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09-05-2012, 06:01
Ok so I was in the process of injecting a 30 unit shot of meth, which had 15 units of water in the solution. I inserted the needle registered correctly , but as I started to inject I felt the dope, but then a slight burn or tingle occurred.

I new for a fact I was in the vein do I tested another small push but it still burned / tingled. (just didn't feel right) so I took the needle out and let it be. I called a friend and waited for him to get there to help with the rest of the injection incase I was missing.

He came over , injected in a different spot and definately registered , and began to push the plunger. At first it felt ok , but then the burn and tingle came on. My wrist made a huge lump compared to the spot on my bicep and was numb for a good while. Today all numbness and swelling is gone but I'm just confused as to why the burn and swelling occurred. Histamines, cut dope , or was it a miss. ( I also thought maybe an artery, but not likely if both spot occurred the same.)

Anyone who's had this experience or could give their opinion let me know.

(and yes I used heat compression on areas just incase they were misses)

09-05-2012, 06:23
Is this a different batch than usual, meaning same dealer, did he re-up? That's weird it hurt in different spots so the only thing I can think of is ur getting different product... Are u using the same kind of needle as u always have?

09-05-2012, 06:24
Methamphetamine is irritating. Im sure you've snorted it before, you know that burn? It's no different when you stick a needle in your arm. When I used to IV meth, I would get a small burn too.

Are you acetone washing your product to make sure there aren't adulterants at play? What kind of filtration are you using? You should not be shooting up ANYTHING without a micron filter. (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/481622-Micron-Filtering-Mega-Thread-and-FAQ), street drugs or pharmaceutical.

What about your injection technique? What's your preparation process like?

09-05-2012, 07:44
It could likely be that particular batch of meth and/or whatever it's cut with. I used to inject meth with no burning at all but once with a different supplier it burned and swelled up, same with heroin and other things' I've injected. But I think it's more common with meth. Sometimes people have a histamine reaction to injecting drugs. If it's burning no matter where you inject it then that should discount the possibility of it missing or hitting a nerve etc, (unless of course you're missing every time or all your veins are in bad shape).

09-05-2012, 09:02
I used to IV highly pure, 90% range pseudo-derived d-methamphetamine and it always stung a tiny bit for a few seconds just like snorting, and the same thing goes for acetone washed d-MA from other sources as well.

10-05-2012, 06:39
Well the thing is , i was looking at a thread explain the different types of dope there are these days and one that was described , this stuff is basically how it was described to a "T". And supposedly is the "less better" made dope. (with out psudoe) I think is what the thread was saying. I know my source doesnt cut it himself because it's actually a friend of mine and he knows how I use it, and much less he's unfamiliar with how to cut it. (obviously there's no tellin what was done to it before getting to his hands) but it has seemed like its just a diff. Smelling , diff tasting batch.

I still get a rush (to an extent) but its not the usual stuff. What exactly are Histamines caused by? And I filtered it through he cotton differently than I normally would this time as to not get the residue seeing as how whats not saturated in the solution is "cut". I tasted the spoon and It didnt have the normal taste. Normally I would clean the spoon with a couple small drops of water and rinse the cotton but I decided to leave it and see how it goes this time.

Any other suggestions
(and the acetone wash isnt possible really because it's only about .2 of the dope left and I'm pretty sure that small amount wouldn't be worth washing) ....or am I wrong.

Just pisses me off honestly that people would intentionally tamper with stuff that they expect a "customer" to come back for.
But it's the game and sometimes you gotta "charge it to the game" haha.

10-05-2012, 10:15
Histamine is a compound produced by the body's immune response which causes inflammation. It often causes itching and/or burning as well. All sorts of things can trigger a histamine reaction and they are different for different people. Certain drugs are well-known to cause histamine reaction in many people, such as morphine. It could be that your drugs were cut with something or it could be that they were impure or made using a different process. Most meth isn't very pure. It's not necessarily that someone deliberately put something in it that didn't belong, but yeah I totally agree that it's f*cked up to cut drugs with other substances, I'd much rather get a smaller quantity of something pure than a larger quantity that has been cut with something else. I especially hate when people cut drugs with other drugs, like mixing heroin with cocaine or meth with heroin. Not only is it unsafe it does not produce the effects the person desired. I don't understand why dealers think that this crap is good for business.

You could try taking an anti-histamine beforehand and following as many of the cleanliness protocols for preparing your drugs etc as you can. But it could just be that this batch is going to be a problem no matter what you do. I had a batch of heroin like that once, but I had no other supply and was seriously dependent on it so I had no choice but to continue to shoot it. Not fun. And it can damage your veins.

