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15-05-2012, 02:13
SWIM needs advice on the best way to extract the active drug: methylphenidate, from generic Ritalin 20mg IR tabs. Thanks

15-05-2012, 02:44
I have very little knowledge on this subject, but I'll add that:
You need a micron filter, you'll probably need to extract it.

Now wait for someone more experienced to come along, I used to read a lot about this on drug-forums.
There's a whole picture tutorial on how to inject it.

15-05-2012, 05:55
Check out the Micron Filtering Mega Thread.

Welcome to Bluelight! :)

At My Peak
15-05-2012, 06:00
you might want to research "ritalin lung" before you decide to inject methylphenidate. i used to do ritalin all of the time and i found that sublingual and insufflating were sufficient, but when that just doesnt work try plugging it.. injecting it can be very dangerous.

15-05-2012, 11:35
Okay so im on 440mg methylphenidate (ritalin) today I got my script filled of the 20mg methylphenidate instant release pills. They are Mylan I believe...white pill M on one side 20 on the other.

So I started by chewing one pill as soon as I got them in the Pharmacy. I went home did a hot water extraction like I always do with 2 pills 40mg. I shake way too much when I bang Ritalin so I had someone hit me. Bam, okay that was at 5pm, its now 3am and ive done 21 of these. So that would mean Im currently sitting here on 420mg of ritalin...

However, tonight I tried a new method of extraction. After getting about 100mg flowing in me, I decide its time to extract the pure methylphenidate so I get no fillers, no binders no bullshit, just fucking pure methylphenidate. I have a pretty extensive knowledge about pharmaceuticals so in other words I know what Im doing with pharmaceuticals but not extraction ha. NOT SAYING THIS SHOULD EVER BE DONE its also not that smart.

But anyway....I took 5 pills smashed them up n dumped the pile into a spoon. Now ill make this real easy for ya'll to understand. I added water to that spoon. About 2 full 1ml syringes and a half should do it, maybe even go with 3 full 1ml's full of water. make sure u give it a nice little stir. okay now hold a lighter under the spoon and heat it until it just starts to boil. even a little before it starts to boil is fine. we just want to heat up the water not so much melt the pill because im not sure which fillers/binders dissolve in heat so i dont even know if heating is necessary but i do it everytime. after youve heated it up toss your filter (i used a cotton from q-tip) and if you have the good white mylan pills that i have youll have no problem filtering the solution through the filter, but I have experienced other generic yellow and greenish pills and they tend to gunk up. i just add more water to these and just slowly watch the needle fill up it may take a while with the yellowish or greenish ones. keep that in mind mother fuckers. it actually sucks sucking up the colored ones but it does work just be real patient and when filtering, pull the plunger all the way to the top so u have the strong vacuum affect so your needle can suck in its gunky poo poo

So now you have a syringe full of 40mg ritalin....this is when i usually squirt it into my vein and get high. instead squirt it all into a small glass dish or something similiar so that you can dry the solution under a light and scrape it off after. So i squirted like 2 and a half rig fulls of ritalin into a peatree dish...? is that right? i dont know, a small fucking dish thats glass. then i put it directly under my light in my room. I adjusted the lamp so it was literally hovering over it. This just makes it cook faster. You can leave it out with no light if you want and im sure it will dry out just prolly take a little longer.

So it took like a half hr to dry out my meth experiment under my lamp....time may vary with lamps. So it looked like my dish had nothing but some hazy glaze all over it that looks like glazed donut glazing when it dries out. So ya anyway, I luckily had a couple x-acto knives in my drawer, i found the best way to scrape the shit off is with a flexible thin blade. you can use whatever. be creative. Just when your scraping try not to "scribble" or go back and fourth fast cuz it will fly everywhere. just try to get under it and lift it off.

So now you have pure methylphenidate. It looks like legit meth, like glass shavings it looks like. Its a really easy way to extract, this was my first time extracting anything down to its pure form. I did a lot of research before doing this and it works ridiculously good. If I where to sell this shit...lets see a 20mg pill's street value is.. im gonna say i can get $4 a pill. So if i toss 4 pills in and do this process I will be left with 100mg pure ritalin. So instead of getting rid of 4 for $16...i want to see how people react to $40. Not saying im going to do this or sell it.

