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Beat It
15-12-2012, 02:23
Anyone have any guesses how many days of strait poppy seed tea usage would leave the user physically dependent on it? I've been fighting a Kratom addiction for a long time and I was using poppy seed tea to stop the withdrawals when I couldn't afford any more Kratom and then I got more Kratom and I've been using a pound of poppy seeds every day with a few day or two skips between doses every week, for 3-4 weeks and I'm concerned I've become physically dependent. I'm starting rehab but I can't get in until next friday and I really don't want to start to withdraw before that.

Beat It
15-12-2012, 04:27
Does anyone have any experience on how long it takes to develop a physical dependance to opium? I've heard people say just a few days of consecutive use but I find that hard to believe.

15-12-2012, 04:31
3-4 weeks will do it IME, it won't be terrible or anything though. Consecutive days only applies to previous opiate addicts. If i take poppy tea 3 days in a row then i will get restless as hell and have diarrhea for several days after, not even close to a full withdrawal but still symptoms. You should be fine if you just switch back to kratom. PST is a much worse dependency to have than kratom is. What are you going to rehab for?

15-12-2012, 04:54
Agreed with robot, after a month of daily usex you will have slight dependence depending on how mucb you use. The thing with kratom and especially seed tea is that the strength is highly variable, so it is hard to keep your tolerance In check. You could think you don't have.much ..tolerance when really your kratom and/or seed tea was strong and your actual tolerance is.much higher than you think, or viceversa

Man I have been in 4 rehabs in the past year, and everyrime I came out worse than I started. One outpatient rehab I went to I met people who shot heroin and smoked crack and they started me on that shit when I was only using roxi and opana before, and I had never touched a needle before then. The rwhabs were kind of bullshit and a huge waste of money. If you really want to be sober, than stop using, it is a lot harder than it sounds, but I know plenty of people who stopped on their own and most of the people I.know who went to rehab ended upusing after. It is like if I am being confined and forced to stop Nd unable to get high, it makes ne want to get high even more.

Idk you really really really have to be ready to stop, like you have to get your ass whooped by drugs to want to stop. I was shooting heroin, had no house as I was kicked out by parents, no car, no phone, no where.to sleep I'd I didn't have drugs to give for letting me stay at someone's house, no food and shit. I would buy a huge bag of rice from Costco, and I would eat rice for breakfast lunch and dinner, oh yah and I got arrested and had to sit in jail for a month because I had no money to bail myself ourt, parents wouldn't help, hah and forget friends, they didn't give a shit, they wrent really true friends then. Then Nd only then did I want to stop shooting dope..

Man really try to get clean by yourself because yah you will have no drugs in rehab.and people watching over you to make sure you don't use, but then when you get out no one is there to stop you, ect...

Good luck.man, I really wish you the best, and commend you for stopping while your ahead because if you keep using, you will end up on heroin, I have seen it happen to too many people, lost actually good friends and a cousin to dope, and the more you try to outthink the drugs and addiction, the worse your addiction will get

The best advice to give is not to listen to your gut or the voice in your head because if you do you will find up using again without even knowing what or how it happened. Don't think man, just do!

"the harder you work, the more luck you have".....Thomas Jefferson

Beat It
15-12-2012, 11:02
Cool, thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going for a few reasons 1)stay in school 2) avoid a felony charge and 3) I want to spend some time sober to clear my head and get control of my life back. I'm also going down a bad road with opiates, they have become my drug of choice because they alter my mood and I can still think straight on them. I actually feel like they increase my creativity and help me focus on a task and being a musician its like opening pandoras box for writing songs. I have a real romance with opium. Also, I'm concerned if I don't stop now I will go on to heroin which has been one of the two hard drugs I told myself I would never do. Plus, I'm just always on some type of mind altering substance and I haven't been sober for longer than 5 days since I was 15 lol. I've been okay at managing my addictions but I'm still living with them.

Beat It
15-12-2012, 11:04
I would just get sober on my own but I'm required to go to rehab to stay in school because of some trouble I got into... had nothing to do with being at school but they want to turn what happened into a "learning experience." Also, it will look good in court.