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05-06-2012, 04:39
anyone have any experience with this? any point in doing so or is it just better to eat them with their high oral BA?

05-06-2012, 06:27
Yea, i did this a few times.
If you snort like 450mg you will feel drunk as hell, but IMO it burns and taking them orally is just as effective.

05-06-2012, 06:27
Just parachute them or they take awhile to kick in.

05-06-2012, 06:33
Is lyrica the same as gabapentin??

05-06-2012, 06:36
Yes okay I have some questions is lyrica the same as gabapentin?
I the high the same or better or worse? Is the price still super high for both meds?

05-06-2012, 07:25
This is actually the only drug I've snorted. I've done it on two occasions, first time with 4 50mg capsules, second time with 3 50mg capsules. To be honest, I couldn't tell how well it worked versus the oral route, but I'm guessing not well for several reasons:

1. There is far too much cut in the capsules, blocking your nasal membranes and letting the rest drip.

2. Lyrica is a very slow onset drug, and has no rush.

3. I'm pretty sure I was snorting too hard and sending the powder right in to my lungs.

The only positive in my eyes was being able to do it on a full stomach, but I'm pretty sure I got a better high off of oral dosing. Lyrica is simply not a very recreational drug compared to opiates, meth, cocaine and other drugs like that which have a rush. There is no "rush" with Lyrica, just a long-lasting, relaxing, energetic anxiolysis, more of a great medicine and a subtle, all-day high than a "let's get fucked up for an hour" drug, and I've dosed up to 600mg in a dose.

05-06-2012, 10:14
Subtle? Not as recreational as (midrange) opiates? I beg to differ. Heroic doses of Lyrica, which can best be described as the doses past what feels like "sedative ecstasty" or a controllable, relaxed, and mild to moderately euphoric ++ peaking at roughly T+3:30-6:00, maintaining the plateau for at least 3 hours, and noticeably waning past the 10 to 12 hour mark.

This, for me, is the sweet spot. It's anxiolytic, kills the stream of intelligent but irrelevant ramble in the mind, after all you've just lost at least 30 IQ points for the day. Good luck trying to work out multi step problems under the influence, any worthwhile pregabalin dose will temporarily eliminate one's ability to compute algebraicly - directly proportionate to amount consumed. Doses in this range (450-600mg for me) are what I believe ErgicMagic may be referencing.

The smarter you are...fuck, this drug puts everyone at the same level after enough use. Pregabalin and gabapentin use is much worse for a developing mind than benzos or booze. Pregabalin/gabaP use has been confirmed in to halt the brain's development or regeneration, it's not exactly going to make you smarter over the years. here one enters the next phase of the pregabalin experience.

Past 800mg (tolerance) for me is what has been coined the psychedelic level of Lyrica, the spell from a tolerance-adjusted equivalent will feel like no other. I would rather do large amounts of pregabalin every 4th Saturday as an example, over any other GABAergic, including GHB. That's my personal preference, and perhaps this article may sway yours.

This dosage range is intensely inebrieating yet introspective and visual, blissful, and may seem like too much at some points. I believe at this point, but have only a few Erowid reports to base my claims upon, along with some personal experience. I am worried that overdoing doses in this range may proportionately increase one's risk for a seizure as we depart from safe territory.

Anyways, when the effects at this level truly take hold, it will be impossible to appear sober yet you can 'think away' the trip for a few moments. Or at least everything but the characteristic GABAergic slurring and failure to sound coherent. I've found that Lyrica has never rendered me unable to walk across a hallway, or be unable to speak simple sentences that enough sense to just play the drunk card.

Sort of reminds me how one could just near instantaneously clear up whilst tripping on anything but extreme amounts of 2Cs in a time of need. Lyrica doesn't quite disappear like 2C-I. High doses will make academic work impossible to do, and even older family members will be able to spot that something's up (or down).

Mild OEVs and CEVs present themself as the come-up builds up ever increasing ferocity around 3 hours in; anxiolysis, cognitive impairment, dizziness, edema (I experience this side effect rather strongly past 550mg), and subjective euphoria and that unique 'stoning' effect pregabalin and gabapentin share all rise linearly with the time. The 4-7 hour mark spans the peak, but high doses of pregs won't let up for 12-16 hours in my experience.