NEW PARAGRAPH I just blasted a little pile of this delicious pure ritalin (im done typing methylphenidate ....thats not even the right spelling) and im rollin man this shit is amazing if u do it right. dont ever do as much as 440mg a day like im up to right now (or right around there) but hey im still sittin here straight rollin at first. Im gonna break down this high for you. So you just shot a lil of dat pure shit. okay first youll be overwhelmed with a warm rushing sensation (not a strong rush) but its nice. Its like speedballing at first, i feel jammed and i cannot stop talking singing dancing calling people its fucking awesome. So im geekin right now its 3:43 here in america. Is anyone else up at this hour geeked and surrounded by meth-lab-like materials. but the initial jammed rush like super talkative stage lasts for about a half hour. this is just the beginning. the high is nice, it lasts long and it isnt too much. it makes you nice when you do it. i could start rapping like my boy weezy to prez obama thats just how i feel im just sayin.

Sorry im all around here, i wonder why im typing like 300 wpm, but to sum up this pure ritalin high is like a smooth level coke high without the killer comedown. Imagine a Cocaine-like speedy high that can be intense at first but not overwhelming like bath salths or coke. Its like a "okay wow im zoomin i feel great i wanna do crazy things to this girl in front of me i wanna talk everyones head off. Its bad, tonight my brother was trying to sleep and im sittin next to him fucking spilling out my insides....telling him like deep shit and stuff ive never told him before. Whenever I do Ritalin i like to have somebody to do it with me, especially with a good friend or something. I have had some of the best in depth conversations with people. You fully connect with whoever your with, its amazing. Its better if your buddy is doing this with you because if i was sober and tried talking to me right now ide hang it up. I can talk anyones ear right off thats how i feel. If you do this with a girl get ready for an amazing experience. atleast 4 or 5 times ur gonna have sex and youll have some real good in depth conversations....after you fuck. lol

So to sum all this up, and to give you some backround, this is my first time extracting anything, I am a vicious drug addict and will do any drug as long as it changes my state of mind. I dont do uppers a lot, but when that time comes once a month, i go ham. 440mg....is this bad? I know ive done 30 of them which is 600mg in one night. well night into the morning and the next day lol.

surprisingly when i stay awake all night doing these (i may be doing that tonight) i feel great the whole night but this shit aint pretty. I do 2 of them, then before i know it its like 5am the next day, blood everywhere, looks like someone got stabbed in my room but i feel absolutly fine and ready to do shit. I felt no hangover or let alone sleepy. i dont even remember what sleepy feels like. So if your lookin to pull an all nighter what i do is 40mg at once and usually i just try to keep doing them one after another 40 after 40mg maybe go to 60mg. I have a serious problem as you can tell with this Ritalin shit but once again this is something I do once a month...here i go justifying myself. I fucking love the shit, but its something I can put down and not miss that much.

I do have a couple questions...am I doing this right first off?...also should I be cooking the pills? I'm looking for someone who knows what their talking about. So its 4:32 am and i feel normal, not depressed or agitated just cant stop clenching my jaw.

At My Peak
15-05-2012, 23:12
I wouldn't say that's bad for an addict.. i used to use my whole script in 3-4 days (would've been 1-2 if i didn't space the doses out to make it last longer) and i'm really sensitive to Methylphenidate. first time i did it, 20mg up the nose had the most wonderful rush i've ever had. My friend the other day had to take at least 60mg to feel anything.. Even though I don't think that's normal, but y'know different substances effect different people in many many ways. It's a very psychologically addicting drug, not physically for me atleast.. It was hard to quit, I had to cancel my script so I wouldn't get tempted

16-05-2012, 04:57
This reads like something that may be better suited to Other Drugs.


16-05-2012, 09:42
Thatsa mighty "pure" son!

Does your mom know you are doing this with your Ritalin script?

( but for what it's worth you are not "doing it right", you are doing everything textbook case scenario wrong. Foolish, dangerous, wasteful, etc etc)

If you would have followed the links people posted you would know this already.

Dread calm
16-05-2012, 09:46
IV ritalin? Seriously?? Dear lord how desperate are you, just toot it man! Although now im wondering what the rush is like myself.

16-05-2012, 12:29
I think back 10-15 years when i had a script for ritalin, where the fuck was these people who pay *snip* a pill back then?

16-05-2012, 13:53
*snip* a pill?! Anyone who pays that is seriously stupid. As far as I know *snip* is usual.....

Dread calm
16-05-2012, 14:33
A snip Maybe, i wouldnt buy them tho.

