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20-12-2012, 02:32
a-pBp Trip Report

This is for the research chemical *a-pBp* (not a-pVp).

*** Note: This substance is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor stimulant, thus can be binge-y and addictive like all of them. I write this so you can be fully aware of what it is, first, and that it has all the potential drawbacks of this type of substance, including anxiety, compulsion, cravings, binge use and the like. This report is meant neither to encourage nor discourage experimentation with these chemicals, only to offer subjective observations valid for its author at the time it was written. Educating yourself on a substance is the first step in harm reduction -- use google first, so you know what this is about. ***

Some background on me -- I'm a 30-year on/off stim veteran (9-year RC experimenter) nearing the end of his party days... I'm familiar with this family of drugs, know how my body reacts and what to expect, have a high immunity to anxiety/paranoia, and am indifferent to effects that would freak a lot of people out. That limits the usefulness of this trip report for newcomers and the average user. If you aren't coming from a similar perspective, please take it with a grain of salt (particularly the "experience report" section).

Amount tested: 1 gram.
ROA: Vaped (smoked), and intra-nasal (snorted).
Amount used: Until satisfied with high.
Frequency used: As desired.
Usage pattern: Normal usage + relatively short binge periods.

The substance tested was purchased from a trusted supplier -- this is uncut, and is what he says it is.

Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder varying from fluffy to rocky, highly soluble in water, with a bitter taste and chlorine-like smell reminiscent of other, similar substances (e.g. a-pVp, MDPV).

Standard dosage: Unknown, but similar to MDPV and a-pVp (~5-10 mg). Overdose results mainly in anxiety and overstimulation -- as with MDVP, I didn't encounter any symptoms of poisoning even at very high doses.

Effects: Heightened awakeness, energy, stimulation + euphoria, similar to other dopaminergics. No entactogenic qualities.

Duration: Two to three hours depending on ROA.

Suggested use: None. These substances are very iffy when it comes to studying and concentration, due to the euphoria and tendency toward addiction -- many have tried them for that, many have regretted it, most have concluded it wasn't worth it. They are not practical drugs that have a purpose, except in very limited cases, and using them for enjoyment carries a price tag. The 'worthiness' of them for whatever reason is up to you.

Intranasal test: Some pre-chopping required... mildly irritating, with a bitter chlorine-like taste that lingers in the back of the throat. Recommend caution due to the potency of this drug: if you don't have a scale, initial 'lines' should be tiny -- thin as a hair and a centimeter or so long. Effects onset rapidly (~5 minutes).

Flame test: Vaporizes cleanly into a tan-to-orange colored liquid, then burns and blackens, leaving a thin residue. The smoke is flavorful and mildly to moderately irritating. Can catch fire with too much heat, producing a caustic smoke smelling like fried electronic parts. For vaping, I recommend a "pipe" made of thick foil (i.e. from a turkey pan) folded into a long handle at one end and cupped at the other, with a thick foil straw made by forming it around a pen -- it's cheap, long lasting, allows for proper application of heat and prevents burnt fingers.

First Impressions: I think I've found a new favorite in this family of substances... I found apBp highly euphoric, and although compulsive, less compulsive than MDPV or apVp. It's very clean and smooth, with effects tapering after 45 minutes, and gone after two to three hours (vaped). Capable of producing anxiety at higher doses, like MDPV. Some clouding of affect at higher doses, but no overt confusion. Very little effect on heart rate, regardless of dosage. Some circulatory constriction (cold, blotchy hands and feet), but nothing serious. I actually like it better than MDPV, and much better than apVp (the devil's spawn, IMO)... it's clean, smooth and euphoric, shorter-acting than MDPV/apVp, with an easier comedown. Don't kid yourself, though -- it can be binge-producing in the same way as the other two. I found myself craving it during the later part of the comedown, and this after only 8-10 hours of use. The stuff also goes very fast, due to short-acting nature and rapidly escalating tolerance. Take it seriously... be careful.

Experience Report:

This section is extremely subjective, and should be read only as a curiosity. It represents the user far more than the drug, and most of it may not apply to you... maybe even none of it. Educate yourself on stimulants in general, dopamine reuptake inhibitors in particular and a-pBp specifically before trying it, know your own body/limits, and never attempt to imitate anyone else's use of a RC.

Most of this use was via vaping (smoking), and experiences will n``ot be typical for use via other ROA's (snorting, ingesting). Vaping is more intense / compulsive, and side effects more dramatic.