At the peak, one may feel intensely empathogenic and at peace with oneself, physically numbed while cognitively fried yet somehow still capable of feeling elated. It's hard to describe, and is qualitatively different and more intense than the 'sedative MDMA' euphoria of doses in the range below. It's immense, but I would say each wave of CNS activity hits you like a slow-moving jackhammer.

Comes on strong, knocks you into indescribable tired euphoria, dissipates a bit, and repeat. Each surge spans 2-15 minutes IME, and depending on how much time has elapsed may grow subsequently more intense or vice versa. Get in the right mindset and the head trip will throw those thoughts into a loop.

This time Lyrica throws itself at you; everything once considered subtle and pleasant is now amplified and hard to ignore. Close your eyes now, and those CEVs are intricate, slightly blurry and dim, but moving works of inanimate objects combined with spalshes of RGB patterns and blotches. You may also feel like your body is on a waterbed, or on a boat. Z-drugs exhibit this effect just at hefty doses as well IMO. Headaches may be noted. Don't be worried if your muscles twitch a bit, that's just myoclonus - and not proper convulsions.

Now, we are past the best part of the trip. The plateau doesn't add anything positive, but it seems any unwanted side effects are the most pronounced during hours 7-11 (no pun intended). A second, less profound but seemingly 'sloppier' spike pops up in this time frame. It's usually most intoxicating segment of a high-dose Lyrica experience for me. I am dizzy, unable to type properly (let alone add 9 and 6), and entranced. Any and all sedation kicks in full force around now.

750mg could have a user fighting to stay awake, while 850mg has the same user thrown into a thought loop feeling uncomfortable and anxious, with increased cardiac output (so you think), and a worrying shift towards increased tensions. A few times I was afraid the dose was too high, and 9 +/-1.5 hours post dose a seizure felt emminent. But, this could have just been my qausi-tripping mind psyching itself into feeling deja vu.

Every passing hour past the second 'mini peak' a chip off of overall intensity is noted, by hours 14-18 one has for the most part come down. Despite the comfortable afterglow only mildly inhibiting higher thought process, I still wouldn't dare drive until 24 hours or more have elasped. The afterglow can be explained easily. As the levels of Lyrica gradually fall as the kidneys begin to excrete the unchanged drug. In turn, an equal reduction in intensity reminiscent of slightly more intoxicating variants of the lower plateaus make up the majority, if not all of, the next day. Be warned, too much sleep will turn this gentle downward slope into a nasty hangover just like any night other night of drinking.

I must insist that pregabalin not be dosed recreationally if one wants to use the drug as prescribed. Recreational doses, at the bare minimum, should be one week apart. Three weeks' time or more is preffered. Adequate spacing keeps tolerance and dependence at bay, while preserving the sedate, stoned, and loved up 'magic' that Ergic and I, amongst others, must truly cherish. But, even carefully planned rec doses will ruin any chance to use the drug properly in a blink of an eye.

By the way, I am prescribed 150mg pregabalin BID and 100mg gabapentin TID for fibromyalgia and complex-partial epilepsy. Been abusing these two for two years and counting, with at least five days break in any circumstances. My other scheduled meds don't matter right now. I do not seek medicinal benefit from my scripts, and actually have ~22g surplus build up. Honestly, I've never had a seizure strong enough to prevent me from shrugging it off and continuing with my daily activities.

Call me a contributor to the growing trend of ridiculously stringent prescribing practices, but no doctor has ever figured me out. Take advice from this hypocrit, don't fucking con a medical professional. I don't care how much practice you say you've had, the road will lead to a cliff eventually. I'm just glad to have swapped excessive amounts of C-II opoids for daily Kratom use.

I would say Lyrica can be more physically and mentally engulfing when compared to midrange opioids like oxycodone or hydrocodone, but is nowhere near as enticing. Thinking about opiates brings a flutter to my stomach and a yearning to shoot up, while I find GABAergics (excluding temazepam and pentobarbital ampoules..call me lucky, whatever) only pull me in about as much as a cheeseburger or an NBOMe. Stimulants are a totally different ballpark, and grab my balls in a totally different fashion.

