View Full Version : (heroin) how to smoke black tar? what to use?

night roller94
13-04-2012, 00:51
im getting *snip* of black tar and i was curious as to how i should go about smoking it, im not shooting up and i obviously cant snort it lol so what i need to know is what equipment to use how to do it and how long with the high last?

happy...... umm...... smoking %)

13-04-2012, 00:52
All you need is foil, a tube like a straw, and a lighter.

Here (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/275827-Smoking-Tar-Heroin) is what a 10 second search got me:

13-04-2012, 00:55

How to Smoke Heroin (http://www.heroinhelper.com/user/admin/smoke.shtml), from Heroin Helper.

I'm going to close this thread given that the answer has been given, this is very basic info and we aren't here to help people get high (we're here to help people stay safe - you can figure out how to get high on your own, that's the easy part... staying safe requires cooperation and peer review).

PM me or any other mods with your questions. In the future you might wanna direct such basic questions to Basic drug discussion forum.

Questions about ROA and other areas of heroin use can be discussed in this thread (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/612120-11th-Issue-Heroin-Discussion-v.-So-I-warmed-the-piss-up-in-my-mouth).