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11-04-2012, 05:31
So I just got some Oxycodone HCl 5mg (White round 223 pill) and this is different than the Oxycodone 5mg I typically get, tho what I've been reading hs said that they are the same thing just different companies and called Roxicodone vs Oxycodone, anyone hear any different?

(warning newbie please don't make fun, just honestly looking for experience and advice) So I'm afraid to try railing one because of the feeling of putting something up my nose. It can't be much different than a feeding tube being forced up there? Can it? Also, I read somewhere that after you rail something you get some leakage like acid reflux type stuff coming back up? Is that true or does that happen only after you've railed for a few times? What about nose bleeds? Are those immediate?

Are there any physical reasons why someone would not want to snort, aside from the emotional ones? (danger of addiction and higher tolerance, etc)? Any like social issues? Right now I parachute my Dillies and Oxys, and I'm afraid to make the jump to snorting because of the physical side effects like hurting, or it being just a weird feeling and maybe burning sensations. Is that something I should really be worried about? Am I over analyzing? Thanks for any input you could give!


11-04-2012, 05:39
i have been using opiates (mainly oxycodone) for 3+ years now, and my preferred ROA is oral for oxycodone.. i only snort drugs when the intranasal BA is higher than that of the oral BA such as bup, heroin, cocaine, opana, ect... this isnt the case for oxy as the oral BA is around 75% while the nasal BA is like 50%. the higher the BA, the more of the drug your body actaully absorbs.

dont be ashamed of being a drug noobie, i am actually jealous that you havent gotten into drugs because i have a tolerance, and most of my life isfucked at the moment. but i do i stop using opiates>? nope... my advice is to not try the oxy at all...its a vicious cycle once it grabs hold of you.. i remember the first 3-5 times of trying opiates i didnt feel shit...but when i first felt that blissful, unparalleled euphoria, i was hooked. replacing one drug for another is a bad choice, but there are so many other awesome drugs that are 10x less destructive. weed comes to mind for me...the high is extrememly euphoric and relaxing to me. its my 2nd favorite substance behind opiates... but it was my first until oxy and heroin. i wish i would have just stuck with that

i remember when i first tried to snort something, i was scarred shitless and the experience wasnt the best. i think i tried to snort xanax back when i was like 14 lol..pills are meant to be swallowed, and yes you can fuck up your nose and lungs from snorting too much of the inactive ingredients in the pills or whatever the drug is cut with (street drugs). you can also inhale the powder in your lungs accidently and cause infections. there are certain drugs that you should NEVER snort aswell such as APAP (tylenol) and other drugs that just fucking suck to snort.

i think the leakage you are talking about is the drip which is when the shit you put up your nose drips down the back of your throat.. this process isn't dangerous at least to my knowledge .if you snort shit in moderation, you should be fine though

from experience though, just swallow your oxy on an empty stomach. make sure you havent had a big meal in 3-4 hours, take 5-15mgs oxy, and find a nice couch to lay on. just dont drive!!

however! i would snort the dilaudid though..the oral BA is shit while the nasal BA is decent (around 50% )

look up on the world wide webz how to snort shit, it's quite easy and most pills are painless to snort.

11-04-2012, 05:42
Dont forget that the 5mg Oxy preps usually contain 5mg oxy to around 295-395 mg of binder...

I wouldn't snort it.

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11-04-2012, 05:49
Hello Vader. I am new to this, but have experimented with plenty of things. I am not suggesting to snort it. But seeing how Oxycodone hcl does not have tylenol in it. I don't think it would be too awfully bad. I Had them one time and was debating the same thing of whether to snort it or swallow it...wish i would of tried to snort it just for knowledge purposes but I didn't. But i did swallow one alone, and this was after i had taken plan oxycodone with tylenol in it....and the plan oxycodone without the tylenol sucked more than with....i thought since the tylenol wasn't in it, it would be more potient....but i was totally wrong....so when i took just plan oxycodone without tylenol i just broke it in half along with one tylenol...and it kinda gave me the same effect as the oxy with apa. AGAIN JUST PERSONAL EXPIERIENCE not telling you to do this. now maybe this verys with person to person but this was just my expierience. I imagine you will have an awful tasting drip as you do with anything you put up your nose. But if you have never attempted this ever before...why start now, to just get you nostrils feeling like crap. If you had like oxycotins then that might be worth it....but my opinion I wouldnt waste your time snorting it. Hope this helps.

11-04-2012, 05:51
placebo maybe??

the apap only adds to analgesia, not euphoria

11-04-2012, 05:51
Oxycodone is the most effective taken orally. Better than IV, certainly better than snorted.

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11-04-2012, 06:00
IV is definitely the most effiencient and effective way to take drugs...however shooting pills is sketchy

In the case of oxycodone IV is a total waste really IMO/E

11-04-2012, 06:05
really?? i never haev had experience with needles so im probably wrong..

i just hear war-stories of people shooting up roxi's and being like, "yah man im so fucking cool i shot up 2 roxis and now im fucked" and then im like, hai i swallow my oxy..and they're all like, "ur a pussy," and im like lol

11-04-2012, 06:13
IMO i would just swallow it....cause once you IV it your life will never be the same.

