View Full Version : REALLY overdid it with Kratom (used for Oxy WD)

06-05-2012, 19:39
Hi guys, I'm in such a bad mood right now it's not even funny, I've been very reckless. To give some context, I'm midway through day 3 of a 250ish mg of Oxy / day withdrawal, and I've been fiendishly downing Kratom (Premium Bali) to keep the WD's somewhat in check and help me keep my sanity. Obviously no matter the dose, it didn't do THAT much, it would just take the edge off for about 3 hours. So I fell into a pattern of dosing about 7g every 4 hours to keep the WD's at bay. For 2 days, this worked fine. I felt a little better and had no side effects from the Kratom. It's day 3 currently and I have the absolute WORST nausea I've ever had in my life and it feels nothing like the stomach discomfort you get from WD, it's totally from the Kratom. It's been about 7 hours since my last Kratom dose and I'm going to do everything in my power to not dose today.

I literally have lumps of plant matter in my stomach and, although I have no other side effects (been feverishly drinking water for two days to prevent dehydration, my urine looks normal and I'm urinating frequently, if anything), the nausea has become OVERWHELMING, but I have not thrown up yet. I tend to have a very strong stomach (I've never puked from any opiate, no matter the dose).

Do you guys think I should force myself to throw up some of this pesky plant matter? Also, given that I've likely ingested 30+grams of Kratom in a 24 hour period, I mean fuck, is that really safe? During the worst of WD's yesterday at the two day point I didn't give a shit what I ingested because I just wanted relief, so I got very foolish about it since it's never given me any bad reactions.

Any imminent risks to my health here with this much Kratom in my system? I don't feel any effects anymore and don't feel any "hangover" of sorts, other than this crippling nausea (that I've said, is not from the WD, the Kratom was preventing that and it feels like "because of something I ate" instead of "because of fucking opiate WD").

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Going on 7 hours sleep total in 3 days, I'm quite delirious and stressed out right now.

06-05-2012, 19:47
Don't worry about it at all, a lot of people take four 8g doses a day, plant matter and all. However, don't eat anymore plant matter at this point! ;)

Ask your fiancee to make you some Kratom tea if you can't move around because of your back procedure. It's very easy: just get a skillet full of 1.5-2x the amount of water you want to use for the tea, usually 14-16oz is good for 8g. Warm the water to a boil, then shut off the heat. Wait for the bubbling to stop, so the water isn't boiling hot anymore, as boiling water destroys the alkaloids. Drop the Kratom in, mix around every 30s-60s for 10-15 minutes, then grab a coffee filter and secure it around a large cup, and pour in.

So easy, relatively quick, and greatly reduces side effects from ingesting a large amount of alkaloidal plant matter.

06-05-2012, 19:54
Ah thanks man.

Yeah, I just felt so awful the past couple days I couldn't be bothered to make the tea (I'm going to try it how you suggests, sounds MUCH simpler than what I've done in the past), I just started popping Tagamet and Toss N Washing 7g doses of powder in orange juice. My fiance unfortunately has been working the past two days (bar tender, long shifts) so I have to be resourceful on my own.

I'm just delirious, stressed out, in WD, and nauseous as all hell from all this Kratom (every time I burp and taste the Kratom in my stomach I nearly gag). I think from this point on I need to stick with tea.

Thanks for making me feel better. I've used Kratom before, but I have no idea how safe it is in larger doses or if it ever reaches a point where it becomes "dangerous" per se, and I'm thinking more because you're downing dry as all hell plant matter than a weak opiate like substance.

06-05-2012, 21:58
I'd say make yourself throw up once just to relieve the nausea and settle your stomach, then stick to kratom tea.

Unless you would prefer intense nausea over throwing up, which I've come to learn is what makes the whole situation so bad (the hours of nausea). You'd be better off just puking and feeling better than laying in bed trying to not gag.

I know what it feels like to absolutely hate throwing up though, it's actually a phobia I forget the exact name. I have it to, and when I'm sick I try everything in my power to not throw up no matter how nauseous. But I kinda broke the phobia a bit by getting really drunk a bunch of times over the last year and barfing while drunk because you don't really care while drunk lol so it has made me less scared of actually throwing up. Stupid phobia!

07-05-2012, 00:20
i went on a couple day kratom binge before taking a gram of 25x every 6 hours or so and i had no negative side effects.

07-05-2012, 01:00
That's just a lot of plant matter. It's the shit ton of fiber in your gut coupled with the WD that's causing such nausea, I think. Go down the tea route; you can even make a big batch to last you for the day if you're feeling up to it. Maybe wait until after your dose. As pbuilder said, why not go vomit before you dose? It could help your nausea, even eliminate it.

07-05-2012, 01:26
maybe trying to eat it would help your stomach to better digest it?

take your favorite yoghurt, e.g somehting with strawberry taste and actual fruit in it and mix the kratom in it! doesnt taste as bad and might be easier to digest and not make you vomit