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15-02-2013, 00:34
Hey i just got a couple of these opana 15's the pill says g76. I was wondering if theres anything i need to do to prep it for iv other than the usual. I know with some of the 15's you have to use rubbing alcohol but i can't find anything online about these. Your help would be greatly appreciated

15-02-2013, 01:18
Same as other IR opanas. But you shouldn't shoot pills, it's very harmful.

Crush, add water, triple filter, solution should be crystal clear.


15-02-2013, 01:26
Pill identifier says they are Oxymorphone hydrochloride extended-release 15 mg. Being the impatient person i am i assumed it would be the same as the other 15's and did the iso extraction, and it worked just fine. Also, i couldn't agree more that injecting pills is dangerous. I really need to invest in some micron filters but id have to get them sent to my house and i usually work during the day so my parents would find them and be like wtf is this.

15-02-2013, 01:35
Yes, it is ER but it isn't Opana so i don't think the iso was necessary, it's probably safer that way though. Sorry about that I thought they were IR. Im pretty sure they crush up and mix like IR's though.. i could be wrong. Hey if the extraction worked then that's good.

15-02-2013, 01:53
Does anybody know if they can simply just be dissolved in water with no iso extraction required? Because if i don't have to do it i would prefer not to.

15-02-2013, 02:11
They are a cheaper version, made by Impax. I thought that Opana had a patent on the TIMERx-N shit, which im guessing could mean that the newer generic version of Oxymorph ER don't use it. I'm really not sure though. The fact that they are cheaper suggest that may be true also. I really don't know though. You could always crush up a pill, take a really tiny line and put a drop of water on it and you should be able to tell if it's gonna gel or not. That's probably what I would do.

I still insist that IVing pills is a bad idea.

15-02-2013, 04:44
Thanks man thats a good idea, and i can't insist anymore how much i agree with you that iving pill is bad. It is what it is though, iving in general is a bad idea.

Update: I broke off a little piece crushed it up and added water to it and it did in fact gel up. So the iso extraction is 100% necessary. But thanks for actually responding to my post nobody else seemed to have anything to add to the topic.

15-02-2013, 05:07
Yeah, sorry you had to waste a piece. You can always just let it dry and throw it through the next round. THe iso is a bitch, i know.

15-02-2013, 05:19
It was a really tiny chunk, no big really the knowledge i gained from it was worth the little chunk, and yeah your right i can just let it dry so nothing wasted really in the end. Yeah it's annoying especially when your hurting and just wanna get high, thank god that wasn't the case tonight.

16-05-2013, 15:35
I just started getting this version last month. Before I was getting the generic version with the crescent moon on one side. Anyway I don't iv but do insuffalate when in extreme back and hip pain. I have never noticed this new generic to gel up or get all gummy in my nasal cavity but that's just what I've noticed. I guess could be different when adding actual water to the powder. Just a little queston if you are breaking the powder down in iso alcohol are you actually shooting that shit in ur veins omg wtf!!??

16-05-2013, 23:37
either my tolerance is way bigger than a year ago or these new generics are not as good as the stop signs. they definitely don't have that nice taste or drip either. its not harsh but it has like a chemical lawn fertilizer smell/taste. i liked the way the old ones tasted

20-05-2013, 05:01
Closed as this is a bump of an old thread with nothing new significantly added. If you wish to discuss a similar topic further feel free to start a new thread. PM any questions.

Reopened upon review...

20-05-2013, 07:07
For the record, you do not want to shoot up the newer Opana ER type pills that gel up!! There are posts on here about people who did it and they had lumps under their skin and basically regreted the whole deal. That stuff does not mix with blood, seriously. Also, I noticed the OP posted his question awhile ago, so I'm wondering if he did it or not and if he had any problems??

20-05-2013, 07:16
Just a little queston if you are breaking the powder down in iso alcohol are you actually shooting that shit in ur veins omg wtf!!??

no no no you dont put the isopropyl into your vein... you evaporate it and your left with a film om the spoon to add water too and that's the medicine.

there's a certain type of oxymorphone er that are like uncrushable, i think its the E15s. you have to cook the pill dry... horrible for your veins...

20-05-2013, 20:42
Thanks for clearing that though I don't bang I was just curious. The company Global Pharmaceutical is making generics in the old formula and they break down for imsuffalation very well. The mgs for these go all the way to 40 mgs er

08-08-2013, 04:22
For the record, you do not want to shoot up the newer Opana ER type pills that gel up!! There are posts on here about people who did it and they had lumps under their skin and basically regreted the whole deal. That stuff does not mix with blood, seriously. Also, I noticed the OP posted his question awhile ago, so I'm wondering if he did it or not and if he had any problems??

sorry to bump this thread since its been so long, but i was the original poster and just wanted to say there was no complications. Actually just iv'ed another tonight using the same process.