Don't snort, or shoot Lyrica. It may be freely soluble in water, but there is far too much inactive binder per capsules to render these routes viable. Injecting this drug serves minimal benefit as well; with an oral bioavailability >90%, no rush, and the large amount of even desired material - I wouldn't even want to meet the type of person who swears by shooting these things. Blech. Plugging is a maybe, but probably no better than dosing on an empty stomach. Stick to popping this drug.

Research has led me to believe pregabalin is 6-7x as potent as gabapentin by weight, and is a very effective tool in calming opiate withdrawals, benzo withdrawals, stimulant comedowns/cushioning a binge crash, anxiety/panic, neuropathic pain, or for just having a good time. Mixing Lyrica with benzos or booze is a bit more risky over say, a Xanax bar on top of a night of drinking. I won't get into details, but pregs slow the breakdown of GABA in the brain - when you potentiate it's action by dosing a benzo, 2+2=6 instead of 5. Be very careful please, especially with doses above 450mg.

I hope this (obviously) d-amphetamine induced rant which may appear delusional at every line break has at least taught one patient reader one new thing about a semi-obscure drug now slightly underrated, but once considered to be the next best thing since MDMA and blunts back when BL first realized pregabalin was "like" MDMA or GHB. Megathread I, been lurking for too long it seems.

I do not advocate dosing in the manner previously described as an essay, I am not influencing your decision but merely allowing those who wish to educate themselves to make informed decisions when the time comes to choose.

05-06-2012, 14:24
I'm not really looking to get high really...I'm just out of my tramadol and dosing 900mg at once yesterday gave me no "high"...

I'm currently prescribed the 150mg capsules and am supposed to take 2/day, but you all know how that goes...

Btw...just curious because I almost had this issue getting a refill this last time...

but being a schedule V drug, would y'all think that a pharmacist might allow one to get a few of these for a weekend if one forgot to call in and request it? I just thought I remembered reading something somewhere that as long as it's Schedule V, a pharmacist may allow one to purchase said substance without a prescription from an M.D. if they feel it is merited...(i.e. selling a schedule V codeine cough syrup without a prescription to someone that has a really, really bad cough/cold/whatever)

05-06-2012, 14:58
I'm just out of my tramadol and dosing 900mg at once yesterday gave me no "high"...

I would recommend no more than 250mg of tramadol in a day, as seizures have been reported at dosages less than that... 300mg of Lyrica might help with the seizure risk from an asinine dosage of 900mg tram, but beware that high dosages (600mg+) of Lyrica can cause seizures themselves.

You need to stagger your tram doses: 100mg first, then 25mg every 20-30 minutes, you will get a lot more high and cut down seizure risk.

05-06-2012, 15:10
I was saying I dosed 900mg of lyrica and felt nothing...

I'm Rx'ed 400mg of tramadol a day, but have pushed it to 1200mg in the past without issues and have dosed 400mg at once without issue...I've also been on the shit for 16 months though so that might have something to do with it...

Goddamn it's fun becoming a chronic pain patient...especially when you start getting treatment after you're already dosing 60-80mg of hydrocodone daily /sarcasm...I'm Rx'ed an equivalent amount of tramadol to about 70mg of hydrocodone/morphine daily (as far as analgesic equality goes), yet I can take a 100mg MS-Contin and not get high.........I've also tested my vicodin tolerance and it takes about 8 norcos before I start to feel the slightest bit of an "opiated" feeling...

05-06-2012, 15:27
Keep dosing your tramadol and lyrica dosages like that and you WILL have a seizure, being on it for a long time means absolutely nothing with seizure risks with these drugs, those are dangerous dosages for those drugs.

Chronic pain sucks, I feel you, but seizures are even worse. Opioids/lyrica aren't the be-all-end-all solutions to pain management.

05-06-2012, 17:38
Trust me...I know...I've gone through most of it...spinal injections/nerve blocks, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, aqua therapy, message, trigger-point dry-needling, UV therapy, decompression, tens units, etc., etc. lol...

And while tramadol does agonize the mu-receptors and cause opioid-like withdrawals, it's hardly viewed as an opioid by the medical world...it's not even labeled as an opioid in nurse medication guides...

05-06-2012, 19:46
Does gabapentin have a max does?
Can parachute trammy?
Does lyrica have a max does?

05-06-2012, 20:19
just about every drug has a maximum recommended dose, but I'm sure docs have prescribed higher in certain rare cases before...

