View Full Version : When did Crank become Crystal Meth?

16-01-2013, 19:10
I am 46, and when I was in my early 20's, I snorted a line or two of crank at a couple of parties. Didn't like really like it, the gagging afterwards was nasty.

I was seeing Meth, Crystal Meth on here in different posts. I asked one of my friends how long Crystal meth had been around because we hadn't heard of it back when we were younger, experimenting, etc.

Man did he laugh at me! Just about fell out of his chair.

My question is, when and why did the name change? I must say its sounds more dignified as "Crystal" than it ever did as "crank". Is Crank just a slang term, like dope is?

I have a feeling it was called Crystal meth in the the mid 80's but I just never heard it called that? I bet it still tastes like crap.

19-01-2013, 07:53
I don't think anyone who actually knows the answer to this would say so on a public forum ;p
ice/crystal is different than "crank" even though they're both methamphetamine. That's all I'm gonna say

Shit, got the dea tracking my shit now...

19-01-2013, 08:17
I thought that crank and crystal meth were different.

Are you saying that they are actually different names for the same substance?

Are you sure? I have heard "crank" and "crystal" but I have never heard them used interchangeably.

That makes some of my favorite comedy bits totally different than what I thought they were.

I feel so dumb.

19-01-2013, 09:30
Lots of variables in clandestine chemistry.
that's where you'll find the difference.

Assuming we're all on the same page as far as slang goes.

19-01-2013, 14:55
yeah, crank is just slang for meth.

it's get's the gears crankin' at high speed. i dunno. probably something lame like where most slang terms come from.

19-01-2013, 15:16
I've heard crank used as a nickname for homemade meth. Crystal is higher quality. Both same substance but from the nicknames I've heard crank is the homemade goodies and crystal is generally the stuff that is purchased and is of higher quality.

19-01-2013, 16:17
^ yeupp. That's all it is...they are both methamphetamine just crank is the homemade low quality shit and crystal is that high quality shit.

They probably just didn't have as good of techniques for making meth as we drug fiends do now.

19-01-2013, 18:24
Yea in my experience crystal or ice is the bomb shit, crank is sub par. In my circle crank has a negative connotation, like "shit, dude sold me some crank last night...it was the worst, most fiendish high, with no euphoria.." as said by me a few times..

19-01-2013, 19:22
Same shit.

Bikers used to hide methamphetamine in their crank boxes.

20-01-2013, 03:04
Watch breaking bad.

Or use google.. But breaking bad is the better option. It doesn't get explained in full there, but well.. It's worth watching anyway and the slang term comes up a few times. %)

20-01-2013, 06:36
the expression around here goes: "pill dope (crank) is speed for the body, ice is speed for the mind," in my opinion if done correctly that shitty homemade stuff will blow the biggest prettiest shards out of the water every single time.

20-01-2013, 06:50
I believe "crank" was the common term for the old racemic methamphetamine powder, while ice is the newer crystal HCL version of the drug that is usually refined to the dextro isomer instead of both dextro and levo like the homemade stuff.

Levo-methamphetamine is sold OTC in inhalers and has no recreational effects, simply adding side effects. So methamphetamine with the levo-methamphetamine removed from it has a much better high as far as most are concerned

20-01-2013, 19:53
I think the only diff in crank and crystal is where I'm at crank is just the powder form