10-05-2012, 14:50
So with this attempt I've got good news.

I did as I said in the last post, didn't try to drain the residue on the spoon for every last bit I used 15 ccs of water and it pulled back to right at 30 ccs so there is some decent dope in the batch. It was the exact same stuff by the way. I left the funny looking stuff on the spoon and was honestly surprised with what I had in my rig.
(nice and oily looking might I add)

I prepped everything extra carefully and tried to be more sterile than ever knowing the last outcomes result.
Only one thing wrong I re used a rig from the previous time , but only because it was 31 gauge short tip , compared to the other two I had left (which both I designated to using for drawing up the mixture) and those are 29 gauge half inches. I never do good with those. The rig I used had only been inserted once (and yes it was from me) but I know one poke still can damage them , especially a 31 fine tip.

I sat Down , inserted and hit perfectly and started injecting. Felt it instantly but got about 10 units in and I'm not sure if it was me still being nervous because of the last time , but I second guessed if it was burning/tingling or missing , which in turn caused me to probably slip out. So I decided to just pull the needle out (too quickly) and it left a tinnnnny little mosquito bite looking bump. Oh and the plunger was not wanting to go in , felt too much pressure for my liking so that's another reason I second guessed.

Unfortunately when I looked at my rig there were still some remains of blood and I was very disappointed. I instantly called my friend who had a bag of the 31 short tips , went and got one , emptied my mix back in *a new spoon* and filtered again and even added a drop or two of water because it looked so heavy. I've seen people say it could have burned in the vein just from honestly being to strong so I figured it couldnt hurt to add a tad bit more water.

Drew my mix up , re-sterilized *a new injection site* and registered first try again. Slowly began the push and this time it was perfect. No burn no tingle no swelling , nothing at all but a awesome rush. I finished the injection , *let the needle sit* for a second as to make sure the dope had a chance to flow away from the opening and carefully pulled the needle out.

And it was a good time. So with all that in consideration I'm confused as to what exactly caused all the complication before , but it goes to show that patience , sterilization , and all other HR pays off if you perform it correctly. Even not being so fixed on getting every last bit from the spoon could have something to do with it.

I feel like its a valuable story (I hope someone understands where I'm coming from) and those who are new to injecting can understand if they do take that leap, to make sure and do it smartly and safely. (I know that's an ironic statement)

Trust me ive had misses and ive also neglected my veins when I first started IV ing . It's not fun, nor safe to "try your luck" I guess you could say, with vein-care.

Hungry Guy

10-05-2012, 18:38
Sorry for disregarding some of the questions in my earlier responses.

As far as different needles , I've used the BD 31 gauge short tips before but when I bought some, I got 29 gauge 1/2 inch. I was unsure of the needle length half inch sounded right at the time until I held the two side by side. I was like wow the half inches are like daggers. (just personal preference) but I mean going to a smaller size should cause an effect like that right?

As far as filtering goes , I always use a decent sized price of a q-tip depending on how much solution is gonna be drawn through it. If its just for one dose not as big , if it's me and a friend or two I obviously would use a bit bigger piece since more dope would be run through it.

I've never had that type of reaction before with any meth ive injected ever (other than a flat out miss) but that's expected with a miss. (I refuse to inject if I know I'm missing anyway) but the couple occasions I had been up for too long and was shaky trying to inject, which I know I shouldn't have done it then , but those are situations I learned from.

When it comes to sterile protocol I always try to be as clean and careful As it can get. Never less sterile from one situation to the next. There's never a 100% gauruntee though.

And the really confusing bit is how the attempt last night went problem free , other than the first needle I tried using (like I said I had used it once before) but other than that , with the fresh rig I went and got I came back redrew it from a clean spoon and filter , and bingo no difference from any other shot I've taken.

Is it possible that from taking a slight break (as in 3-4 days) Cause a reaction coming back to my system but from being different dope from the norm?

10-05-2012, 23:30
Yeah man, it stings a bit, you learn to live with it.

11-05-2012, 03:25
Yeah, it's possible that your body just had a reaction to the dope (which could have been from the break, the dif dope, or whatever - histamine reactions can be pretty random), or that the second time you filtered it better and left more of the cut/gunk/whatever in the spoon. Glad it worked out for you.

11-05-2012, 11:22
I usually find I get a burning sensation/red inflammation appear over the vein (tracking all the way to my heart) if its a particually strong mix..

11-05-2012, 15:03
I dont think it should burn., I remember sniffing mephedrone would burn like a bitch but IV you do not feel a thing, unless of course you are missing. Or yo have leaky veins from not working your way from the outer extremeties closer to yoru heart.