24-11-2013, 14:31
i just took five and a half methylphenidate 10 mg (generic ritalin) and crushed it up. then put in spoon added 100 cc water. mixed. filterered 5 times through new filters and clean spoon each time. then bit the bullet and took the shot. was like doing a shot of meth. great rush.

paranoid android
24-11-2013, 14:49
IV ritalin? Seriously?? Dear lord how desperate are you, just toot it man! Although now im wondering what the rush is like myself.

I have never tried it but Ritalin is pretty popular here as a street drug. Crackheads use the stuff here when they either haven't the cash for coke or can't score for any. Everyone i know who has IVed the stuff says the same thing which is that it's not worth it as the comedown is just so horrible. I have a friend who was a IV meth addict for years and has shot coke as well and he said that the comedown from a meth binge and the comedown from a IV coke binge has nothing on a Ritalin comedown. I have had some pretty nasty comedowns from IV coke and if Ritalin is worse then that i sure as shit don't want to do it.

24-11-2013, 17:20
Firstly, it would be totally stupid to inject Ritalin. It would be extremely harmful and would NOT benefit you in any way.
DON'T Inject it.
Get to an addiction center.

Secondly, in my opinion the title and icon of the thread needs to be changed as it looks very silly?.

24-11-2013, 18:31
Methylphenidate is not the same as methampehtamine. OP seems to be confused about tthat.

Also wtf is the point of this thread? Just to make us allaware that you did an incredibly stupid meyhod and amount of ritalin? Conrgatulations man. You should get a Nobel prize or something.

24-11-2013, 22:34
I've shot more MPH and more specifically dextro-mph than anyone on earth. Probably an exaggeration but maybe not.

I would crush the tablet up, mix with room temperature water, filter 2-3x with cotton or once with cotton and once with a micron filter and bang. Rush was similar to cocaine without the taste of cocaine in my mouth or the same type of bellringer/train rumbling.

Be careful though, the desire to re-dose is INSANE. I ended up shooting 5-10mg every 5-10 minutes for 6 or 7 hours and by the end was so tweaked out of my mind it was insane.

Felonious Monk
24-11-2013, 22:56
^yea, I found that when I used to snort Ritalin to study-- I found it more effective than Adderall at the time (more focus less upper effects-euphoria/sweating/etc). I'd only do maybe 3 20s to work for an evening.

And the OP's math is WAY off, or he's trying to account for ??? and failing... (filtering 4x20mg pills will not make 100mg pure...)

25-11-2013, 03:17
He also is obviously not getting that "able to focus" effect either- the second post was all over the place lol

08-11-2014, 11:32
So.. No one explained what he should do. I think the best method would be to crush 5 20mg pills and then add about 5 or 6 ml of alcohol. I would think using an old syringe to pull it up and gently place it back in the container repeatedly would do a very good job of dissolving the Ritalin. Just pull push in a slow motion. Then take a small peice of very clean cloth (doubled over) and place it in a 5 or 10 ml syringe. Use the 3 ml syringe to place the fluid with the fillers into the larger syringe. Place the syringe over a small glass dish and replace the plunger pushing the liquid out. Push the plunger down fairly hard to pack the fillers. You should now have a solution that is slightly milky. Slowly remove the plunger leaving the filter cloth and fillers at the bottom of the syringe. Again take the solution and put it back in the syringe. You will have to apply a lot of pressure on the plunger because the fillers are packed together and acting as a fine particle filter. This time the suction should be almost clear. Next take a ml or 2 of alcohol and place it in the syringe. Place the plunger back and run any remaining Ritalin out into the dish. Now you can evaporate what you have with a light (wax melting lamps work great) or you can go ahead and get another large syringe and pull up the solution. Place a 2um disk filter on the syringe and push the solution into a clean glass dish. Then evaporate it. If you evaporate first you still need to filter later. (a piece of lint or anything could get in the dish while it is evaporating. You really want to make sure there is NOTHING in the final product) Now once it is evaporated you can add 2ml of sterile water. Let the reside dissolve in the water. Then filter it with the 2um disk filter. You may want to run a couple drops of sterile water through the filter after you push the solution through, just to make sure you get all the usable Ritalin out. Then fill 2 1ml syringes. Now you have two doses with the same amount of work it takes to make one clean dose.

You can then fill the large syringe with water. Shake it vigorously to break up the fillers and get any residual Ritalin to dissolve. Replace the plunger and extract a weak Ritalin solution you can drink or place in you nether area. Usually still enough Ritalin to enjoy. :)

Just my thoughts on this.

I do have one concern.. Is a. 2um disk filter good enough to remove all fillers?