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18-02-2012, 03:33
Hi, I just acquired a few Roxicets. They are big white pills and have "54 543" imprinted on them. I'm no stranger to prescription pills, but these are my first Roxicets. I heard it might be more beneficial to insulfate it (as opposed to the fast acting benzos I usually take). Any advice on how to take it, and if so how much (whole pill/half, etc...). There big pills so I'm worried if I snort it, it will just be most filler. Thanks in advance

18-02-2012, 03:41
So I presume that "Roxicet" implies oxycodone and acetaminophen, correct? We don't do pill ID's here.

Anyhow, given the assumption of the inclusion of APAP - don't eat more than 1g of APAP at a time (probably 2-3 pills assuming x/500 or x/350), and no more than ~3g per day otherwise you risk liver damage.

Do NOT insufflate APAP.

Can't give a dose recommendation given you haven't listed any experience / tolerence present, so start with, say, 10mg of hydrocodone tops and go from there a different day.

If you are going to be taking more than the aforementioned amounts of APAP, I highly suggest that you CWE (cold water extract) the opiate from the pills to leave most of the APAP behind. Search around for instructions on that - quite easy to do.

Oral BA of oxycodone is higher than nasal by a decent bit. Not sure about hydrocodone, but (the information is somewhere) I expect it to be similar. the -morphones are opposite though, and have awful oral BA's. (BA = bioavailability, or how much (in % ) will be absorbed by the body for use.)

Regarding benzos - none of them are more effective nasally (for the most part, some can be insufflated with positive benefits of course).

18-02-2012, 04:11
What kinda roxi is it a oxy 30?, an oxy 15? An oxy 10? If there small pills your best bet is to snort them you get a nice speedy rush and a great high it just last a lil shorter but IME snorting roxis is the way to go

18-02-2012, 04:19
Sorry lemme correct myself a roxicodone is the ones you wanna snort a roxicet it 5mg oxycodone/325 APAP so just take them bad boys dont snort unless you like snorting tylenol aha no bust seriously just swallow them itll work alot better and wont fuck your nose up.

18-02-2012, 04:28
Thanks guys. My friend kept telling me 'oxycodone you snort' but I thought that couldn't be right cause these pills are big so I figured there was something else in there.

18-02-2012, 10:55
We dont do pill ID's but you cant snort those pills they are primarily apap. They are like 5mg percocets basically.. you cant do anything besires oral

You should go to google and type in pill and those numbers and find the pill ID. If it has APAP (acetaminophen) in it you cant sniff it. Don't take my word that they are 5mg..they may be 5,000,000mg oxycodone.. Do your own pill id.

If you do a CWE you can then snort the powder..but I mean if you have no tolerance you will get fucked up if you take 10-15mg oxycodone orally. Fucked up as SHIT.

18-02-2012, 11:16
Yeah definitely no pill ID discussion, thanks..

PJ summed it up well but to reiterate:

Oxycodone with APAP should not be snorted, you don't want to snort all that APAP as well as fillers/binders, very little oxy will reach your mucous membranes and your sinuses can fill with crap. Even pure oxycodone pills still contain a lot of filler/binder.

Oxycodone actually has a higher oral bioavailability than it does nasal (so more reaches your bloodstream if you eat it than if you do when you snort it). The main advantage of insufflated is that it hits you faster, so if you want that you could swallow half and snort half, otherwise best to just eat them..

If you are comsuming more than 1.5-2g APAP in one go or 3-4g in 24 hours then you need to do a cold water extraction to remove the APAP

Links to bioavailability and CWEs can be found on the Other Drugs directory (struggling to link on my current laptop sorry!)