View Full Version : Has anyone been to Mexico? Which cities are the most pain-free?

16-04-2012, 00:46
I am thinking of planning a trip to Mexico. Are clinics there a good bet for pain management anymore? I have heard that border towns are good for finding OC's & Percoset, but I know that Juarez is pretty dangerous. Any tips for staying safe? - Other than don't go. Is Tijuana any safer or better? Which towns are easiest? You used to just be able to walk into any pharmacy, but not when I was there 2 years ago. What do you think? I am certainly not looking for specifics, nor am I looking for a hookup. Just looking for a semi-safe place with a warm climate to visit. Would love to know your opionion!

16-04-2012, 00:52
Mexico technically has similar prescription laws to the United States. They just usually aren't enforced or you just need a bribe. Certain areas (read: areas that tourists frequent) are where the rules are less often enforced or not enforced at all. We're not going to tell you how to break the law (even in Mexico) to acquire drugs. I don't feel comfortable talking about specific towns either (but yes, border towns are places that tourists frequent)

Part of Mexico are indeed very dangerous. Avoid Juarez for sure, Tijuana is apparently quite dangerous too. There are other parts of Mexico that are less dangerous than many places in the United States.

I'm tempted to close this but I see some legit questions in here as well - so I'm going to move it over to the appropriate regional forum (North and South American Social and Drug Discussion).

16-04-2012, 00:55
In NASASDD I feel more than comfortable answering your legitimate questions, like how to stay safe in mexico. I've been there many times.

16-04-2012, 01:03
I'm going to close this since NT pretty much answered your questions without going into anything specific.

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