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15-03-2013, 15:15
Hi all, I will be traveling on vacation and I want to bring a small amount of coke to avoid the whole scrounging for drugs in a city where I don't know people. I would like to dissolve the cocaine in something like IPA (cheap and readily available). Once I get to where I am going I can just put it on a mirror and use a hotel blow dryer to retrieve the solid product. Has anyone had experience dissolving coke in IPA? Thanks!

15-03-2013, 15:21
So you want to dissolve it then precipitate it back out of solution? Is that your idea? Why not just take it as powder, same shit different chemical phase... Powder is easier to smuggle imo

15-03-2013, 15:28
Powder is more conspicuous, IPA in a rubbing alcohol bottle is a common travel item. Or I could put it in mouthwash even.

15-03-2013, 15:30
Put the powder in foil followed by putting it in a waterballon and put it in a opaque bottle with any liquid, if you can get liquid through the airport? Where i am from airport security does not like liquids...

15-03-2013, 15:35
Waverunner310, please don't use SWIM or any other acronyms. Just use "I" instead since we all know it's you and SWIM is not allowed on this site.

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Edit: Judging by the first response this will turn into a "what is the best way to smuggle cocaine thread" instead of a "dissolving cocaine in isopropyl alcohol" thread. Threads that are in regards to breaking the law are not allowed. So I'm going to have to close this. Please send me a PM if you have any questions.

aussie101, you know the rules buddy, so why are you talking about breaking the law.