11-04-2012, 06:16
Yeah, oxycodone really has no advantage when injected (I guess it's got the slightly higher BA, but the duration is so short, its not worth it). There is no rush when shot like dilaudid, heroin or oxymorphone.

11-04-2012, 06:16
IMO i would just swallow it....cause once you IV it your life will never be the same.

This is true, you will have all the risks of IV drug use, and exponentially less of the benefits oxycodone was designed to provide! orally!

I realize this thread is regarding insufflation, but I just meant to say oral is better than IV. Sorry if my comment derailed the thread.

11-04-2012, 06:27
^^I realize this thread is regarding insufflation, but I just meant to say oral is better than IV. Sorry if my comment derailed the thread.

I think its good for people to know these things....cause this is usually the chain. Orally...snort...and lastly IV. If i was new to drug using it would of been very useful info to know. :)

11-04-2012, 06:51
I have 'safely' snorted oxycodone hcl many times. Aside from all the normal reasons for not snorting strong opiates, there's nothing standing in your way.

11-04-2012, 11:35
A lot of people talk smack about people snorting their pills....Well, the absorption might not be much higher but have you considered the rate of onset? A faster head change will give you more of a rush than a gradual change that you wont notice. Your body gets used to it, so if snorting it hits you faster then its not a complete waste, right? You still get to absorb it in the stomach via the drips, so I dont see how its possible that nasal could be any less than oral.

However, I think its more effective to put Oxy under the tongue and let it absorb and slowly swallow. That might offer better absorption than either nasal or swallowing whole, slightly, but I wouldnt be surprised if doing lines hit you a little faster.

27-04-2012, 05:31
I do have to say that my absolute best experience with snorting pills and the best high ever achieved was with crushing up and snorting ( i aint going into detail about the quantity of pills crushed and snorted as i do not recomend anyone trying it) ....crushing and snorting oxycodone 15mg, Vicodin 5/500, dilaudid, trazadone, tramadol 50mg, morphine 15mg, and temazepam. Absolute wicked high to the point that its been made a daily dose for the last 7 months.This is my personal experience and I do not endorse or recommend trying it. I will not be held responsible for anyone trying it. Just stating that it is my best experience.: my daily oxy tolerance is currently over 400mg just for me to even catch a buzz anymore....time to stop for about 6 months and let my tolerance drop to be able to enjoy again...

27-04-2012, 05:44
Dude, don't snort compounded opiates..... Vicodin should never be snorted. I'll bet the reason you need 400mg oxycodone per day is due to the inefficiency of snorting all that tylenol. Switch to oral dosing, it is the most effective way to take compounded opiates.

And omg, you snort trazodone? Why? temazepam too? No reason to snort that, it has a oral BA of 96%, is that not high enough for you??


27-04-2012, 06:16
In the case of oxycodone IV is a total waste really IMO/E

I don't know that it is a waste, and I'm not promoting IV drug use here. But if I were to use oxycodone I would IV, because it is in-general a shitty opiate IMO. Soo costly. But the real issue at hand for OP is just not using the dose at hand. Opiates are bad news, just wait until you catch some felonies because you can't hustle any doe in a legit way ;)

27-04-2012, 06:28
IMO/E means in my opinion and experience.

27-04-2012, 08:10
I know :p. I just tossed my .02 out there~

Live on the Beats!
27-04-2012, 14:35
Yeah I would just eat them man. Very nice high oral bioavailability.
And if they contain paracetemol/acetaminophen make sure you 'Cold Water Extract' (CWE) if the intended dose of pills will be containing more than 2g of said para/apap, only telling you this cos you said you were a newbie, nothing wrong with being a newbie to pills btw, frankly I hope you stay a newbie bro.
But if you need to read up about CWE's there'll be millions of threads about it all over the net.
People have said they find insufflation quite detrimental to their 'clarity of head' (slow blockage/gunk in sinuses after a while), causing them "their first headcolds in 3 years", etc.
The Bioavailability is quoted as around 70-90% oral and 40-70% intranasal.
The 'rush' people speak of is probably the reason they snort in spite of much better oral BA.
Personally I don't think it would be anywhere near worth trading so much duration just for a slightly earlier onset.
Be careful and watch for signs of addiction/craving, never mix with ethanol/benzos/otherCNSdepressants/potentiators, at least until you have a decent tolerance/experience, but it still won't be safe. Be as natural as you can. Herbs are your friends when you're withdrawing, research different herbal extracts, vitamin, amino acids/proteins and mineral supplements that can all support your body when it needs it most.

23-09-2013, 21:58
I personally think the rush off railing oxys makes them better than taking them orally. But if you don't have a reliable hook I would take them orally

23-09-2013, 22:15
Dude, don't snort compounded opiates..... Vicodin should never be snorted. I'll bet the reason you need 400mg oxycodone per day is due to the inefficiency of snorting all that tylenol. Switch to oral dosing, it is the most effective way to take compounded opiates.