Gabapentin doesn't have a max dose per say, but generally, a practitioner won't prescribe higher than 1200mg per dose and the maximum recommended dose of daily gabapentin intake is 3600mg...

If by "trammy," you mean tramadol, yes, you could parachute them, but there's really no point...it's gonna take a good two hours for the peak regardless as it has to be metabolized into the M1 metabolite (O-Desmethyltramadol) in order to have effect.

Pregabalin (Lyrica) has a maximum daily dose of 600mg (as prescribed by a physician) and I'm pretty sure they don't prescribe more than 300mg at a time.

Have people taken higher doses and been fine? Yes...I've exceeded the max DAILY dose in one dosing session before of both gabapentin and lyrica, but this was LONG after I had grown accustomed to the effects of these types of drugs...

05-06-2012, 20:31
I can pop 4 300mg of gabapentin every couple hours to maintain. Or pour the caps in a juice every other time. On tramadol(trammy) it's really hard to stay under the max of 400mg taken orally. What's a better way to take them the?? And thanks for the help.

05-06-2012, 21:18
I've taken 4 GRAMS of gabapentin before in one dose lol (I used to be Rx'ed 90 800mg tablets/month...goddamn horse pills)...

There really is no better way to take tramadol...personally, I hate the fucking shit...only reason I take them is they're better than tylenol...but fuck, I don't even get high from 80mg of vicodin or 100mg of morphine, so I really have no other reason to take tramadol (any painkiller really) BUT for pain...but yes...as an undertreated pain patient, I know that it's hard to stay under the max dose of tramadol...and really, I wouldn't take more than 250mg at a time if you don't take it regularly and with an anti-convulsant...I've heard of people seizing on doses lower than 300mg before...(AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE "DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO" SITUATIONS)

I've just grown apathetic to the point that I was thinking about making an advance directive at the age of 20 so don't do what I do lmfao...

07-06-2012, 00:49
Thanks man and I will not lmao

08-06-2012, 23:55
Snorting lyrica is a good option when you've got a full stomach. Forget about what others are telling you about it being a waste- too much powder etc.. as long as you're not railing large amounts (over 200mg) or so, it definitely works in a pinch. Also a good way to boost your high say 4-5 hours in

09-06-2012, 00:01
Lyrica enjoys a very high 90+ % oral BA, there's no point in insufflating it, just added risks of inhaling the inactive ingredients.

It was formulated for oral use, it's best taken that way.

09-06-2012, 00:10
^ this.

If you felt nothing from 900mg orally, you will not feel anything more from 900mg insufflated and that is a MASSIVE pile of powder to snort. That's well over a gram of material overall given the other contents of the capsules so after snorting a fraction of that gram+ of material, you will coat the inside of your nose prevent most of it from absorbing so it will just drip down slowly making it even LESS efficient than taking it orally plus it has a disgusting, bitter drip.

There is literally no advantage to snorting lyrica, especially with a tolerance.

09-06-2012, 00:37
Best way to get relief from pregabalin:

Take it no more frequently than every 3 days. (so 2 times a week, 3 max), definitely don't dose more than 900mg either.

09-06-2012, 19:50
Would that be the same for gabapentin?? Cause I've been taking Gabapentin everyday at 900mg four times daily. Took a break for five days and then 1000mgs Made me feel awesome but next 1000mgs not so much, but I slept great. Tramadol gives me insomnia.

09-06-2012, 19:53
I snorted Lyrica a few times and each time it didn't really boost me like it does if I take it orally.

The oral bioavailability from Lyrica 75mg/150mg/300mg capsules is over 90% ! So there is actually no reason for snorting it, which is also harmful because of the side ingredients!)

12-06-2012, 05:23
IMO there is sometimes a reason to snort lyrica: when you have a low tolerance (don't need to snort a lot), a full stomach, and don't feel like waiting over 2 hours for it to kick in. Even when I had a high tolerance, I would snort a 200mg lyrica and get IMMEDIATE relief from stimulant comedowns, which is more important when your're hurtin and want to feel relaxed asap so you can go to sleep.

I agree that for the purposes if getting high off lyrica, it's best to take one large dose and just roll with it, but for the situations I've described above, I feel that snorting can be a better option.