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08-08-2013, 04:24
Hey raginrondo, there's an oxymorphone thread in OD we could use your expertise in if you got the time.

08-08-2013, 04:29
sure I will go look at it now

29-06-2014, 15:35
Can you link to the ISO tech thread? I believe I tried this a while back and was left with the film, but once water was added it turned right back to a thin slime...

25-10-2014, 03:55
Ok I'm a newbie so I'm curious if I iso extract the g 76 like I'm gonna iv it can I just throw that into a nasal sprayer and have Opana nasal spray?

25-10-2014, 06:06
I responded to this thread last year before I started getting the orange 40mg generics for my monthly Rx. Yes, they are made by Global and yes, when crushed they definitely turn into a powder BUT once you snort them, I get a plugged up nose in 5 10 minutes every time. It can go away and it's nothing like the old ones that were like plastic. Just pointing out that even though they don't gel the like old ones, in your nose they kind of plug things up a bit. However, they definitely do the trick when snorted! Good Luck!

25-10-2014, 23:01
I snort them and love them. But I want to make a proper nasal spray so would the iso extraction for iv work for nasal spray? Instead of injecting the final solution, just put it in a afrin bottle? Please advise if I'm correct. I.E. crush pill into powder and drop in iso alcohol, stir for a few mins then put into oral syringe packed with cotton in the front and filter into shot glass. Then evaporate iso out leaving film. Add 8-10 ml of water, stir for a few mins then put a (cotton ball, cig filter, micron etc) and draw up into oral syringe and dump into nasal spray bottle.......hopefully wala a potent nasal spray bottle of Opana. I don't wanna waste the time and pill if it won't work.

13-12-2014, 21:04
The Iso extraction method is not the only way to prep these. Before beginning it must be noted that there will be no need in saying anything about how it's unsafe to inject pills. Obviously it's unsafe, but people are going to do it regardless of potential risks. Anyway, back to the topic, here's a much quicker preparation method which takes mere minutes to complete. It produces the rush we all are hoping to obtain and even seems to work better than other methods including iso extraction. Just an honest and experienced opinion. The method is as follows:
1. Get 1.25 mL saltwater solution ready, heating vessel (spoon, etc.), best filter available at that moment.

2. Take coating off pill and dry pill if washed off.

3. Crush finely as possible between cellophane and
pour in spoon/heating vessel

4. Spread powder evenly so it's not so thick.

5. Don't add anything. Slowly apply heat evenly throughout the powder carefully to prevent considerable loss. Continue until all powder hass browned (should smell sweet).

6. Take the 1.25 saltwater solution and shock the browned powder IMMEDIATELY while it is hot. There should be a sizzling sound.

7. Mix the solution and drop in filter.

8. Draw. It will be a dark amer to brown color solution similar to what a heroin shot will have.

9. Slam it.

Some may find themselves picking their chin off the floor simultaneously wiping drool from the mouth and possibly instantly nodding. So be CAREFUL! Also, it seems to effect females slightly more and extra care should be taken, especially if around stranger. Don't put yourselves in a potentially harmful position.

This preparation method only takes a few minutes start to finish and produces a very. lstrong rush. The final solution is not thick and l there should be no gel in it if done correctly. Start off with a smaller amount than usual because this method seems to be very efficient as long as the powder isn't burned. Only browned evenly throughout. Just an opinion but it seems like this method works better than others, but again that's just an opinion. Also let me reiterate that there is no need to lecture on the safety or lack thereof involved in shooting pills. Sadly, it's usually the last thing anybody thinks of when in a WD induced panic.

Feel free to ask anything. I can elaborate on what's been mentioned here or can share preparation methods used for other stuff as well.

Good luck and enjoy!

17-12-2014, 02:09
This method really safe. I been iving dope but I'm getting g72s n I wanna bang em. N I mean relatively safe lol

27-03-2015, 17:34
It's the only method I use for this particular brand and there's nothing major wrong with me. All the veins I've always used still work just fine. I've never had an abcess either. Just don't miss the shot.

18-03-2018, 22:41
I know I'm late to respond but I hope this helps. IDK about the iso method. I've heard of it but sounds nasty I wouldn't want to inject iso. OK my point lol in my experience with opana. You can simply suck or wash the ER coating off of them just like the old original Oxycotin. I've found that to be the best with both the brownish 30mg OPANA and the 15 mg yellow ones. Now with the big white 40mg ones I simply just crushed them with no problem. I agree it's dangerous to use anything IV. In my experience I've had no issues with them gelling up in my sinus cavity which has happenend with other ER PILLS. Hopefully this helps you out. Please be careful with using anything IV. Love and light