(1) Received 1g Thursday, insufflated a few small lines. Noted some initial anxiety at the peak, and the relatively short duration of effects; came down in a couple hours. Set aside 1/3 gram, and sent the rest home with a friend. Tried vaping later in the afternoon, liked it and continued on and off through the night until it ran out Friday morning. Some vasoconstriction noted (cold, blotchy hands and feet), but it wasn't serious. No further use until Sunday.

(2) Began using again Sunday afternoon -- sexual enhancement was noted. Vaped on and off until Monday morning, then quit with some difficulty after signs of stim burnout showed up (lack of euphoria, audio-visual distortions and such). Comedown was unpleasant but manageable, and prominent cravings occurred which made sleep difficult. Eventually fell asleep, and slept the rest of the day.

(3) Started use again again Monday night, with less than 1/4 gram remaining as of 2:30 AM Tuesday morning. Moderate stim burnout (normal at this point), but no significant sensory disturbances and no sign of dopamine psychosis. Continued to use cautiously into early Monday morning -- still enjoyable/euphoric, with no signs of severe burnout or psychosis. For vaped use, this is impressive.

(4) Overdid the vaping, and experienced temporary but dramatic visual hallucinations (+ mild auditory) as of 4:35AM Tuesday morning. Euphoria is still present and thinking still clear, but it's getting risky to continue, and the gram's almost gone.

(5) 'Chipped' a few times via intra-nasal (as of 6:30 AM), but now too tired and flaky... time to stop.

(6) Stopped for a couple hours, then took a couple vape hits... the effect wasn't disastrous, but it wasn't good. Doesn't matter, as the supply is basically gone. As you can see, this substance is compulsive and can be difficult to give up, regardless of conditions. No one ever believes it'll happen (no matter how many times it's happened), but be on the safe side... don't order large quantities at once, and give some to a friend to hold on to.

(7) Stopped use and am coming down (10:08 AM).

(8) Slept all day... it's 11:16PM Tuesday night, and playing around with the last dregs of the supply. Spending the day with a friend tomorrow and may be a bit tired, but should be fine otherwise.

Summary/conclusions: I was one of the MDPV pioneers (since 2003 and the original "tan" formula), and have had many adventures with it -- some of them dramatic, a few even tragic, all of them interesting. I also binged on apVp (the devil's spawn, IMO) twice. For what it's worth, I was never really able to stop/sleep regularly with them like I did with apBp, nor was I able to take breaks at will during a binge, nor was I inclined to give the extra to a friend for safekeeping. Not sure if I've changed, or it's the substance, but I'm going to give it to the substance. There's a difference with apBp, a sense of control that I never felt with the other two. It's compulsive like all DRI's, but when it's no longer fun it doesn't insist you use anyway, the way MDPV did. If you insist, it'll back down and say 'fine'... it doesn't want your balls in its hand, and won't punish you for the crime of failing to pray to it, the way some stimulants will.

MDPV fans will probably be wondering about the sexual effects. Well, there is enhancement and increased inclination, probably more so than the 'white' MDPV, but it isn't the original "tan" MDPV -- sorry. However, you will enjoy the euphoria from this enough that you won't care. It doesn't need to be hypersexual, as it offers more euphoria and less tweakiness than MDPV.

Some down-time is likely now that the supply is gone, but this is one substance I'll miss, and will likely order again soon. I don't care at this point that MDPV is gone... this is better. It's cleaner, smoother and more euphoric, with a better rush when vaped and shorter high (less risk of psychosis), faster comedown, and faster bounce-back after a period of use.

This report is in the public domain, and may be redistributed. 19/Dec/2012 T.G.

25-12-2012, 04:33
Thanks for this report, sounds like an interesting alternative to MDPV :)

26-12-2012, 05:31
Nice report. Sounds similar to pv. And btw you may wanna look up the "tan" vs "white" pv thing, they aren't actually different, it's just a quality thing or actually some other drug. I can still get pv btw, it's not gone trust me.

26-12-2012, 19:51
Well, gone in terms of the former legality and widespread availability anyway. Glad this report was helpful...

28-12-2012, 00:49
I thought you were dead dedbeet, glad to know you are alive and kicking! :D

Thanks for the TR, a-pBp is a bit of a rare bean I believe!

31-12-2012, 21:13
Dead? Not yet ;). Muahahaha... (j/k).

31-12-2012, 21:15
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