11-05-2012, 23:28
it burns towards the end.
trust me.
don't confuse it for a miss.
good way do get distracted and clog your needle up

12-05-2012, 09:52
Alls been good with the stuff so far. I'm not sure what the cause of it was but no further burning has occurred since. Any other experiences or insight , I would be glad to hear, or if any mods want the thread closed I understand.

18-05-2012, 11:06
I would like some more insight on this if anyone else knows some information about what this could have been from.

I like to inform myself as best as possible.


18-05-2012, 12:08
I usually find I get a burning sensation/red inflammation appear over the vein (tracking all the way to my heart) if its a particually strong mix..
That doesn't sound good at all, redness/inflammation tracing the vein towards the heart is a sign of a blood infection. The only time that has ever happened to me or anyone I knew was when I/they had a blood infection. It is usually like a red line that traces the vein and grows progressively towards the heart. It can be serious and a reason to immediately go to the doctor.

18-05-2012, 13:48
there's definitely no infection..

I have very very pale skin and very visible veins.. The redness fades after a minute or two.. ..

The effect has been reproduced on numerous occasions from strong shots

18-05-2012, 13:55
have a look at the ingrediants its made with like battery acid and all those other things.. battery acid burns ur tongue imagine what its doing to your hear and brain cells !!

Geeks On Drugs
20-07-2014, 07:39
Cutting drugs for injection is not a victimless crime (and the drug warriors are an accomplice). That pisses me off. I won't weigh my shit or even worry if it's a bit low...but damn, gimme clean shit for fucks sake. Struggling with halfway shots with stimulants is a bad idea because being halfway jacked, irritated and desperate for your rush leads to bad shooting behavior sometimes.

I had to shut down my circulatory system to visitors for several days this one time. Apparently I tried to murder my left arm. They said I stabbed it 47 times! I don't remember! They say I mutilated it! *sobs* I'm sorry...I'm sure I'm the one responsible. Unless it was one of you guys. Where were you on the date and time in question and what was the date and time in question? If you can answer those questions then I'm innocent. Or maybe I do remember and I am guilty. Maybe I realized that that shit is more...something that is not what it's supposed to be and you'd have to be a desperately pathetic drug addict to even attempt to put that shit in your veins. Maybe you shouldn't have learned any injection habits from people who have ever been homeless at any point in their lives. That's a mistake in retrospect. That didn't teach me that in D.A.R.E. McGruff was AWOL too. McGruff? You never let me down before. I didn't see that. Hell I've long suspected he's been getting high with smokey the beer. He could be supplying him outta evidence. (You do know smokey gets hight right? I mean duh. His nickname?) Anyway I think a matching T-Shirt / bumber sticker set is in order : "If you choose to to inject hard street drugs intravenously then you should also choose to learn how from people without dirt under there nails - all day - every day - no matter what." and then in small print "And BTW, the correct choice was life. For those still deciding the choice was life. If you've made your choice then it's too late, the toothpaste is out of the tube. You fucking low life druggie. If you quit now you will work at McDonalds then rest of your life when not going around to warn 3rd graders to not turn out like you. ALSO you will marry a horribly ugly fat chick, not the sexy kind...those are a first choice over life in fact but that's for another T-Shirt and/or bumper sticker. I gotta say though I love me a sexy chick with some bootey BAM BAM and titties BOOM BOOM and she's cute and she knows what to do. Anyway, the point is your lifes fucked so just hit a nigga up gotta line on this shit glows in teh dark yo! Damn!" I'm not sure what the parameters are for that, I've designed a T-Shirt or any kind of anti-drug information for grade schoolers. Feel free to change any of that. BTW, what's up with not cleaning under your finger nails? I guess when you get to the streets you give up on dates? I never thought of that. If I were on the streets I would get my game on for the best bootey also on the streets. That's probably only a D game but I'm sorry dirt under your fingernails is your F game. Maybe D-Minus if there are mitigating circumstances. That might be useful for another T-Shirt bumper sticker. People should know these things.

What's all this stuff about micron and cold filtering with only blessed water from the Orthodox Church of the Nazareens? I was taught to tear off a q-tip or chew off a bit of a cigarette filter and stick it in a spoon with tap water or your old soda which is mostly melted ice or worst case toilet water. From the back side! I'm not stupid. Geez. You want the maximum concentration of the 2000 flushes in your water to make sure it's thoroughly been cleaned and should have that clean blue color in it. Sometimes I'll add some soap cause you can't be too clean.

(Seriously explain the micron filters I don't know about those)