View Full Version : (misc) Carbamazepine

20-12-2012, 19:41
Evenin all

I've found some 200mg tabs of these - and have read they can reduce levels of benzodiazepenes in the body and also selectively increase GABA levels in the brain.

Please note I am NOT using these recreationally.

Would these have the potential to help with benzo withdrawal at a low dose? - say 50/100mg?

On another note, I've heard they can increase he effects of codeine to morphine in an individual as they do something to the p450 chromosome. Now - many have said they take 200mg to induce a larger amount, but perhaps 50mg would do the trick? Would it also increase the effects of oxycodone by allowing more oxymorphone to be produced?

I've heard it's a somewhat nasty drug, but perhaps in moderation it would be good?

I also want to detox from benzos - but have failed a few times. By clearing it out of my system faster and the effects it has on the GABA system, maybe it would help in detox.

Also - does it interact with say amphetmaines?

Thank you to all who have knowledge about this drug. It seems interesting.