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29-11-2012, 21:00
On Monday I received some very high quality MDMA.

I tested some out Monday evening IV Initially at 50mg.

Blissful, amazing, and auric IV rush, as MDMA should be.

I was a little giddy, and re-dosed two more subsequent IV doses of 50-75mg.

Same blissful, amazing, and auric IV rush.

The next day, Tuesday, I was with a friend who has not taken MDMA in over ten years, so I pulled mine out and we both IV'd around 80mg.
But before I get bashed on for rolling two days in a row, I know I should practice what I preach... So please don't lecture me. I can deal with the depression (or lack there of so far).

After this 80mg was IV'd I noticed;

A more extreme blissful, amazing, and auric IV rush. Stronger than my first IV doses on Monday.

Now is the part where you can lecture me a bit ;) ,

Wednesday... I wanted to take some more MDMA really early in the morning. I ingested about 125mg orally at 9:00AM, and proceeded to chat it up on BL TC for about half the day, re-dosing two or three times around 80mg each. I was pretty floored for most of the day, up until about 8:00 PM when I decided I needed some food.

I have since put my MDMA up and am forcing myself to not take anymore for an appropriate amount of time.
I do have a thought tho'; I almost guarantee that I could IV 100mg and obtain an extremely blissful, amazing, and auric IV rush. Which leads me to think a few questions about IV MDMA...

Do you think when administered IV, MDMA might be considerably easier on the brain/body? Are all the same mechanism of actions taking place, IE the same amount of serotonin, dopamine, and noreph release? When I woke up both Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt absolutely fine. If anything I felt an elevated mood lift and better sense of well-being. Where as today I woke up a bit dehydrated and a little tired. It could just be the three days catching up to me, but I really think there is some deeper stuff going on that I don't really understand. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

29-11-2012, 22:01
I have IV'd MDMA twice now - once was supposed to be Moon Rocks - which I've had before and it definitely passed the look, feel, taste test. But neither time did I get a rush of any sort except maybe a weird, uncomfortable feeling with the Mood Rocks. Like they shouldn't be in my veins - and i put everything in my veins! I love IV'ing!

So I'm still looking for that religious experience with some great powder. I think I'm going to have to turn to the Netherlands and the Silk Road to find what I need. None of the stuff around here is cutting it.

29-11-2012, 22:27
I would severely edit that post. Because it is horrifically incriminating. ^

If you did not feel the effects almost instantly, you probably did not IV MDMA.

IV MDMA has an intensely strong rush.

My question at hard is probably retarded, and won't be answerable because I don't think enough information really exist on IV MDMA. Then again, that is an assumption.