INCREDIBLE, mindblowing, like a natural acid trip
right now he has an exhibit at the guggenheim in spain [correction-- the show closed dec 2]
for any of you are interested in viewing his site-- http://www.hiroyamagata.com
there are quicktime videos of the show in nyc
but you can only truly experience his work firsthand
he is an incredible artist, all of his work is highly considered and detailed; a totally intensive high end production, if you ever get the chance to view one of his exhibits, i HIGHLY recommend it :)
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30-12-2001, 01:13
Damnit, thanks for the response. yea the website is good, but does no justice to what ti really was like, unbelieveable. And i dont see myself getting to spain anytime soon.
Hmm, i might have him install a permanent exhibit in my basement, yea thats it, thats what ill do.

31-12-2001, 01:27
i believe his studio/office is in la
so you could always go there and stalk him ;)

04-01-2002, 23:48
I work with lasers on a fairly regular basis, and I am always amazed by some of the stuff that we can do. The way the colors split up and how we can make rainbows at will just makes me all warm inside thinking about it. I wanted to see that exhibit badly, though my funds were not such so that I could go to NY at the time. I would love to work for him!!