And omg, you snort trazodone? Why? temazepam too? No reason to snort that, it has a oral BA of 96%, is that not high enough for you??

Hi all, please keep in mind I have not read this entire thread. In the past I have tried snoring 30-60mg IR a couple of times. I take this for breakthrough pain along with a fentanyl patch ( 75mg PRN q 4hrs). I have found that FOR ME, this ROA gives me substantially less ( pretty much none) in terms of pain relief. I notice a headache very shortly afterward, along with a strong desire to go to sleep, period.
While I definitely take this medication for genuine pain, I have noticed in the past that oxycodone taken orally tends to make me feel more social and gives me more energy along with the intended pain relief properties.
I wonder if all of the snorting is sort of in the mind of the beholder... for example, maybe one thinks it will work faster and better this way, and so the false assumption develops that everything should be taken in this manner...??
It may take some time to appreciate, but oral route is definitely the way to go with this medication, whether it is compounded or not.

24-09-2013, 02:25
Well this thread is quite old but since its back to life I must say snorting was the only way I would take it unless my nose was gunked up real bad. Maybe I have absorption issues in my intestines or I just get real good BA from intranasal, but when I did 30s I would need 1.5x as much to get where I wanted to be with oral as opposed to nasal. And if I went a few days oral to heal my nose I would use more, then go back to using the lesser amount via nasal ROA with no issues. Also duration didn't seem to be effected, either. I am sure its mainly the mental issue of when going from 0 to 60 in 3 secs rather than 30 seconds that really makes the difference. Especially when you wake up in the morning and can't function, crush one up and in 2 minutes you are the now a morning person extraordinaire. That is whats always made me hate, hate, hate Suboxone. It doesn't matter if you snort it, still takes forever and a minute to kick in.

24-09-2013, 03:11
The only way iv ever taken Oxycodone is by snorting it and in my opinion its the best way todo it.
Its very easy and the feeling comes on very quickly(though i dont have anything to compare it with, the sensation takes less than 3 mins to appear)
You really shouldn't have any problems with nose bleeds unless you snort a very large quantity of them or have already damaged your nose by excessively snorting other things(which you say you haven't).

Iv never had a feeding tube put up my nose, but i can assure you that it is completely painless(some may find it a bit odd at first, but not painful at all).
That "leakage" you're talking about would be post nasal drip, sadly as with anything you snort, there will be some degree of drip, personally i didn't notice it much.

Snorting will probably be uncomfortable for you the first few times, but that will just be because its new, after you've tried a couple different things and gotten used to it, you will wonder why you didnt do it years ago

24-09-2013, 03:48
Snorting oxycodone is very wasteful compared to the oral ROA, especially since the highest dose of oxycodone IR contains 30mg of active ingredient amongst over 100mg of inactive ingredients.

When you inhale that powder, some of it ends up in your lungs, where it gets trapped in the fine blood vessels, just as if you were to be injecting it. This is coming from someone who's DOC is roxicodone and has been using it for as long as I can remember.

If you MUST snort it against all the logical reasons why it is NOT the best way to do it, please use saline spray, available OTC for pennies on the dollar at any pharmacy, this hopefully will make your ingestion more effective since I'd be willing to bet the majority of the effects you feel are due to the nasal drip that you may not notice, but the reason why snorting FEELS more effective, especially in those first few minutes, is because the majority of oxycodone and inactive ingredients you snorted are sliding down the back of your throat and end up being digested in your stomach, which is essentially oral dosing.

When snorting roxicodone, I highly recommend using two sprays of saline per nostril 5 minutes before the oxycodone goes in, and another two sprays 5 minutes after you snort the roxicodone, and tilt your head back as if you had a nosebleed to ensure that the oxycodone gets dissolved in the saline and more effectively ends up in your stomach, where it will work best.

This is all of course, if you refuse to just swallow the tablets and wait 5 minutes for them to kick in instead of being so impatient that you'd snort it to get effects 120 seconds sooner.

oxycodone's oral BA is above 90%, with minimal 1st pass metabolism. There is no advantage to insufflating oxycodone HCl over oral administration. Oral administration is the best, safest, and strongest way of using oxycodone. Win, win, win...

25-09-2013, 02:49
Before I ever read about BA and heard all this I tried both oral and isufflation. I dont care what anyone says, oral is not stronger for oxy for me. Never was and isnt to this day. I have to take twice the dose orally to even notice it is there, insufflated it is nearly instant and effective.

People say the same about Methadone too, which is closer to true, but the onset is much faster snorted. Also have never noticed any negative effects from APAP when snorted. My nose is in seemingly perfect shape nearly 20 years after first starting, it has never weakened the effects (they are the same as with straight oxy).

Just my two cents. TIFWIW

28-11-2014, 17:28
I 100% agree I weight 128kg about 283 pounds eat 4 to 6 oxycodone HCl 5mg and slowly have moving up over 6 month and now get great buzz. Stop wasting your drugs!!! Just eat them. I took them before trying to register for this site it took me 20 to 30 mins to get registered. Take some if your not happy after 20 mins take one or 2 more but be safe don't be stupid and start shoot or taking 50 to 100mg to start