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31-01-2013, 22:04
Anyone try a Menthol E cig while rolling? same affect as a real cig? and if so which brand E cig was it?

01-02-2013, 21:50
E cigs don't compare at all to tobacco. But they DO kill your craving reasonably well or 'hold the forte' as I call it.

02-02-2013, 03:35
I wouldn't say the SAME effect. Similar in the cooling effect but not the same.

03-02-2013, 10:09
I was wondering about this my self.. I'm not a smoker.. a clove now and then when I might be out drinking with some friends that's about it.. I was also wondering if a "Mint" or menthol E-Cig would be niffty.. For me I would try and find one with out a nicotine in it.....

Anyone have an bright ideas on this?? I am really interested in something along these lines..

03-02-2013, 10:20
E-cigs are good but I still crave a real cigarette... I still smoke cigarettes now and then and to be honest if I was rolling I would not want an e-cig.. its not harsh enough and doesn't give you that satisfying toke that you need. If I'm rolling I want to inhale that thick smoke and taste tobacco. Not just vape an ecig.... just not nearly as satisfying. An ecig will give you your fix but it won't feel nearly as good.

Have a menthol e cig.

04-02-2013, 16:21
Anyone try a Menthol E cig while rolling? same affect as a real cig? and if so which brand E cig was it?

I'd say if you're not a regular smoker and only puff on occasions that you'd definitely get a kick out of hitting on an E cig. They're convenient and easy to just hit it as you please. Rather than being held in the confines of the time it takes to smoke a real cigarette without letting it die and having to relight it, or having to ash it. The smell is less invasive to people around you. And due to the lack of stink, you can pull off hitting it in doors. Which could help if you're in a setting that you can't have real cigs in.
So if you're a regular cig smoker don't decide to quit cigs and start an e-cig on the same night of your roll..Or do, up to you.

If you're a regular smoker I'm sure you would still have fun with an E-cig in the down time by having something to occupy yourself with. Vicks Vapor Inhalers may be more fun though, heh.
E Cigs also vary in quality and it takes a lot of reading on the internet before you find the perfect kind that provides the sort of hit you're craving or looking to replace.